Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton

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Sir David Murray = Scottish Enron , dear oh dear …

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Sir David Murray = Scottish Enron , dear oh dear oh dear.

…. Frank de Boer playing for petrol money is my favourite Murrayism or more commonly referred to as a lie.

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Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
Catching up ….. Seems to me that there is a split down the Middle of the Rangers support and boardroom, which will result in the time-honoured ” something will turn up strategy” being follow followed.

I suspect the board are praying to get to the domestic season finished and the World Cup and golf filling the sports pages …. And to bounce the club into a different direction,world cup final day or marching day!

Limited options , run up even more debts and then take the ground in lieu of payment ; as above until some crazy tax break from the original investment kicks in , Dec 2014?.

Meanwhile , the business will run along the Fear Uncertainty Doubt (FUD) principles with incremental cuts and non-payment of bills the order of the day. Short term survival dependent on the season ticket money; would guess that around 12,000 will take up the offer ( pure hunch as this equates to the Celtic number around the time of the last few games pre-Fergus. – the hard core support) ; and the efforts to find a mug-punter to pile in some cash will continue.

I guess for non-Rangers fans , we can sit back and enjoy / grimace at what is going on at Ibrox , the only choice for the Rangers fans to return to some sort of pre Lord Murray status and some tough love is required by:

– no season ticket money
– boycott of games
– appeal to the SFA for an inquiry into Rangers
– appeal to the Police to investigate Rangers

The current entity will require to be crashed ,reformed , playing out of Hampden , possible after 1 years break , a humble and genuine apology to Scottish football and then move on.

How the SFA and SPFL can sit back and watch this shambles with one of the key players in the tv money stream is beyond reason, still when did reason and logic ever play a lead role in Scottish football.

The reality of what is going behind closed doors will be much worse than the tip of the iceberg we see played out in the press ….

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Spot the difference?
Based on the £7.5K fine to big Mike and the ability of the SFA once again to turn logic on its head ; it is a racing certainty that big Dave will not be told to Foxtrot Oscar , just need the self certification on FPP signed by a minion ….

…. Little wonder, sensible businesses give Scottish football a wide berth.

Still with King in charge, it will be hillarious , moonbeams a plenty.

I’d expect the Mullett to have a very sturdy Rangers mob kicking lumps out of the opposition , surrounding the ref , keep their shape sort of stuff , close the curtains stuff

Spot the difference?
There are some things in this life which are not meant to change and one of this is for the Rangers fans to regular abuse their fellow Scots; they used to enjoy continuing this abuse into the workplace and encourage outrageous employment practices …….
These stuck in the past relics however exist at either end of social spectrum, the Blazers just can’t well help themselves , all the clubs know this and they all know that if they vote for draconian sanctions re “singing” then one club will never ever be sanctioned and it will be a dead heat between Celtic and Hearts as to who looses points firsts ……..
……….. My advice is if you encounter such a “singer” , when they are not singing is to express sorry at their lack of humanity and offer to pray for them …… the gene pool for these idiots is reducing , however this means the ones left are truly odious

Spot the difference?
Simple solution re offensive songs , contain the pestilence, don’t go to Ibrox and refuse to provide away tickets, requires fan power to lead the way.

Spot the difference?
So just to summarise , anyone waiting for Rangers to be charged with Sectarian anything will have a very very long wait.
Raith Rovers ground under protection , zilch repercussion on Rangers , let’s be frank all the other clubs will never vote for sectarian sanctions due to the copious amount of ‘even -ing up’ needed and for Celtic to vote for it , the directors may as we’ll just quadruple the budget for legal fees due to peculiar twist on sectarian songs in this part of the world, the club would be in permanent legal disputes.

I find it best to laugh at the mix of ‘well heeled 90 bigots’ and ‘uneducated morons’ which spout the garbage , a gentle snigger at every point dropped ; works for me, I am in the nothing will ever be done camp.

Spot the difference?
It is getting to the stage now that the Rangers circus is farcical, the SFA are completely useless at running the game for the benefit of the whole league but doing rather well as the administrative wing of the Ibrox club, keeping that out of bother.

Good also to see that the new compliance officer is following the proud tradition of being aye ready to ignore bad behaviour on and off the pitch from Ibrox.
I believe that FFP should be introduced from next season with draconian powers that the SPFL operate, surely by now most of the other clubs must realise that the bilge coming out of Ibrox needs to be swept away, busted flush does do them justice.

I’d expect a few more doings on the pitch will be last straw for a few bears ……. Crowds down vicious cycle downwards

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