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Regarding the play offs for the Premiership. They are weighted in …

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Regarding the play offs for the Premiership.

They are weighted in favour of the team finishing eleventh in the top league. At the time they were announced, that fact was noted on here and commented upon. Perhaps that weighting was the trade off for the teams likely to be affected, agreeing to vote in favour of play offs at all.

The financial difference between finishing 12th and 13th in Scottish football has been much reduced so the prize money now available in the Championship is now much better than before.

That is a good thing. The play offs are a good thing – perhaps this year – with so many teams involved will prove to be the exception rather than the rule – but the fight to avoid eleventh has been gripping and will have added much cash to many teams.

My fear now is that a groundswell of support to rejig the play offs to make them fairer to the Championship teams will appear. While I would be in favour of that in principle, I would doubt the motivations of those who would propose it and who vote in favour.

This distrust is the legacy of the previous conduct of those who run our game.

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Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
Danish thanks – maybe one of our bookie literate posters could get us odd on TRFC, Hearts and A.N.Other(s) all going up.

I see Gary Locke and Danny Lennon are both facing uncertain futures.

No doubt there are better managers out there. There are certainly worse ones. Gary Locke has latterly got his team achieving some decent results. In fact, but for the points penalty, they would be in the play off (on goal difference). No doubt things would have played out differently but nonetheless, Hearts results are virtually indistinguishable from those of 5 other teams.

Danny Lennon seems to be one of those managers that the media just don’t fancy. Again his results are no worse than half the league. The style of football played is far more attractive than under his predecessor. A trophy has been won.

Fact is St Mirren, Ross Co, Partick Th, St Johnstone, Inverness CT etc cannot all finish in the top six. Staying in the top division is an achievement for most of those teams. If there were 12 fantastic managers in the top division, one of them would still get relegated.

Teams generally don’t get better just by changing their manager and certainly not by changing their managers frequently. Of course some changes work and make a qualitative difference to the team. Most changes probably turn out to be detrimental. No doubt we can think of examples either way (Messrs McInnes and Butcher spring to mind currently) .

Anyway, careful what you wish for. Failure is the norm for everyone in football. Brazil lose 80 odd per cent of the World Cups they enter.

Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
Danish – do you want to predict their names? 😈

Podcast Episode 4 – Turnbull Hutton
I can’t help but think that Ecobhoy could demolish the arguments in his sleep.

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I was in The 20 Horseshoe

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?

I really can’t explain what you have asked with any certainty but here are some thoughts and comments.

We can’t be sure that the claim is by DK.

In a CVA, it is necessary to get 75% of creditors to vote in favour. But it is also necessary to get 50% of unconnected creditors to vote in favour. Directors claims will be treated as connected.

There is no reason why a creditor should not, if they want to, not claim in A CVA but later decide to submit a claim in the liquidation. It would be unusual but not prohibited.

As for how an investment in equity in one company can later become a claim to be a creditor in another company – that I simply cannot explain. I can only suggest that we do not have all the necessary facts.

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Resinlabdog well said sir (or madam).

Anyone out there want to discuss what the phrase “sense of entitlement ” might mean when it is not being used about a team from Govan?

BigPink – :”phoenix” companies has no meaning in law. None whatsoever. So if Sir David Murray, Craig Whyte, John Greig, Bill Struth and Lawrence Marlborough all get appointed to the board of either of the companies currently trading as Rangers, it matters little. What do you think will (or perhaps should) “trigger “?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?

Are you Bob Crampsey? 🙂


Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Regarding 216 again (sorry )

Even if Sevco had not changed its name, 216 would still apply because the company trades as Rangers. 216 strikes at trading names as well as company names.

Mr King has made great play today of how s216 is a little known piece of legislation. And how the old board have referred to it.

His intention in doing so is of course to suggest that but for the old board raising the issue, he would not have had to bother going through the court to get leave to be involved in a Rangers company.

Well funnily enough, the law applies whether or not anyone knows about it. In fact, if he didn’t know about it until the old board mentioned it he should perhaps say thank you.

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