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bladesman on January 29, 2014 at 8:30 am
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iceman63 says:
January 29, 2014 at 7:56 am
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Re: Record story on Wallace. Clearly a placed come and get him story with price tag attached. So by my reading they need 1.4 million to survive until ST time. Desperate stuff.

Indeed it is, I was always under the impression that when you have a fire sale, you can’t be too choosy about how much you get for your unwanted stock……
I would guess that Wallace is stock they would like to hold onto but it’s the unwanted stock on the daft wages they will find very hard to shift. Thus Wallace being one of the few sellable assets.
Not heard anything about the return of Whyte but nothing would surprise me any more. I think we are becoming numb as to how ridiculous things have become. The General Clutchers desperate last stand in the battle over little Westhorn is just amazing. If you take a minute out and ponder over what this omnishambles has evolved into.

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Reflections on Goalposts
I noticed this reply on the latest Thomo blog. I’m sure I’ve heard this name somewhere before 🙂

Jack Irvine 29-Jan-14 at
Craig Whyte tried this line with a Scottish tabloid a couple of days ago but they weren’t gullible enough to use it.

Give it a rest Alex and get on with some real journalism.

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Reflections on Goalposts
tilhotdogsbark on January 19, 2014 at 12:13 pm
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The introduction to Tom English’s piece this morning:-

LAST summer, when Ally McCoist’s request for nine new players was granted by his then chief executive, Craig Mather,……………..

Especially if too much money was paid to those nine players. Say for instance we pluck a number of say 15% over the odds paid. What would be the ramifications this year 🙂

Reflections on Goalposts
So Ally does his calculations on the bag of a fag packet. I never even knew he was a smoker. Anyway it seems that decisions taken a year ago are hurting the club financially to this day. Ally is not to blame because speculators did it and ran away. I find it strange that the old CEOs wouldn’t ask the manager for his opinion on the cost and length of contract that should be the going rate for the players that were signed last year. But that couldn’t have been the case otherwise a manager who decides a player on the shite side of average should be paid several thousand pounds a week then surely that manager would have to shoulder some of the blame.

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