Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!


Another story in the press about a cash strapped Scottish …

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Another story in the press about a cash strapped Scottish Football club that basically says they’ll be getting one of those filthy rich folk to come and ‘save’ the club.


Why cant we just run our own clubs? Why does the story put forward by the media always seem to involve wealth off the radar, or an equivalent? Does the Sun expect us all to say, ‘oh well, thats OK then. No need to hand-wring over the finances and future of Hearts any longer, because someone is coming with barraloads of cash’?

Relying on this kind of solution is like not bothering with alerting the emergency services, but instead expecting a superhero to come sort it.

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Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
‘The McGills Arena’, has a certain ring to it.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
Re FTT/UTT or beyond,
As I understand it, no further evidence can be presented, nor further argument be made on the issues of the case. Its down to arguing that the judgement was not fair, or wrong, for some reason around interpretation of the facts or the law.
If the arguments have not been made yet, its too late.

I would add, I think that Mr Thompson knew, or figured, he was pretty much onto a loser if he had hung the HMRC case on whether the loans were ‘shams’. The picture I have is of many highly paid lawyers working over a long period of time to get these loan arrangements and form of docs pretty much watertight. Its unlikely that an HMRC lawyer with likely less resources at their disposal, could poke a hole in the arrangement, in a legal sense.
The tack of argument taken, and the eventual view taken by the dissenting opinion, was that, viewed as a whole rather than a series of steps, this was wages dressed up as something else, and should be liable to tax/enic.

One point made by Dr Poon could be key – that the case law relied upon by the majority opinion comes from a lower level court than the case law she quotes.

Scottish Football and the case for a Bismarck!
The ‘SFE’…

Scottish Football Entertainment

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The Existence of Laws
Ive called for a simple thing, along with many others here…
… for the application of the rules as they stand, in a fair manner.

I dont have much issue with the way Rangers will get round the ‘transfer embargo’, as it seems the same options are open to all clubs, and have been loopholed in the past by Dundee, for instance.

Its when the rules are perversely interpreted, or sidestepped or made up anew to seemingly assist only one club, that seems particularly unfair.

The Existence of Laws
I was under the impression that when HMFC were paying players late, they only managed to pay the players at all by some form of cash injection from the company who own them, UBIG?

I ask because it doesnt align with HMFC operating independently of UBIG for the last 18 months.

Happy to be put right on this one.

The Existence of Laws
On the diving issue, I once had a lengthy discussion with a footy coach at a low level in the game – I found it insightful. A few points to share…

Its a contact sport – sometimes there is very little contact on an attacker and its enough for him to go down but the same kind of or impact contact takes place on another player, or the same player, in different circumstance and they dont go down.

Players go past each other at different speeds, thay have different balance, control etc.
The same player can have different speed and balance when running at different times of the game, especially if tired or playing with injury thats been picked up.

Each time a defending player makes a challenge that doesn’t get the ball or is quite physical, they take the chance that they’ve committed a foul, but that doesnt mean a coach wants shrinking violets on the pitch. They want their players to be physical and use physicality up to the point where its at the edge of being a foul. The top players are best at judging the limit. But this physicality also leads to examples of physical but legal challenges ending with the ‘challenged’ player flopping to the floor – ahem – ‘theatrically’.

There is such a thing as anticipating a challenge – if, through a game and in other areas of the pitch, or in previous games a player has been challenged in a certain way its not unreasonable to anticipate a similar challenge – this lends itself to sometimes some players seeming to go down easy.

Its no coincidence that the guys who get a rep for going down easy are the guys who have a lot of the ball, are fleet of foot and receive more than their fair share of physical challenges and fouls.

The Existence of Laws
Re the Hearts situation:
“It’s a terrible situation and a situation that was always going to develop, the way the club was being run,” the East Fife boss told BBC 5 live.

“But surely today the SPL board can’t relegate Hearts. We’ve already had one of the biggest teams in the world [Rangers] relegated to the lowest division and now we’re going to potentially relegate one of the biggest teams in Scotland as well.

“It’s crazy. We’ve got to keep the top teams in the top league or else there’ll be no competition at all.

“The way the owner of the club was spending money and paying money to players that really wasn’t sustainable.

“It was a crazy situation for the size of club we are, but Hearts can run perfectly well on their own and surely they can’t put them down, they are too big a club. We need all the big clubs in the top league in Scotland as far as I am concerned.”

[my emphasis]

from bbc story at

Is it just me, or are we about to revisit the whole commercial interest v sporting integrity issue again this summer?

With respect to Billy Brown, its not crazy that a club that liquidates starts again from the bottom. The opposite is actually the case, that Scottish Football turns into some kind of WWE type freakshow with choreographed matches should it go down the road of propping up clubs that fail.

The Existence of Laws
easyJambo says:
Sunday, May 19, 2013 at 22:42

“My interpretation would be that the rule was established to capture the “Holding Companies” set-up with their primary business as operating a football club, e.g. RIFC, or Celtic PLC. Additionally I would expect parent companies who provide payments, loans, capital injections, debt forgiveness, DFE swaps etc., to also be targeted.”

it does not seem straightforward, if at all possible, to differentiate for the purposes of these rules, between the owner and operator company that is of the RIFC type, and the others.

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