SFM Draft Budget 2015-16

In the interests of transparency šŸ™‚ , we offer our draft budget for your perusal. The table below represents the summary page of a spreadsheet we put together. If anyone is keen to view the whole spreadsheet which includes greater detail, please email me at trisidium@sfm.scot. I have added a commentary underneath the table to explain some of the anticipated expenses. Those of you with accounting experience may see some naivety in the process. If so we are keen to hear from you. Basically these figures represent what we think will come in and what we think will go out in the next year.

Scottish Football Monitor: Proposed Budget 2015-16
Income Outgoings
Donations 6,432.00 Hosting 3,420.00
Subs (51) 2,640.00 Website 1,772.00
Loan 10,000.00 Rent 5,460.00
Advertising 1,500.00 Equipment 3,030.00
Software 335.00
Comms 360.00
Labour 4,800.00
Banking 414.45
Totals 20,572.00 Ā  19,591.45

Assumptions: As you can see, we anticipate a fairly well balanced year ahead. The income is based on the following reasonableĀ assumptions;

  • Current monthly subs (which translate into Ā£2640 annually) will be maintained,
  • Our bi-annual fund raising cycle will raise another Ā£1000,
  • Advertising will yield roughly a worst-case Ā fiver per day.

The income does not include any possible additions with regard to sponsorship or increase in subscriptions (both of which we expect to happen over the course of the year).


Ā Loan: The loan is included in the income column, but is not cash in bank. It is however the amount that BP has agreed to extend to SFM if necessary, and we have access to those funds as and when we require.


Fund Raising: Actual amount raised since June of this year, including subs and single donationsĀ is Ā£5,811


Hosting: Hosting costs are very high, even for a site with theĀ kind of traffic we get. However, in view of our historic problems with hackers, the consequent need for a dedicated firewall, and to protect other customers of our hosting partners, we are running on a dedicated box.

HostingĀ includes;

  • Dedicated server and 30 email boxes for subscribers.
  • Anticipated technical support requirements (based on last year).
  • Hosting costs for podcasts other audio


Website: The website is being redesigned and rebranded (under the SFM banner)


Equipment: A minimum spend of around Ā£1000 is necessary to cover basic functions, but further investment as stated will give us the capability we require. Software required is for website templatesĀ and encoders for streaming media


Comms: This is to allow radio phone-in style capability via mobile and and VoIP


Labour: Cost of casual assistance during live broadcasts, and additional moderation (which we have employed for the last two years @Ā£500 p/a)


Banking: Banking costs are basically PayPal commissions and tariffs.


If we take the loan andĀ capex out of the above sums, we are looking at a potentially profitable undertaking. That hopefully will mean more investment for the future, a growing readership and greatly enhanced credibility.



2 thoughts on “SFM Draft Budget 2015-16

  1. The teams dedication and time giving generosity has always had my admiration. Since the first day of RTC and subsequently SFM (TSFM) I continue to be educated. Although not a football supporter as such, I long for the day that the Ruling Bodies of the Game are brought to task. SFM will continue to have my support financially, for what it is worth. Thanks for your efforts.


    Thanks for your support. It is always appreciated.

  2. Great to see the draft financials together with helpful explanations being published in the name of transparency. Cheers šŸ˜€

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