The Case for a New SFA.


Yes, I did visit SFM Central today and very impressed …

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Yes, I did visit SFM Central today and very impressed I was too . I was met at the door by a gorgeous Blonde receptionist and she led me through to the waiting area , her stiletto heels clicking on the Marble floor – “Mr Pink , will be with you shortly ” – I thought about doing the “don’t call me shortly” joke but decided against it . A buzzer sounded , and I was led through into the lavishly furnished inner sanctum . Seated behind the massive Oak desk was Big Pink – a large white cat on his lap .11  
OK , I’ve went too far – It’s a wee Pokey office with second hand furniture but it’s a start . Big Pink is actually John Cole , an old pal and ex work colleague of mine . John is a talented guy , plays a mean guitar and  tells a good story . If this was an old Western Movie he would be wearing a white hat . He is also very persuasive and I found myself volunteering to help out with future Podcasts, so if you are thinking of giving him a visit – beware.                                                                                     

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The Case for a New SFA.
Hey Auldheid ,
Are you an Optician ? 03
The font size of your posts gets smaller and smaller . Of course, there will be a lot of “small print” checking going on just now .

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Questions, questions, questions
Daily Record reports ;
“ A UK Government spokesperson said: “Rangers Football Club held an event in Dover House last week to mark their 150th anniversary. Scottish Secretary Alister Jack attended the event and made a short speech. The reception was organised and paid for by the football club.”

Questions, questions, questions
Wales v Ukraine , nothing to do with England . However this did not deter the Commentator “ Aaron Ramsay may be the first A.Ramsay to reach the World Cup since 1966 “ Unbelievable !

Questions, questions, questions
I think it is now the time to ban away supporters from all Glasgow Derby games both at Celtic Park and Ibrox .
Having token numbers of away fans (700 etc ) only sets them up as easy targets for abuse and violence .
Much better to have Home fans only at these games – less toxic atmosphere, easier and cheaper to police and a better environment to introduce new supporters to our game .

Questions, questions, questions
John Clark 27th April 2022 At 19:35
” I have never played on any kind of artificial pitch”
I’ve got one up on you there JC .
Glasgow Council used to have an Astroturf park at Helenvale St . Parkhead ( an area well known to you , I believe ) , I had the dubious pleasure of playing works football there ( Big Pink might have been in the same team )
It was like a thin carpet laid over hard concrete – a wee bit better than the red and black ash pitches we were used to – but not much .
Obviously , technology has improved the surfaces since then but still not as good as grass .
Very few games are now postponed during the winter now – undersoil heating has seen to that .
I agree with you and Nawlite that financial compensation should be made to Kilmarnock, Livingston and Hamilton if they achieve promotion .

Questions, questions, questions
Vernallen 26th April 2022 At 17:48
“will the SFA step in regarding plastic fields. ? “
I wish someone would .
I remember the SPL rejecting Falkirk from the top league due to their stadium not being to the required standard.
Surely , this is the ideal opportunity for the SFPL to say to Kilmarnock that only a grass pitch is suitable for the Scottish Premiership .
I appreciate there will be costs involved, not only with the installation of a new pitch but also with lost revenues, but I’m sure a financial solution could be found . Interest free loan from SFPL ? Contributions from other Clubs ?
They would also have to look at the situation with Livingston . We simply cannot return to the situation we had last season where 25% of our top league games were played on artificial surfaces ,

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