The Immortality Project

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Neil Patey with his finger on the pulse….what a difference …

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Neil Patey with his finger on the pulse….what a difference 6 months makes. I particularly like the comment of ‘debt free’ (but shame free?) and the IPO monies seeing them through to the SPL (RIP)….

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The Immortality Project
Shirley not? 1872 (1899?) there must haver been a few before now…

“I have pleasure in sending you notice convening the first Annual General Meeting of the Company (“AGM”). ”


The Immortality Project
Q for the numerate: where does Neil Patey get the ‘burn rate’ figure of £600k per month? On £19m income and £34m costs? Please explain for the hard of understanding….

The Immortality Project
Tic 6709 says:
October 2, 2013 at 10:24 pm

I see your thinking there, but are the board worried enough about anything CF says to feel the need to respond? An interesting and consistent feature of ra berrs is to discount almost all sources of potentially critical info regarding RIFC, including (especially?) CF. It’s a high risk strategy to validate an already discredited source by publicly responding…

I agree though that the interesting behaviour is to attempt to mute CF and I suspect this is more about what could be released in future rather than what has been released to date. It also has maximum deniability being essentially covert behavior.

Whatever the caveats and motives, I’m glad we have/have had CF as we know more with her than without and can draw our own conclusions regardless of CF intent

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The language has deteriorated around here – hear hear to John Clarke’s admonition earlier.

Meanwhile, far away on the other side of town…..

Oh dear 🙂

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The BMA may not be a trades union but I think you’ll find that they are THE most effective advocates for the collective interests of that particular professional elite….I speak from painful experience 🙂

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I agree Phil

Let’s have a moratorium on navel gazing and pi5h on the site with respect to Paul McConville. I loved his writing style – so clear and precise but an absolute gentleman (in the true sense of the word). I didn’t know Paul but wish I had met him – his personality came through his writing and it was a pleasure to read his blog.

Ffs life is too short and woefully unappreciated

And another thing – Paul blogged without a nom de plume – wouldn’t it be a sign of respect if we followed suit? I’m up for this if you can edit user names

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It’s the calm before the storm….. 😀

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john clarke says: (1241)
October 14, 2013 at 8:02 pm

Wonderful report John and thanks for this. The freedom of public information, eh? Shines a light on the shadows where the spivs and shysters hide…. 😀

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