The Vice Closes

News in The Times of Celtic’s letter to Stewart Regan regarding that club’s wish for a Judicial Review into the SFA’s handing of the Rangers EBT crisis increases the pressure on Regan considerably.

The SFA Chief Executive’s ill-advised spat with Pie and Bovril editor David McDonald this week may even be a sign he is devolving, and at least it demonstrates that, despite Twitter disaster after Twitter disaster, Regan doesn’t learn readily from his mistakes.

Also, it appears from the contents of Celtic’s letter that their target in terms of a Judicial Review has been the SFA, and not the SPFL, all along. That chimes with developments as I understand them elsewhere in this process.

Even though it now appears that Celtic and a fan group are seeking a Judicial Review it is by no means certain that it will ever happen.

Having a sound legal basis for it, obtaining standing, and having a reasonable chance of victory are all variables in the equation, and each has to be weighed carefully before progress can be made.

Having said that, if the reason any Judicial Review fails is because of that lawyer-speak we have been subjected to of late, the SFA may yet come to believe that hiding behind legalese is neither in football’s best interests, nor in the interests of the individuals at the SFA who are under fire.

The bottom line as they, is this;

Rangers did acquire an unfair advantage over others by their use of EBTs. The SPL themselves were flabbergasted when Sandy Bryson proclaimed his eponymous ‘imperfectly registered’ doctrine. They all know – everyone in every board room in the country, in every SFA department, in every SPFL office – that cheating took place.

In fact and in spirit.

The jaws of the vice are tightening as we speak. The fans group who are building a case for a Judicial Review give its handle a wee turn every day, and the leak of the Celtic letter to Regan reduces his wiggle room even further.

It is surely now just a matter of time before this ridiculous and infamous chapter in Scotland’s football history is dealt with.

Of course people will accuse anyone who is a Celtic fan, or an Aberdeen fan, or a Dundee United fan (clubs whose rivalry with Rangers is keenest) of partisanship in this affair. That is mere deflection and bears no scrutiny whatsoever.

As a Celtic fan myself, I can’t deny that I am angry at what took place between (at least) 2000 and 2009, but does that mean that as a Celtic fan I have to recuse myself from having an opinion?

And as a former employee of the club, am I excluded from any conversation about the integrity of our game because the club at the centre of the scandal is Rangers? Pull the other one.

SFM, and the wider fans’ movement has been consistently appalled by this sorry chapter over the last six years, but is no kangaroo court. We are not asking for conclusions to be drawn without due process. We see unexplained regulatory anomalies in the processes at Ibrox and Hampden which have never to our knowledge been addressed. We simply wish that they should be.

Further, if my club was at the heart of this nonsense, I think I’d be incandescent with rage that they had allowed me to revel in the joy of winning all those trophies, only to have the achievements cheapened and nullified by their mismanagement. I would regard that as the ultimate betrayal (and Celtic fans can give you a list of club betrayals as long as Mao’s march).

I’d be thinking that those same business practices that apparently had given us so much, had actually caused to fail catastrophically. Having taken delight in the honours, I would have to accept the consequences too.

The SFA, by their corrupt approach to the demise of Rangers, have denied Rangers fans the catharsis that they could benefit from. In fact the authorities’ refusal to deal with the situation in terms of their own rules it has fostered a siege mentality to exist at Ibrox.

This in turn has enabled a series of charlatans, including the current board, to drive the bus in the direction of a brick wall for the last five years.

After the phenomenally successful share issue (something that can’t happen again whilst King is in charge for regulatory reasons), the new Rangers were given seed capital which should have flowered by now with the regular watering of their huge fan base. That £22m, which should have seen the club competing at the top by now has gone, and the potential which existed in 2012 has been diminished severely.

It’s no fun being a fan of Scottish football in the midst of this. But we make a fundamental error if we think that Rangers fans are enjoying it. They are victims in this too, and they have been defrauded by the Murray-era shenanigans, and the circus performers who have been on the scene since then – every bit as much as the rest of us.

The honourable thing (no laughing at the back) for the SFA to do would be to agree to Celtic’s request for a Judicial Review.

If the pressure is turned up another notch or three on the SFA, then maybe we will all get closure, and perhaps finally we can move on.

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John Cole

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Big Pink is John Cole; a former schoolteacher based in the West of Scotland, He is also a print and broadcast journalist who is engaged in the running of SFM . Former gigs include Newstalk 106, the Celtic View, and Channel67. A Celtic fan, he is also the voice of our podcast initiative.

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  1. This is interesting in terms of its emergence now.
    I think the Times author has confused the Judicial Panel that sat in judgement of Rangers under Craig Whyte and not Rangers under SDM, who in 1999 set them on the ebt road to destruction, with a Judicial Review,  which is independent of Celtic and SFA
    However that apart, the points raised in 2012 by Celtic remain as strong today as they were then, arguably stronger given what has gone on since.
    The point about restoring trust in SFA is key.
    Do other clubs Boards trust the SFA? Are they happy that when they ask their supporters to stump up, that they can guarantee to their support that they are watching a game where the rules will be applied fairly?
    How can those Boards give their supporters any assurances under the current SFA regime, where circumventing the rules using literal/legal  interpretation rather than applying them as the sport intended, has become their speciality?

  2. I am a wee bit surprised at the lack of activity today.
    The letter leaked to The Times in London is,I think ,a gamechanger.
    It puts to the sword all the nonsense on here and elsewhere regarding inactivity by Celtic and their supposed collusion on retaining a strong Rangers.Hopefully some posters will admit their error(s)here.
    The fact this was leaked to a UK paper tells its own story.
    Celtic are not going to let this drop,and have never let it drop.
    This is big.
    I will probably return to hibernating regards this site but today’s events need to be discussed.

  3. John Clark @ 23.55

    The bizarre consequence of a continuation myth, specifically referring to one being applied to an entity that is fundamentally unwilling to operate under conditions of sustainable profit,  is that it actually blocks or at least discourages investment to the supposedly continuing entity.  Why prop up the old mk11  (but the same) when you could have a shiny new mk111 that is apparently also the old, just without the new mk11 historic debt which will go to the same pile as the old mk1 debt.

    Who could have predicted it eh?  (Apart from the pages and pages written on here on precisely this scenario about 5 years ago).

  4. Just reading of the events and believe it is getting near the end times and insolvency will have to be declared. I believe the cold shoulder imposed will soon be shown that not only was the TRIFC shares a sham but going back the markets have been getting manipulated for a long time by the usual suspects.

    Would imagine the bigger picture in this leak is that it has fired out a message that this corruption of the rules allowed for Celtic minded investors (shareholders) to be denied the existence of profits on their shares which is what the markets are set up to achieve for investors.  This is no different from rigging or manipulation of the markets as the results brought about would have seen share prices plummet as shares rely on the success of the company who distributes the shares.
    Markets are the core of the businesses and success allows for other commercial stock to increase as the demand for the brand name products increases, shirts, videos, jewellery etc. all of this increases the demand for shares and is the backbone of any company.
    This might be the catalyst to have Regan jump ship as without doubt a major ice berg has put in the path of the SFA, I can see Petrie jumping ship with him if information revealed yesterday is anything to rely on. If he was a willing partner in the 5W agreement and gave the nod that he had no objection to a bit of corruption to allow the history myth to be given to CG, I believe it is game over.
    Just my opinion

  5. BP, “The vice closes”-good, sensible, balanced post.04
    After reading Auldheid’s post I had to rush out and buy today’s “The Times” to get the full flavour of the article.
    It is bye-lined Ewing Grahame, is prominent on the back page, and contains a photocopy of Lawwell’s May 2012 letter in the continuation paras on an inside page, in support of the quotes it takes from that letter.
    Pretty significant coverage.
    I see from the Scottish Parliament’s page that there will be a meeting of the cross-party group on the future of Scottish football on 3rd October.
    They will surely have to discuss the fact of that article, which reminds us all of abandonment of Sporting integrity.
    And reminds Celtic plc shareholders ( a month or two before their AGM) of the potentially criminal actions by the Football Authorities which resulted in an actual loss of some millions,and  the potential  loss of many more millions.
    There can be no honest future for football unless and until the sports and financial cheating of RFC(IL) are dealt with properly: the LNS conclusions simply have to be annulled by a Court, and an entirely fresh, independent examination be set up.

  6. With respect I think you’re being a bit naïve there John if you think the opening passage of the cross party review will be anything other than “Now that we’ve got both big teams back and if we average them they are both faring pretty well now what can we do to further facilitate this passage since said facilitation has apparently been proven by that nice Mr Doncaster to be to the benefit of the rest of …ya de f….ya.”

    At the very most discussion might wander, possibly deliberately, to a passing comment along the lines of a very minor triflingly trivial cash flow blip that has only occurred because of a takeover panel misunderstanding and the terribly distortive consequences of a club side being unfairly and distortively rewarded for its distortive success in Europe which is distortive and pyoor not fair. 

    Declaration of “Something will have to be done” backslaps all round and time for tiffin before the complimentary bus to the PSG game.

    cynical, moi?

  7. If the leaked letter is indeed true then Peter Lawwell has had a stake in the game all along and the recent highest court ruling means that there really are no hiding places left.

    He’s let the nonsense run its course and has now moved into the SFA too.

    Regan has in the meantime had five years of his inflated salary plus perks plus bonus. 

    Here is a wish list from a fan who thinks more needs to be done and shared.

    1 The 5 way agreement to be made public and the story behind it from the reasons for and the authors of draft 1 right through to the final draft with recommendations from an independent panel about the people involved, about who did what, and whether it was in good faith. 
    And the full force of internal sanctions and possibly the law too.

    2 All matches in the cheating years revisited using the same rules that were used for Albion Rovers, Spartans, Livingston, etc. 
    And the span of the cheating years to be revisited too to the start of financial doping.

    3 A revision and reallocation where appropriate of titles (like in athletics) 
    No big deal but the non cheating clubs should get their just rewards.
    4 An agreement to have fan representation on all key SFA and SPFL comittees going forward.
    And NOT  via the in house Supporters Direct organization.
    Genuine supporters with adequate skills and a remit to record and diseminate what they witness.

    Regan and Doncaster and Petrie, and Mackenzie, and Darryl Broadfoot have all know this letter existed as a serious marker almost certainly leading to trouble heading their way.

    I bet they knew this would come and have a scapegoat ready in an attempt to throw us all off the scent.

  8. From above blog.
    It’s no fun being a fan of Scottish football in the midst of this. But we make a fundamental error if we think that Rangers fans are enjoying it. They are victims in this too, and they have been defrauded by the Murray-era shenanigans, and the circus performers who have been on the scene since then – every bit as much as the rest of us.
    We also make the fundamental error if we think that fans of an ibrox club see their club was at the heart of this nonsense, To believe that they would be incandescent with rage that they had allowed themselves to revel in the joy of winning all those trophies, only to have the achievements cheapened and nullified by their clubs mismanagement. You have to look no further than going for 55 and the backlash from them when title stripping is being spoken of.
    Something i posted a while back…Would the fans not wish to know if the titles they hold so dear, if the club cheated to achieve them?
    For many it’s not how or if 54 titles were won fairly just as long as they can’t take them away and it’s something they can bost to not only celtic fans about. worlds most successful rubbish and all that.
    They may be victims in this too, but just how many times do you have to be shafted before you realise what a fool you have been. many know they have been made fools of but are so far deep in it is better to play the victim card than face the truth.

  9. Long term lurker but very infrequent poster.
    The publication of the letter in today’s Times is surely a massive game and opinion changer.
    Time is surely quickly approaching when justice will be done, those responsible removed from office and unfairly won titles and trophies removed.
    Up until a short time ago I had stayed away from my I pad whilst celebrating a rather high digit birthday with my wife and family who as usual had been very generous.
    What an additional present when I clicked on the SFM website.
    A special day indeed.

  10. Good post BP.

    Looks like a deliberate ‘leak’ to crank up the pressure?
    Encouraging development.

    Just hope the SFA don’t try to personalise this, I.e. they pay off Regan then spin for all they’re worth that ‘it was all his fault’, so now we can all move on…

  11. From above blog.It’s no fun being a fan of Scottish football in the midst of this. But we make a fundamental error if we think that Rangers fans are enjoying it. They are victims in this too, and they have been defrauded by the Murray-era shenanigans, and the circus performers who have been on the scene since then – every bit as much as the rest of us.
    i’m sorry but every fan from  ibrox that i know and ones i work with are raging,not with mismanagement from their directors but with someone having the audacity to call them cheats,one in work actually said you won’t get a fair hearing if there is a tim on the panel

  12. Yes , Good post BP .
    When you mention the siege mentality to “exit ” at Ibrox – I assume you mean “exist” . A wee typo or a Freudian slip ? 
    Sorry John mate – I couldn’t resist ! 19

  13. I always maintained the way to approach this shambles of the SFA and the way they have bent over backwards to help the Govan club  would have more of a chance of coverage outwith this country. If this letter was leaked to our smsm (maybe it has been ) what do we think would be published, as at present they also seem to bend over backwards before mentioning cheating or the SC outcome.  Move on is the approach.  My only concern now is this letter from Celtic makes it (in the eyes of the SFA, and smsm) a Celtic v newco issue.  Now is the time for more clubs to come out and voice an opinion as this effects the whole of Scottish Football.  I am glad that at least my club has made a stance.  Who else can say this about their club.

  14. Kilmarnock Directors, any watching?

    You should be ashamed.

    In charge of the most hated football pitch in Scotland.  Keep it open at all day light hours for a few hundred pounds.  A pitch like a rug!.  Dangerous.

    My local junior team have pitch ten times better with the help of volunteers.  you should be thoroughly ashamed.  And I’m coming for you Hamilton next.

    and that release today,someone’s pushing buttons

  16. When I just heard Jackie Bird on Reporting Scotland say that the SFA were writing to tell clubs that they were going to do SFA about Rangers, I could swear I heard Stewart Regan’s sniveling voice say “Move along Timmy, nothing to see here”.

  17. So the SFA don’t want an inquiry into themselves, but are willing to have the compliance officer look into Rangers 2011/12 Licence award.

    Cracks in the dyke are beginning to show and Regan’s finger won’t be enough to stem the tide.

    Roll on a judicial review.

  18. Corrupt officialSeptember 7, 2017 at 18:50   #SFA has written to clubs saying it has declined #SPFL request for independent review into #Rangers’ use of EBTs

    Goes without saying that the SFA, in the shape of Regan and one or two others, are running scared, and as Tony suggests, buttons are being, or have been, pushed. So much now depends on how far they (Celtic?) are prepared to push those buttons! Of course, there are a few more buttons out there, and it all depends on the integrity of the clubs who receive Regan’s letters as to whether or not they are pushed.

    It would be interesting to get sight of Regan’s letter to the clubs, to see if he tried to justify his cowardice, or just tells them ‘it’s time to move on’.

    I wonder, if it ever goes to an independent review, or even the CAS, if this refusal will have any bearing on how the office bearers at the SFA are viewed. It can’t possibly make them look good in anyone’s eyes.

  19. From the Blog.

    “The SFA, by their corrupt approach to the demise of Rangers, have denied Rangers fans the catharsis that they could benefit from. In fact the authorities’ refusal to deal with the situation in terms of their own rules it has fostered a siege mentality to exit at Ibrox.”

    I do wonder BP, if there was or more importantly is a willingness to embrace such catharsis.I do think that the end game is nearing and like cornered prey the SFA will fight tooth and nail. An unfortunate analogy as I would much prefer Auldheid’s vision of truth and reconciliation but both the SFA and supporters of Rangers have broken too many olive branches.

  20. What arrogant and insufferable crap from the SFA.
    Who will put any credence in the Compliance Officer looking in to the UEFA licence issue?
    Can there be any trust whatsoever in an organisation which fears to have itself examined by honest,independent men on women, and wishes to hide misdeeds by not allowing a ‘raking over the ashes’ of the Saga.
    Frightened men that they must be..







  21. Rangers Tax-Case‏ @rangerstaxcase

    In its last decade of existence The Rangers FC plc became an organised crime network designed to distort Scottish football. They did it all.

    Rangers engaged in massive tax evasion, bribed former employees to secure transfers on favourable terms, shredded, lied, and defrauded.

    In 2009 the SFA were the subject of Sched 36 notice from HMRC asking for all of RFC’s contract data. They knew then something was up.

    2009- knowing RFC’s dealings with HMRC were far beyond normal disputes, what did the SFA do about verifying their UEFA license applications?

  22. Billy BoyceSeptember 7, 2017 at 19:27

    Thanks for posting the letter, Tony, it satisfies my curiosity over what it would contain. I suppose not ‘raking over the coals’ kind of matches ‘it’s time to move on’.

    And still, not one word to suggest Rangers (IL) did nothing wrong, nor that there is no case for a review. Not one attempt to justify the LNS inquiry findings. It’s just a plea to be left alone.

    It is crystal clear, from that letter alone, that they have something(s) to hide.

  23. Re tonight’s news that the SFA Compliance Officer will look at the awarding of a European Licence to Rangers in 2011, I am willing to make three predictions.

    1. The review will find Rangers lied to the SFA and a licence was incorrectly awarded. 
    2. The review will find the SFA acted honestly at all times. 
    3. A QC will advise the SFA no action can be taken. 

    Make no mistake, cheats sometimes DO win.

  24. UPTHEHOOPSSEPTEMBER 7, 2017 at 19:54

    It might make Andrew Dicksons involvement more apparent and loosen his tenure on his current position within the SFA…maybe he will be the sacrificial lamb. Sorry Andrew if you happen to be looking in but I am sure you understand it’s every man for himself from here on in.
    Enjoy yourself its later than you think..

  25. Today started with the 2012 Celtic letter to the SFA being published in The Times, which in itself is a shock bearing in mind the deafening silence about it from Hampden and the SMSM for the past 5 years.  Within a few hours the SFA releases a press notice that it will not entertain a judicial review and is writing to all member clubs stating its reasons.  This is closely followed by another press release that the 2011 UEFA RFC licence application is being referred to the SFA compliance officer – a big fat squirrel if ever there was one.
    Recently Darryl “I am the SFA” Broadfoot resigned his post as media guru at the SFA to start his own PR company.  His main client is – you guessed it – the SFA.  Are we to assume that the sudden outburst of deflection down Hampden way is of Broadfoot’s making?  He will have to act in a very devious but skilful way if he is going to successfully guide his client through this small matter.
    Everyone seems to be calling for Regan’s and Doncaster’s heads.  At the end of the day they are merely hired hands and will go with the flow to safeguard their salaries.  The question is, ‘who really is pulling the strings at the SFA these last seven years or so?’  As long as they remain in place then nothing much will change.  We can only hope that a JR will smoke them out once and for all.

  26. GUNNERBSEPTEMBER 7, 2017 at 20:16 
    UPTHEHOOPSSEPTEMBER 7, 2017 at 19:54
    It might make Andrew Dicksons involvement more apparent and loosen his tenure on his current position within the SFA…maybe he will be the sacrificial lamb. Sorry Andrew if you happen to be looking in but I am sure you understand it’s every man for himself from here on in.Enjoy yourself its later than you think..


    Aside from Dickson there are Directors at Ibrox now who were Directors of Rangers in early 2011, which is the period the SFA’s statement refers to as when they allegedly already knew the WTC could not be challenged.  IIRC those same Directors survived the early part of Whyte’s tenure.  Surely if it is established by the Compliance Officer Rangers did lie to gain a licence, then several more people should receive the same sine die ban from the Scottish game that was given to Craig Whyte.  

  27. The SFA have attempted a deal tonight.
    To buy off Celtic and the rest of Scottish football with another weak, ineffectual, in-house, whitewash of an investigation into why there in-house, dyed in the wool, Real and pretendy Rangers men passed RFC as fit for a UEFA licence in 2011.
    They have done this in an attempt to prevent a full out enquiry into their handling of the Administration, Liquidation, and unlikely resurrection of RFC to ‘The Rangers’.
    Unfortunately for them far too much is now out in the public domain.
    Anybody who wishes to look at the evidence knows what a craven, cowardly, corrupt, set of so called administrators we have a Hampden. They knew well before RFC went into Administration that it was coming.
    The real problem they have is, like the Watergate affair, the original crime was not the thing that eventually brought down the house of cards.
    It was the attempted cover up that did that.
    The SFA may attempt to purge their in-house email servers but most are backed up elsewhere. The paper trail will most likely lead to some very uncomfortable places and people.
    Paperwork, that the SFA are so pernickety about at various times but incredibly lax at others will be their undoing in the end.
    Of course as much as the media will attempt to play this as an ‘Old Firm’ issue what the SFA have done tonight is actually ignore the wishes of the SPFL board. That will also be their undoing. For all they talk about the SFA being the clubs tonight they have told everyone that the SFA is a bunch of despots, up to their necks in scandal, desperately attempting to cover their backs.

  28. UPTHEHOOPSSEPTEMBER 7, 2017 at 19:54

    Re tonight’s news that the SFA Compliance Officer will look at the awarding of a European Licence to Rangers in 2011, I am willing to make three predictions.

    1. The review will find Rangers lied to the SFA and a licence was incorrectly awarded.

    I agree with you UTH, except that it won’t be ‘Rangers’ who will be deemed to have lied, it will be ‘Oldco’.

    As I’ve pointed out before, Rangers are the only club in world football history whose triumphs and misdemeanours are apportioned according to the component parts which best suit the desired narrative, whether that be club, company, newco or oldco.

    Other clubs don’t get the luxury of claiming that their misdeeds were the fault of previous owners/operators – but somehow whichever club is playing out of Ibrox is exonerated of guilt, blame and consequences. 

  29. The quotes from the SFA reported on the BBC website, need some translation for those who have not been following this saga closely and do not appreciate the nest of vipers in charge of the game in Scotland. Please allow me to translate;
    “After careful consideration, the board of the Scottish FA has declined the invitation to participate in such a review,”
    For Christ’s sake this is the last thing we wanted, all our dirty washing hung out in public.
    “The image of the game in Scotland can only be damaged further by ‘raking over the coals’ of everything that has happened in the last six years for a further lengthy period of time.
    Our reputation is already in the gutter with the minority in the know. If this gets out to the public in general, we are toast.
    “No-one is complacent or insensitive to the issues. It will be impossible to satisfy every supporter, every club official and every member club.
    Our deliberate complacency and avoidance of the issues will be shown up. Even the officials and supporters of our pet club are going to hate us now as well.
    “Nevertheless, the board of the Scottish FA is resolute. It has acted with integrity and in the best interests of Scottish football at all times.”
    Feck yees all! No way we’re exposing ourselves. We don’t understand the meaning of integrity and despite the best interests of Scottish Football, we are yet again passing up the chance to clean up this clusterfeck of a shambles entirely of our own making.

    Normally, I would have thought this behaviour unbelievable of a governing body, however, we know only too well the depths they are prepared to plumb and the arrogant disregard they have for honesty, transparency, integrity and to the fans of the game.

    Absolutely nothing they do surprises me now and each time they attempt to fudge the issues, my financial commitment toward a judicial review funding increases.

    Out with every last one of them!

  30. Dear Stuart,

    You see, the problem with not wanting to rake over the coals is you need 41 of 42 clubs (and by extension their fans) to have something to lose.

    We don’t. This was your choice.  A very dangerous choice if I may say so.

  31. Dear Stuart,

    “No-one is complacent or insensitive to the issues. It will be impossible to satisfy every supporter, every club official and every member club.”

    Ok.  Let’s start with those supporters and officials of every club that didn’t cheat and take it from there shall we?


    Smug.  Very.

  32. JUSTSHATEREDSEPTEMBER 7, 2017 at 20:44
    what the SFA have done tonight is actually ignore the wishes of the SPFL board.
    Any statement yet from Mr Doncaster?

  33. Publication of Mr Lawell’s letter to the SFA from way back in 2012 is good news for all Celtic fans.

    Like many others, I have several times voiced concerns over the very limited quantity and quality of public comment from Celtic Park on the outrageous goings-on that have beset us all.

    I feared that my club was paying lip service, doing the minimum necessary to appease our fans and string along the Res 12 guys etc.

    I hoped it wasn’t true, but in a world where we are constantly betrayed by politicians, media and so many others of whom we have a right to expect better – is cynicism not a basic survival instinct?

    So I have a sense of relief tonight, that my worst fears about my own club have been proved unfounded and I unreservedly apologise for having expressed them from time to time over these last five years.

    It is clear that Celtic have been pressing for justice to be done since the early days of this saga and the long game has been played.

    We must trust that this will continue to the case as we see the pressure for sporting integrity to triumph ramp up to an unstoppable force.

    There is no doubt that there are those in positions of authority at the SFA, the SPFL and in the boardroom at Ibrox who have no right to play any future role in our sport but who will cling on to their positions come hell or high water.

    It is for us, and our clubs acting on our behalf, to relieve them of these positions whether they will it or no.

    If we fail, if our clubs fail, then the sport is finished and we must ask ourselves deep and worrying questions about the state of Scottish society. 

    Our clubs DO have the wherewithall to make this happen.

    Do they have the integrity?

    Tonight I know mine does and I will sleep better knowing it. Thank you Mr Lawell.

  34. Lawwell ” I’m a slow walker, but I never walk alone’.
    Regan “Progress is made by lazy men trying to find easier ways to do something.” 
    Budge –  “Personality, I mean that’s what counts, right? That’s what keeps a relationship going through the years”.
    Milne – “Wanna buy a manager”?
    Apologies for all my plagiarism. But to quote the most repugnant man on earth…
    “When you are wronged repeatedly, the worst thing you can do is continue taking it–fight back! You know, it really doesn`t matter what the media write as long as you`ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” 
    As I said in my last post… let’s get back to the future.

  35. Of course people will accuse anyone who is a Celtic fan, or an Aberdeen fan, or a Dundee United fan (clubs whose rivalry with Rangers is keenest) of partisanship in this affair. That is mere deflection and bears no scrutiny whatsoever.” (Big Pink)
    Trying to discredit an argument based on the football team of the complainant is an abundantly dishonourable thing to do. And trying to reduce this epic scandal to a tiff between excitable fans is both shameful and maddening.
    Forgive me for quoting myself, a disgusting habit, but…
    On the 13th July, 2012 (we were so young), I splurged the following in the comment section of an Alex Thompson (Channel 4) article (please excuse the length, have tried to shorten it slightly):
    Thank you for taking a professional interest in the governance of Scottish football and for helping to somewhat alleviate the sense of powerlessness the gobsmacked fans may feel in the face of (football) administrators who give every impression of being corrupt – or seriously conflicted – and a national press that seems incapable or unwilling to trouble itself with facts, investigative toil or the most basic levels of morality.
    I’m not sure it’s possible to articulate how shocking and depressing it is to see members of the Scottish press (and certain elements of the footballing fraternity) openly sneer at the concept of integrity (as professed and longed for by a seemingly overwhelming majority of fans).  
    They actively disdain the desire to see the rules implemented fairly, as if the very notion itself is contemptible – borne of nothing more than a bitterly vengeful desire to see a particular football club (Rangers) punished and humiliated. 
    And yet if this were my own club, Aberdeen, I would feel exactly the same. In fact, I should probably feel even greater intransigence, as the betrayal would feel more personal, more acutely close to home.
    We are asked, in a sneeringly dismissive manner, “Ah, but would you still like to see “Rangers” kicked out of the game if it meant the financial demise of your own club?” 
    The answer to this, of course, is Yes, emphatically so, for how could I ever support a team that depended on ethically distressed cheats to stay afloat? 
    Why can they not see this? Why can they not fathom that our moral disgust is soul-deep and real?
    …In the course of your investigations you shine an uncomfortable light on aspects of Scottish society (and modern day western societies at large) that fairly sicken the soul.  
    This microcosm of the terrible (global) greeds that seem to propel people towards stark immorality and the self-serving and faintly – okay, often overtly – psychopathic lack of empathy they display in pursuing their goals may begin to feel like a rampaging cancer in our collective midst.
    This disease might be incurable, unfortunately, although your journalistic morphine may occasionally ease our pain.  Thank you.
    So there we are.
    Yes, I know, it’s all a bit wordy and very probably a bit too w*nky for some, sorry. But nothing’s really changed. 
    This is barely about Rangers or football, if it ever was to begin with. It’s about cheating, corruption and greed (amongst many other things).
    And if someone comes out against cheating, corruption and greed, how can we ever care what football team they support? It bears no relevance to the matters at hand.
    Keep up the good work, people.  (And Hello to AllyJambo. Just because.)
    Oh, there’s more, sorry. Not directly connected to the above, but:
    I’ve always wanted Scottish teams to do well in Europe. 

    In various arguments/discussion I’ve had on an Aberdeen forum, this view has never been popular, especially whilst I’m wishing Celtic well. It’s not that I’d ever watch any game not involving Aberdeen, just that I want all Scottish teams to succeed in Europe. 
    These same well-wishes always applied to Rangers, as well, before they died. 
    I was once asked (paraphrasing), “But would you even support Rangers in Europe now, after all that’s happened?” 
    As I didn’t really know the answer to this question (going against a Scottish team in Europe is simply not the way I’ve been brought up), I said I’d just have to wait and see how I felt if and when it happened.
    Well, I found out how I felt when the Progrès Niederkorn score flashed across the screen of my telly. I laughed. I mean, really, really, laughed. It felt delightful, like a release of pressure.
    It’s just that in their present incarnation, I see this club not so much as a Scottish team, more a vessel of unrepentant cheats.
    WATP: With Abundant Thanks, Progrès
    (Apologies to all decent Rangers fans looking in.)

  36. A mountain of information has been made public in the past years which strongly suggests the SFA have serious questions to answer about their own conduct over the granting of a European Licence to Rangers in 2011. The proposed review by the Compliance Officer will almost certainly focus only on whether Ibrox officials lied to the SFA. Fergus McCann proved years ago that internal SFA reviews set out to protect the guilty, not to establish the truth. However, yesterday we saw that a major London based newspaper is willing to act as a conduit to get information into the public domain that no-one previously knew about. I would be amazed if Celtic have not written to the SFA about Resolution 12 on more than one occasion, and I would be amazed if they have not asked significant questions of how much the SFA knew, and when did they know it. There could be very interesting times ahead. 

  37. SmugasSeptember 7, 2017 at 21:38
    “……It will be impossible to satisfy every supporter, every club official and every member club.”
    You know, Smugas, I don’t know whether I am more appalled by the sheer stupidity of that ‘reason’ given by Regan than I am by the actual decision.

    If the man’s thinking is that establishing the truth of matters is about  ‘satisfying’ everybody, it’s clear that he is unfit for any office of trust on grounds of stupidity alone!

    If people have abused their offices, or have willingly concealed the wrong-doing of others, or have knowingly profited from that wrong-doing, they have no title to expect to have any say in whether  their conduct should be investigated and the full truth established.

    We, the victims of an apparently well-evidenced and long-standing deceitful Football Administration  are the ones who need to be satisfied.

    We need the truth, pure and simple.

    ‘Self-certification’ of innocence of charges is as meaningless as the self-certification by RFC(IL) as to the amounts they were paying their EBT players.

    ( And what a term of scorn that has become: to be in the history books as having been  an ‘EBT’ player,or manager, or director working for the club with the longest record of sports cheating in the history of Scottish football)

  38. Hearing that Celtic did not leak the letter to the Times. If true then one would think that the SFA did. Perhaps the PR offensive has begun?

  39. Tris,

    if true this would also constitute an act of war on Parkhead by Hampden, as well as what appears to be a sideswipe at Doncaster and the SPFL. In effect setting loose a Celtic squirrel to distract from SFA culpability. 

    Perhaps as you suggest, this is Darryl’s attempt at a Bell Pottinger style dog whistle.   

    Despite Celtic denials, my money is still on Celtic doing the leaking.

    Either way, it’s not good for the SFA. The 1st Belorussian Front have begun shelling – the outcome is now inevitable. 

  40. Maybe the SFA could get the compliance officer to look into the granting of the Euro license for 2017 while he is at it? Just for completeness sake.

    Interesting times again, who leaked and to what end. If it was the SFA as suggested above then that surely risks the realisation of all those warnings of armageddon and civil war more than any other single move. It could only be the action of a very desperate character. Maybe at last we are truly hammering at the gates folks.  

  41. Big PinkSeptember 8, 2017 at 08:13
    The 1st Belorussian Front have begun shelling – the outcome is now inevitable

    No, no, that’s just fireworks.  Really.

  42. I wouldn’t trust Regan, or anyone who signed or was involved in the 5 way agreement. 
    (Apart maybe from Charlie whose role was quite transparent as he lined up his carpet bags).

    We don’t need or want a scapegoat either on a nice “keep quiet” lifetime package.

    Scottish Football needs trust.

    And a root and branch clear out.

    It’s becoming a political problem.

  43. Would be worth reminding the tartan army that our game is in the hands of two English clowns who are not really interested in the fans as displayed the other night. The bigger fish is about to fry and all fans should be on board to clear out the smell coming out of Hamdump.
    Level five has run its course, too funny to take seriously with pedro time, time for Daryll to create the spin and give us the Sweet Feck All hour.

  44. I’m a little puzzled here.
    Regan has apparently issued a letter indicating that the SFA declines to take part in any Judicial Review.
    I don’t think that he came to this decision on his own.
    Can anyone advise whether such a decision would have been made by the Board of the SFA, and if so who are the members of this Board.
    Would there have been any discussion with all clubs or representatives of a select few?
    Any assistance in understanding this would be appreciated.

  45. UPTHEHOOPSSEPTEMBER 7, 2017 at 19:54 48 2  Rate This 
    Re tonight’s news that the SFA Compliance Officer will look at the awarding of a European Licence to Rangers in 2011, I am willing to make three predictions.

    1. The review will find Rangers lied to the SFA and a licence was incorrectly awarded. 

    Most definitely. That is what  drove Res12.

    2. The review will find the SFA acted honestly at all times. 

    There is evidence to suggest otherwise as well as questioning the role of Andrew Dickson on the SFA”s Licensing Commitee. Also remember Regan’s e mail of Dec 2011 were one recipient at Ibrox said going public might put the SFA at risk.Why so?

    3. A QC will advise the SFA no action can be taken. 

    My understanding is that a QC has already looked at the evidence and it is as a result of that the matter has gone to the Compliance Officer. He is not the same guy who was in post in 2011 and has a reputation to consider.

    Make no mistake, cheats sometimes DO win.

    We’ll see.

    On a separate matter the message Res12 will send out, regardless of the outcome, is that the SFA are accountable to shareholders in clubs so they had better have a look at future decisions in that light.

    Their stance on an enquiry is untenable and the clubs only have to tell SFA they cannot ask supporters to pay into a game that the club’s themselves have no say in.
    It would help of course if suppprters made that very point to their clubs in numbers.

  46. Well, another one of those days arrived yesterday. With the site so quiet that the main topic of conversation was the quietness of the site, and all credit to Jimbo for that04, suddenly, BANG!11 news of the Times article began to filter through, and the day just got bigger with the SFA’s ‘response’, or was it the continuation of a cunning plan? It matters not, for the cat’s out of the bag regardless, and it’s running.

    So here we are, at the start of phase number, ehh, whatever it might be, with the media, at last, taking something of a lead by issuing, what appears to be (if Tris’s info isn’t correct), a challenge to the SFA.

    And they, the SFA, have responded – rather quickly, and extremely quickly for them (so Tris might well be correct). In one thing, though, they are running true to form – it’s a letter so weak and insipid it could only have been written in the belief that the recipients were already onside, though I am not suggesting that they are. But if they are not, it’s so devoid of substance, with virtually zero reasoning, that it could only serve to annoy, further, all decent and honest servants (the boards) of our clubs.

    But there’s a sop to the honest football fans included in it, a sop, no more! Word that, at last, the ‘Resolution 12’ issue is to be addressed…by one of their own! The thing is, and it’s an important ‘thing’; for, whatever the truth of that Rangers’ European application, it does not stand on it’s own. It was not an isolated incident!

    We know, with absolute certainty, the plan will be to blame, solely, their pantomime villain, Craig Whyte, and to exonerate all those who went before and came after!

    But that fraudulent (there is little doubt now) application came about as a direct result of the DOS scheme, and a slightly lesser result of the EBTs, for the DOS unpaid related tax in question was what fell foul of UEFA’s FFP regulations, while the EBTs were what brought the club to it’s knees, caused the sale to Whyte, and left a club, with a such huge support, unable to meet a tax bill they should have been able to pay quite easily – had the club been run honestly.

    In short, the UEFA licence application, and the granting of it, cannot be investigated, fully and properly, without ‘raking over the coals’ of the DOS and EBT schemes, the LNS inquiry, and everyone involved with Rangers, the SFA and the SPL from 1998 until now! They all go hand in hand, from Ibrox to Hampden, and back again.

    Of course, I could be totally wrong, and all that’s needed to show that is a judicial inquiry!

  47. BILLYJ1SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 at 09:56

    The SFA web site currently has the following info:- 
    The Main Board consists of eight members:
    the Scottish FA Office Bearers (Alan McRae, President; Stewart Regan, Chief Executive;  and Rod Petrie, Vice-President), plus Ralph Topping (SPFL), Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Tom Johnston (Scottish Junior FA) and independent non-executive directors, Barrie Jackson and Gary Hughes.

    Professional Game Board:
    Chairman: Rod Petrie (Scottish FA)Members: Alan McRae (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA), Andrew McKinlay (Scottish FA)*, Neil Doncaster (SPFL), Ralph Topping (SPFL), Duncan Fraser (SPFL), Michael Mulraney (SPFL), Stewart Robertson (SPFL), Sandy Stables (SHFL) and Andrew Waddell (SLFL)

    Non-Professional Game Board:
    Chairman: Alan McRae (Scottish FA)Members: Rod Petrie (Scottish FA), Stewart Regan (Scottish FA), John Campbell (Scottish Welfare FA), Fiona Cardwell (Scottish Women’s Football), John Gold (Scottish Schools FA), John Greenhorn (East of Scotland Football League), Colin Holden (South of Scotland Football League), Tom Johnston (Scottish Junior FA), Thomas McKeown (Scottish Amateur FA), David Little (Scottish Youth FA)

    As the SPFL board called for an independent review then it surely has to be assumed that any SPFL representatives on the SFA board should have voted for such a review, or as was reported with the SPFL’s recent meeting re Stewart Roberston, those members associated with T’Rangers should have taken no part in any votes.

    Petrie is down as the SFA Vice Pres but is still the Chairman and a director of Hibs as far as I know and as such should have fallen in line with the SPFL  as a member club (then again maybe not??)

    What does the Junior SFA rep have to lose in voting for an independent  review.

    One of the roles of a non-executive director is described as follows-:-

    to provide a creative contribution to the board by providing independent oversight and constructive challenge to the executive directors.

    Therefore an independent review being called for by the top league in the game is surely cause for concern and something Non-Execs should be voting for – even if just to put the issue to bed once and for all.

    Without going all ‘Coisty’ on the issue – Who are these people!!!! 10

  48. Like most people on here I was beginning to get a tad worried and depressed about how things had went very quiet on the Judicial Review. Then yesterday BOOM and I went to my kip last nite with a smug grin on my face thinking that maybe just maybe we are starting to see the current SFA in its death throes…………Now Im reading that it was nt Celtic that leaked the letter , it was the SFA ???? If this is true …I really dont understand why they would do that……clever men and women on here , help me out on this one …I just dont get it ????

  49. It’s not like that nice,wee Mr McRae to be so quiet in a time of crisis . Think he’s been got at ?

  50. roddybhoySeptember 8, 2017 at 11:34   
    Like most people on here I was beginning to get a tad worried and depressed about how things had went very quiet on the Judicial Review. Then yesterday BOOM and I went to my kip last nite with a smug grin on my face thinking that maybe just maybe we are starting to see the current SFA in its death throes…………Now Im reading that it was nt Celtic that leaked the letter , it was the SFA ???? If this is true …I really dont understand why they would do that……clever men and women on here , help me out on this one …I just dont get it ????
    None of us need to get it, Roddy, we just have to remember that most of the men who are involved in this are the same men who have made the mess in the first place. They are not as clever as they think they are, some of them might even believe what they have written on their own CVs!

    They are stupid, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get away with their own part in the disgrace that is the Rangers Saga, and that is down to the compliant SMSM, the people society charges with hunting out dishonesty and cheats wherever they might be. 

    Might I suggest, though, that if they have leaked the Celtic letter, they did so in an effort to continue to make this look like a Celtic/Rangers thing, and again, they might get away with that amongst those who only read ‘the papers’!

  51. The Rangers nil? Who missed the penalty? September 8, 2017 at 12:38 
    New RTC Blog up.
    I was going to post the same link.  I’ve downloaded Dickson’s evidence and will read it in full later.  It is that sort of evidence, coupled with other contemporaneous documents that I would like to see come out of a Judicial Review, so that we can all form a view of the honesty and integrity of everyone involved in this saga. 

  52. In the interests of fairness and brevity I see JJ is claiming the leak of the Celtic letter to The Times was by none other than our old pal Mr Broadfoot-in-mouth.  He postulates this is an attempt to isolate Celtic as a mischievous trouble maker within the ranks of 41 otherwise satisfied customers. 

    Another mistake. 

    They’re not very good at this are they?  As someone once said on here (might even have been me) “We’re even pish at corruption!”   

  53. A disappointingly weak statement from the SFSA. I note that they previously stated that they would be  an interested bystander as the statements from the SFA and SPFL came out a few weeks ago.  They will fail in their desire for governance change unless they actively question, challenge and take on the authorities, by action, not just words that have been repeated ad nauseam, both here and elsewhere, e.g. where is their support for a Judicial Review?.

    Date: 8th September 2017
    8th September 2017: Scotland’s largest, independent football supporters’ organisation, The Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA), has backed the call from the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) for a review into Scottish football governance.
    Last month the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA) conducted the first independent evaluation of Scottish football governance receiving 16324 responses. Academic researchers based in Germany with experience in undertaking similar research projects are currently evaluating the responses.
    The SFSA launched this activity to assess, for the first time, the performance of the game’s governing bodies in Scotland. The research will become an annual benchmarking and reporting exercise looking at all aspects of the game. The first report will be made available in mid October.
    In the meantime the recent press statements by the SPFL and the SFA have highlighted the need for radical reform of our game where both organisations, which are run by clubs, cannot agree on the need for independent review of historical governance issues.
    The SFSA believes that it is essential to move forward to a position where transparency and good governance standards are met. To do this it is essential to have proper evaluation and scrutiny of the administration of our game to learn from the mistakes that have been made in the past.
    Simon Barrow, Chairman of the SFSA said: “The Scottish game has had a governing body for 144 years and in that time its performance has never been publically evaluated. Unlike most industries there is no watchdog, no independent evaluation or review of performance on how the game is run. There are many issues within the game that fans have real concerns about but as it stands the governance rules within the game mean that no-one outside knows if a good job is being done by the SFA and the SPFL or not.
    “We believe it is unhelpful for the SFA to try to avoid such scrutiny at this time. We also believe that this highlights the weaknesses in the Board Structures at Hampden Park that need addressed in the future. It is our view that is essential for the SFA to reverse its decision and to start to repair some of the significant damage done to its image and reputation by being open honest and transparent to all its stakeholders.”
    The SFSA can be found on Twitter @scottishfsa and on Facebook.

  54. It has been a very interesting couple of days concerning the illegal ebt’s and other issues in relation to them. The SFA’s stance is what we expected as they have no shame and are all IMO heavily conflicted. All this because of one club whom they could not treat the same as all other clubs when rules are involved. Evidence at the High Court and at the SC is so damaging and factual that cheating was carried out that it defies all logic from our governing body not to have a independent review.  It simply looks like they are s******g themselves (as well as pissing on all of Scottish clubs at the same time).  I heard on bbcsportsound last night a summing up of the days events and lo and behold the term move on came into play.  This was stated by one of the pundits (not sure who) and his reason was that many fans of Scottish football are fed up with this issue. I have mentioned before it is hard to gauge how informed  fans are on the complex issue of this matter. If the smsm actually reported this correctly from the start (no laughing at the back) I think there would be less fans saying move on.  SMSM are IMO just as corrupt (for whatever reason) concerning protecting this one club. It will be interesting how the smsm will report this as it is now out in the public domain. Do not let them make it just a Celtic thing on it’s own. Other clubs may have spoken out on this issue but now is the time for  clubs to state their stance on the SFA’s letter.

  55. Zilch @ 23.13 Yesterday
    Well said mate,there are certain others out there yet to come forward and admit they got it wrong about Celtic/Lawell etc.Prominent contributors on here, 1 or 2 of them.
    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of the party.Celtic now require the backing of their fellow clubs,the SFA will make this out to be a West of Scotland spat if others do not get involved.The SFA are trying to isolate Celtic.
    If Celtic have to go it alone then they really do have grounds to at least explore the possibility of plying their trade elsewhere.
    Its time for the Budges and Milnes at  this party to stand up and be counted.
    Do they really want to jeopardise their cut of the Green Pound?
    We are approaching(approached?)decision time. 

  56. Thank you very much for the prompt and informative response.
    Surely to goodness all reps from member clubs, and the rep from the SPFL should have voted for an independent Judicial review.

  57. NTDEALSEPTEMBER 8, 2017 at 14:43

    I don’t think people were ‘wrong’ regarding with regard to where they thought Celtic were given all the evidence in the public domain.

    There are a number of issues at play here.

    1. Are Celtic wanting to see justice (re the EBTs and Euro registration) and sporting integrity upheld? – Clearly yes and the leaked letter from 2012 helps support that view.

    2. Have they gone about it the right way in terms of pushing the issue? – Mibbes aye , mibees naw. I would tend to be in the camp that they should have done more earlier instead of pussy footing  around (soft soaping on Res12 etc) but folks like Audlheid believe they were quietly biding their time.
    The fact that we do not know who leaked the 2012 letter doesn’t help us determine how strong Celtic are pushing this matter, other than their repeated surprise at the LNS judgement and the call for a review following the supreme court ruling. As folks have discussed the worry is that there may be moves to discredit Celtic’s concerns by painting it as a Celtic / T’Rangers matter. To my mind if Celtic are serious about this, they need to move quickly to bolster their position and gain the support of others. However that still may be hampered by 3. below as any review will strain realtionships. 

    3. Do Celtic (the club/board, not the supporters) want T’Rangers and the ‘Old Firm’ marketing tag to survive – While they have clearly  done well without any major domestic competition from T’Rangers – I’d probably say, on balance (but maybe not spoke loudly), yes.

    4. Do other member clubs of the SPFL -want T’Rangers and the ‘Old Firm’ marketing tag to survive – Most probably Yes from all the evidence to date.

    5. Can folks like us count on others coming forward to support Celtic’s stance? Well the board of the SPFL has asked for an independent review – so yes I believe we can. I can’t see the SPFL letting go of this issue regardless of what the SFA say. All the professional clubs are under one banner now. A high percentage of the National Squad come from English based clubs. At the top level of the game what exactly is the SFA for? To my mind there is a clear shot in terms of challenging the current blazers and those involved in the Rangers saga.

    Personally I hope Ms Budge takes a lead for the SPFL and strongly supports Celtic’s actions but given the recent comments from Aberdeen’s Milne I don’t see much support from there and similarly Petrie is implicated in the 5 -way  agreement so Hibs position might be  somewhat shoogly. As I have said before Les Gray comes across in the media as a Rangers cheerleader so despite being on the SPFL board he may need some pushing.

    It is time for the mass of SPFL clubs to stand up and be counted and for the club playing out of Ibrox to be told in no uncertain terms that the oldco were bad news and that the newco best start behaving itself.

    Continuing my ‘Who are these people’ thread:- 

    Elected to serve on the 2017/18 SPFL Board – alongside SPFL Chief Executive Neil Doncaster, new SPFL Chairman Murdoch MacLennan (as of August 1) and independent non-executive director Karyn McCluskey – were:
    Ladbrokes Premiership representatives: Ann Budge (Heart of Midlothian), Les Gray (Hamilton Academical) and Stewart Robertson (Rangers)
    Ladbrokes Championship representatives: Martin Ritchie (Falkirk) and Warren Hawke (Morton)
    Ladbrokes League 1 and League 2 representative: Iain Dougan (Stranraer)
    In addition and as confirmed last week, SPFL appointees to 2017/18 Scottish FA Professional Game Board are Neil Doncaster (SPFL), Duncan Fraser (Aberdeen), Peter Lawwell (Celtic), Ian Maxwell (Partick Thistle) and Mike Mulraney (Alloa Athletic).
    Further, SPFL appointees to 2017/18 Scottish FA Congress are Andrew Dickson (Rangers), Neil Doncaster (SPFL), Eric Drysdale (Raith Rovers), Ken Ferguson (Brechin City), Margaret Lang (Falkirk) and Malcolm Mackay (Queen’s Park).



  58. If it is correct that Celtic’s 5 year old letter to the SFA was leaked to The Times by the SFA’s former employee and current PR guru, Mr Broadfoot, presumably as the opening shot in a “divide and rule” campaign, then the SFA have some serious questions to answer.
    Is that how a competent governing body treats one of its members? A leak of private correspondence? Really? Celtic should kick up such a stooshie about this leak that the instigator (and you can be sure that Broadfoot is only carrying out instructions) is identified and booted out of Scottish football.
    There are clearly individuals within the SFA who think that they can act as they like with total impunity. They have learned nothing from the Farry episode. It’s time they were taught a lesson once and for all.  


    If it helps anyone save some time I have read the Dockson evidecen transcript and to my mind it just sums up what we know already.

    HMRC’s position was that the payments were contractural and should have been declared for tax. HMRC argued that under footballing rules the payments should have been declared or at the very least queries should have been made if Rangers were on the straight and narrow.

    The fact that the EBT payments were not declared was an indication Rangers knew they were at it.

    Footballing rules re declaration of all payments and no third party payements all discussed in detail, which we have covered on here before.

    Dickson held the party line that the EBT payments were not contractual and therefore they didn’t need to tell anyone or even ask the footballing authorities for clearance on what they were up to.

    A good piece of cross examination pulling different stands together to show the whole affair was a well organised scam and how different positions re bonuses and termination payments via the trust contradicted what the man in the street would term as contractual payments for employment services.

    The most damning piece of evidence as far as I was concerned was that Dickson said he held files that held ‘everything and anything’  for individual players but somehow when Hector came calling there were no side letters to be seen.

    Recollections suddenly became hazy but Dickson implied he would have expected side letters to be in such files. Murray Group’s Ian MacMillan was the one passing info onto Hector so the implication was that someone other than Dickson removed the evidence.

    No real follow up as to Dickson’s role in the missing side letters.

  60. wottpiSeptember 8, 2017 at 16:31
    “Dickson said he held files that held ‘everything and anything’ for individual players but somehow when Hector came calling there were no side letters to be seen.”

    Mystery!! like not remembering what you had or done at breakfast time.

  61. I was in well informed company in a bar three weeks ago who were talking about “the Celtic letter”.

    One of the guys had governmental connections.

    I kept quiet because I didn’t want to look off the pace…

    I thought it was a post final court review but now know it was the original one.

    3 Mafioso questions.

    Who has protected Regan all along?

    Who is protecting him now?


  62. I am inclined to believe the John James assertion that the Celtic letter was leaked by Darryl Broadfoot on behalf of the SFA.  I was suspicious when Broadfoot, having left the employ of the SFA to set up his own PR company, was quickly appointed by the SFA as its PR arm.  It was as if it had all been nicely arranged in advance.  Why Broadfoot when there are a number of good established PR firms in the city to choose from?
    Broadfoot’s role should be to portray his client in a good light regarding national football matters and club governance as well as giving advice on handling the media.  I don’t think he was hired for crisis management, but that’s exactly what he is doing right from the off.  In my eyes Regan is no more than a weak puppet, and we saw this when Ogilvy was president.  I’m sure it was the then president who urged him to tell the nation that Armageddon was imminent.  When Broadfoot was the SFA’s press officer he was given perhaps too much licence as an employee, particularly where disgruntled fans were involved. John Clark’s meeting with Alan McRae typically illustrates this where Broadfoot (“I am the SFA “) was the mouthpiece and the president was the nodding donkey.
    The one thing about Traynor at Level 5 is his deviousness and ability to pull the chains of the media.  Dirty tricks and cunning are his bread and butter.  That is acceptable if you are representing a private client who has a vested interest in achieving certain undeserving aims.  It is certainly not acceptable for a public funded body whose function is to oversee fair play in our national sport.  The SFA has now backed itself into a corner and will no doubt be hoping that Level 5 will rally round to support it in the propaganda war.  I think Broadfoot is going to be disappointed, as there is no love lost between the Blue Room at Ibrox and Regan – and, of course, two can play at Broadfoot’s game!

  63. In the absence of GoosyGoosy (I haven’t seen a post from him for ages – hope he’s OK), I’m going to play devil’s advocate, or since it’s about EBTs, devil’s Advocaat.

    What if all 42 clubs (and therefore the SPFL & SFA) genuinely don’t want the truth to emerge about the entire Rangers saga because they’re all highly implicated in what went on, and they all gave their full approval for it?

    What if Hearts, under the stewardship of Campbell Ogilvie, were also involved in dodgy tax schemes such as EBTs? Other clubs perhaps?

    What if Celtic’s timid interference is merely a squirrel to appease the fans?

    Would anything really surprise you in this ongoing omnifeck of a clustershambles? 

    SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 at 18:26 

    What if Celtic’s timid interference is merely a squirrel to appease the fans?


    Yes, I think us Bampots have learned over time to always keep an open mind on ‘developments’.

    But it does seem strange that the SFA & SPFL have managed to expertly paint themselves into this ever shrinking corner, like watching a very, very slow-moving car crash.

    IMO, the LNS Commission could have been conducted with the same narrow terms and scope – and time period.  However, instead of a fine the punishment was ‘suggested’ to be expulsion from the game.

    After a few days of wailing and threats…the SFA steps in and announces that it will ‘review’ this punishment with the 41 other clubs…for the good of the Scottish game.
    The SFA decides that the punishment stands – but is suspended for x years – and there are very tight conditions attached – including fans’ behaviour etc.

    At that point the Ibrox club would need to play nice with the SFA, SPFL, and opposition fans.
    However, with the pitiful LNS Commission we got, the SFA & SPL also lost the opportunity to close down requests for further investigations in the following years.

    I can only speculate that the influence of those who support the Ibrox club superseded decision-making processes at Hampden.  
    [If that was indeed the case, then a decent CEO would simply walk away.]  

    So, now we are still looking back, looking for answers.  And nobody is ‘moving on’ anytime soon.

    I would bet that Regan is closer than ever to walking away now – but with his pockets bulging with an obscene pay off, and a strict gagging clause in place.


    SEPTEMBER 8, 2017 at 17:36 

    3 Mafioso questions.
    Who has protected Regan all along?
    Who is protecting him now?

    1. The ‘old guard’. That’s committee time-servers, awaiting “Buggins’ turn” at a post that gives them a swill at the trough & long-term employees with jobs/pension/status to protect. Oh, and Darryl of course.

    2. See 1.

    3. See 1 & 2.

    Position & reputation…

  66. A timely and very useful statement by the Scottish Football Supporters Association (SFSA)-the truly independent football supporters’ association ( currnt membership at 69,000 plus,  is to be found on this link
    One wonders at the pig-headedness of the SFA which seems to be so afraid to have light shed upon its actions that it is prepared to defy both the SPFL and 69 000 paying football supporters!
    They claim to have behaved with unimpeachable integrity. We find it hard to relate that claim to the frantic, panicky bullying of clubs and cries of ‘Armageddon’ in the attempt to shoehorn a new creation into successivley the SPL, SFL 1 and SFL 2.
    As said before, merely self-certifying your integrity cuts no ice when there is evidence that your integrity is questionable.

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