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StevieBC, from reading the Bears’ Den, I don’t think it …

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StevieBC, from reading the Bears’ Den, I don’t think it is good PR to show them how the other half lives. A lot of TRFC* fans already believe him to be ‘a rich feck’ who won’t put his own money in. Seeing how he lives, in ‘the most spectacular property in Johannesburg’ (Copyright J White) won’t help them think he is putting TRFC* above everything else in his life the way they would.

Btw, I had to laugh when Jim asked him if there was some mutual respect between DCK and MA as businessmen. King talked about how he respected MA for what he had achieved in retail, but couldn’t bring himself to admit what MA though of him. Jim didn’t follow up on his ‘mutual’ respect point!!

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Why We Need to Change
While still hopeful, for the credibility of Scottish football, that Celtic can get through to the group stages, I feel the reaction to the ‘disappointment’ of the first leg is a sign of the respect and sense displayed on the forum. For that reason, I support the efforts to move forward so that we can gain a louder, more public voice where this sort of pragmatic, reasoned discussion can take place as to how the structure of the game can be improved.

Apart from the odd poster, the reaction has been focussed on the right issue – how the game can be set up in Scotland and in Europe so that it can be perceived as a bad thing for a club to do well in external competition. This will NOT be discussed in the SMSM because their agenda is to split fans in tribal groupings (reaching the group stages is good for Celtic/bad for other scottish clubs) so that people keep reading, listening or calling to argue with and see the arguments of the other side.

Could this be the subject of our new thread (as requested by one poster!). I think it’s vital that this issue is brought to the attention of fans rather than allowing them to be led down the good/bad route by the press. I can’t really write such an article, but could someone do so clarifying why the issue of fixing CL income distribution is much more important for the game than hoping Celtic do/don’t make it through? Perhaps such an article could then be sent to fan sites of all clubs? Could a draft be published so others can tweak it before official release?

Apart from the fact that some Celtic fans won’t want to lose the advantage CL qualifying provides, this is such a non-tribal issue that SFM could really get some kudos from for suggesting a working model. If enough fans are talking about it, could it even break through into the SMSM (perhaps with some placed calls to phone-ins?).

I don’t know, but I was just so pleased with the overall reaction and what it says about this site that I thought we should find a way to use the progressive thinking and imagination we have on here.

Why We Need to Change
mungoboy says:

July 26, 2015 at 3:13 pm
And therein lies the crux of the problem we face in appealing to bigger numbers of Rangers fans on this forum, so that we can at least start to discuss and agree the way forward. I, too, look in on the Bears Den to gauge the feeling and tbh just about all I see there is hatred, revenge and victimhood.

I am sure Ryan and others will tell me that’s not the site to see the more sensible TRFC* fans, but can anyone see us ever getting the chance to have a ‘truth and reconciliation’ experience with sufficient numbers of TRFC* fans to allow progress? I think the lack of that opportunity is what drives some of the belief that a ‘starting over’ of TRFC* (i.e. a truly new club) is the best option to provide that opportunity for progress. I am sure, however, that wouldn’t be seen as a good option even by sensible TRFC* fans and indeed would probably see us labelled as Rangers-haters (again!).

Trisidium/Bp, do you see the new premises/new ideas helping us to reach sufficient TRFC* fans to influence their thinking – and they, ours? I’m not sure I understand how we can achieve this.

Why We Need to Change
The first two parts of SSN’s DCK interview have been really strange and you have to wonder why Sky bosses felt it worth spending money on a crew going over when there’s really nothing new coming from it. The first part covered only stuff everyone already knew – that TRFC* want to renegotiate the SD contracts as they believe they’re unfair to TRFC* – and other than that only gave DCK the opportunity to state again how the TRFC* fans are the ones who must pay up to make the difference. I don’t get how that helps his cause to convince all those TRFC* fans who are waiting to see the colour of King’s money. He buttered them up a bit first by claiming that for the past century TRFC* fans spent more than CFC fans and that is why TRFC* is the number one club in Scotland (he says!) but then pretty much says that if that’s where they want to be, then the fans have to start putting their hands in their pockets again!

The second wee segment seemed to be just an opportunity for him to state again his ‘Real Rangers man’ credentials by talking up his ‘lost’ £20m prior investment, claiming that because Murray used BoS’ money, he (DCK) had put more money into TRFC* than any other individual.

I really don’t get what Sky get from this.

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Enough is enough
EB, you state that the SFA’s rules allowed them discretion to transfer the membership. Just for clarity – is your reason for doing so purely to clarify for others on here that the SFA did not break their rules in allowing the transfer? I.e. a warning not to claim the SFA breached their rules?
Or is your reason for stating it an argument that the transfer of membership allows the current ‘Rangers’ to claim that it is the same entity as the ‘Rangers’ currently in liquidation?

Enough is enough
AS, you need to remember that as far as the SFA is concerned there’s no uncertainty ‘cos Dave said he would put the money in! So that’s awrite then.

Enough is enough
If Dorrans’ signing was after the accounts cut-off, then I can only see Cardoso, Pena, Herrera, Candeias and Morelos signing for a fee according to TransferMarket. Their fees listed there total only £7,380m not the c£10m shown in the accounts. Anyone any ideas?

Enough is enough
Given that Dave doesn’t have any control, I’m wondering who the nice person at NOAL is who keeps sending TRFC money out of the goodness of his heart?!?

Enough is enough
Tris, you say “Celtic wouldn’t be risking very much if some more equitable model was introducedThey’d still have more money than most.”
Of course they would………but only most in Scotland. That’s my point – why would they weaken themselves against the ‘big’ European clubs whom they have ambitions to better or at least compete with? You suggest they should because somewhere down the line they MIGHT need to improve due to increased competition from better domestic clubs. Seriously? “Let’s weaken ourselves against the clubs we’re aspiring to match in the hope that years ahead we MIGHT get better and they (keeping all their money) don’t”!?!?!?!
Let’s be realistic. You can’t expect a business/club to do that.
I want better competition and improving standards in Scottish football as much as anyone, but the more naïve comments I hear, the more I’m convinced that it can only be done by somehow forcing UEFA to drive it from the top down (or, as you say, the bubble bursts and we start from scratch).

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