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Redlichtie says: July 22, 2015 at 6:58 pm Jim White’s interview was …

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redlichtie says:
July 22, 2015 at 6:58 pm

Jim White’s interview was one of two things :

(i) a jaw-droppingly incompetent piece of journalism with zero hard hitting questioning of a convicted criminal (who gloried in showing off his ill-gotten gains) and who has failed to live up to promises made to shareholders and fans

(ii) a pure PR puff piece for a convicted criminal, etc , etc..

Whichever, JW and his Sky editor should be ashamed and embarrassed at this interview. An insult to our intelligence.

Scottish Football needs proper journalism.


So, Redlchtie, why did you watch it? It was entirely predictable as to the outcome. I’m hoping against hope that you do not help to keep the Dirty Digger in the style he has become used to.

Scottish Fitba’ needs a strong anti-Murdoch antipathy!

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Why We Need to Change
briggsbhoy says:
July 31, 2015 at 12:02 am

Danish Pastry says:
Blog Writer: (1329 comments)

July 30, 2015 at 8:25 pm

Danish, funny you should mention that building within a stones throw from the stadium. I spotted it and immediately turned to my son and said ” what is God’s name is that monstrosity, tell me that’s not a block of social housing flats” . Later that evening I asked the question and was told by my cousin’s eldest daughter that as you say a former WW11 bunker and almost impossible to knock down.


Gentlemen, The things which pop up on SFM! its a Flak Tower for anti-aircraft guns, not a bunker (although some of them did have bomb shelters incorporated in the structure). There are still two in Hamburg, with others dotted about in German cities and one in Austria. Not all have survived, so they did manage to knock down one or two. Google Hamburg Flak Tower for more details and photos.

Why We Need to Change
John Clark says:
July 22, 2015 at 7:23 pm

And I see Doncaster coming out with a lot of cant about ‘open dialogue’ with the new now that Robertson is in post at that new club…

There was not a lot of openness about the dirty secret 5-Way agreement. And it’s odds on that when it comes to the SPFL accommodating Robertson’s new club, there will not be any more openness than there was about the accommodations reached with CG.

Doncaster and the rest are paddling furiously 24 hours a day to try to pretend that Scottish Football is back to normal, that ‘Rangers’ is still with us, that we should all move on and forget the biggest act of cheating and cheating cover up ever perpetrated by a club and by the Football Authorities.

He must not be allowed to utter his canting rubbish unchallenged.

Robertson’s ‘TRFC’ is NOT RFC and are not entitled to claim to be RFC:

And the ‘sporting achievement’ record of RFC must be stripped of a mention of those achievements only achieved by cheating.

And the disgraceful cheats in office in the governance of Scottish Football must be forced out if they do not have the guts to resign.

Then we can all move on.
Reading Doncaster’s and Dickson’s words on the same evening has quite turned my stomach.


Absolutely spot on JC.

By the way, you never said if you got the crack on the ear from Mrs. JC.

Why We Need to Change
wottpi says:
July 20, 2015 at 10:37 pm

I note a some posts over the last few days re Killie’s relationship with T’Rangers.

I am sure like, genuine fans of other clubs, the insinuation of somehow being close cousin or otherwise of a bigger Glasgow club is distasteful.

However on a related manner I am wondering if I am the only one seeing occasional adverts on TSFM as supporting Killie at the expense of other Scottish clubs.

While the signings of Boyd and McCulloch may result in much discussion down Rugby Park, TSFM running adverts seeking donations for a donkey sanctuary is not really supporting the level playing field that I thought was always a mainstay for the site.

Scottish Football needs a strong cookie moderator. 🙂


For a good long minute, you had me worried there!
I was searching through the start pages, and wondering how I was going to defend Killie over donkey droppings, etc. Then the half crown dropped and I managed to successfully stick the tail on donkeygate!

I’m still chuckling over my morning cup of tea.

Having said that, do donkeys have elbows?

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The Stella Dallas of Europe
For all those interested, today’s edition of ‘Private Eye’ has another comment by ‘Slicker’ regarding the ‘astounding’ success of the Sevco Share Offer – could be another world record!

To John Clark – happy to be of assistance.

The Stella Dallas of Europe
John Clark 26th August 2021 At 00:16

I’m not saying that I will send it, but I’m minded to do so, when I look at it tomorrow and perhaps edit/re-write, but I have drafted this letter to the editor of ‘Private Eye’.


Well done John! More power to your elbow! It is certainly considerably better than I could have managed. I hope that you have not had second thoughts as to sending it this morning – please get it in the post today. Needless to say, my subscription to the Eye will be in question if we don’t get some sort of decent response.

The Stella Dallas of Europe
John Clark 22nd August 2021 At 23:16

Haywire 22nd August 2021 At 17:16
“….John Clark may wish to crack heads with ‘Slicker’ or Ian Hislop”
Welcome back, Haywire.
I don’t subscribe to ‘Private Eye’, but I buy the occasional copy.

I think that that little piece ‘“Rangers International was delisted from the AIM market in 2015 after it failed to appoint a new nominated adviser after a boardroom coup. Twice-disqualified director Craig Whyte sold control of Rangers in 2012, after the original club collapsed into administration.” was actually deadly!

Okay, it doesn’t give the fully comprehensive account [ Hislop is, I think, the kind of Englishman who equates ‘Britain’ with ‘England’ and would as readily talk about the ‘Jocks’ as others might talk about ‘Paddies’: that is, he shares the view that anything north of Watford is only of occasional relevance]
Hello again John,
I think that you are being a bit tough on Ian Hislop, especially since, despite his accent, he is not English! He had a Scots Father and Grandfather. To make things even more complicated, he was born in Swansea. Whatever, he could certainly have played for Scotland, but I suspect that his singular lack of interest in any sport would make that scenario pretty unlikely.
I should also mention that, based on a number of documentaries he has written and presented over the years, he definitely takes more than an interest in matters well north of the M25.
Regarding the article in the ‘Eye’, I appreciate what you say in relation to the negative effect on the Share Issue, but the inference is, yet again, that Whyte sold the club to Green and, as a result, the good ship R——rs missed the iceberg, did not go aground in the Suez Canal and sailed on into calmer waters.

The Stella Dallas of Europe
John Clark 22nd August 2021 At 00:06

Jingso.Jimsie 21st August 2021 At 10:55
“….As an aside, why ask the club when it’s the holding company that’s issuing the shares? Could & should do better PE!”
Good one, Jingo.Jimsie!

If they are going to write about a ‘Rangers’ they should at least know the whole truth about the club they think they are writing about!
The ‘5-Way Agreement’ is just the kind of potential scam that Private Eye used to love digging into!
It’s interesting that someone mentioned to Private Eye that the shares issue failed. I wonder who and why?
And why did Private Eye run with the story (albeit half-arsedly and ignorantly)?

Why not fire off a letter to Ian Hislop?

Hello again Boys and (possibly) Girls,

I haven’t posted for at least a year or two, but I do take in the blog on a relatively frequent basis, especially if there has been something nefarious going on in Scottish Football (i.e. most of the time).

However, I have returned to the keyboard for a particular reason. I note the comments above regarding the item in the last edition of Private Eye outlining the Sevco Begging Bowl fishing expedition, risibly known as the latest Share Offer. I share everybody’s views on the Blog with respect to that item. However, I’m somewhat surprised that nobody has raised an eyebrow at, never mind mentioned, the other article about the Cry for Cash which was in an earlier edition of the Eye.
I would have flagged this up much earlier, but other matters intruded and I have had considerable difficulty in logging on (now sorted by our excellent blog dwellers!)

The article I refer to was in No. 1552 edition of 23rd July. It is in the same column, “In The City” on page 42 (not 94). It is headed, “PLANET FOOTBALL: RA—ERS”.
The first two paras deal with the Share Issue, but the third gives the ‘background’. It reads,

“Rangers International was delisted from the AIM market in 2015 after it failed to appoint a new nominated adviser after a boardroom coup. Twice-disqualified director Craig Whyte sold control of Rangers in 2012, after the original club collapsed into administration.”

And that’s all there is, with no mention of liquidation, sale of assets, new club, tribute(!?) act, etc. I am really surprised at how limited in detail this piece is when you consider some of the more excoriating exposes we have seen in the Eye over many years. I may have to threaten to cancel my subscription. On the other hand, perhaps John Clark may wish to crack heads with ‘Slicker’ or Ian Hislop.

Regards to all

Sweet Little Lies
As noted by our hero, John Clark,


“In my view as one speaking as someone who has no Sky, Virgin, Youtube or football club TV subscription.”

I don’t often comment but I have considerable sympathy with John’s view of some of those ‘media outlets’. I am amazed that many of the contributors to this Blog, who will rightly condemn SFA/SPFL/Sevco, etc., for the disgraceful management of Scottish Football, will still happily fund the empires of people like Murdoch and Branson. It’s almost as bad as buying ‘stuff’ from Amazon (the tax-free company)!

Wake up and smell the coffee, chaps!

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