Why We Need to Change


Oh meant to add great post Finloch 11.07 …

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Oh meant to add great post Finloch 11.07

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Why We Need to Change
Having watched the White King love in it appears that King is going to walk into the meeting with Ashley and beg for better terms and in return King will get the fans spending again.

It was an open letter to Ashley telling him he’s won, and King will appeal to the Gers (in the time honoured tradition) of pitting them against Celtic i.e. “we can’t let them win this spending war”, “we outspent them before we can outspend them again” etc.

That appeared to be the be all and end all of the interview (fawning and Fantasy Homes by the Ghetto stuff aside).

Why We Need to Change
Football Fan

Just watching Friends at the moment and I’m reminded of the line “Monica pigeons learn faster then you”.

Your unbelievable optimism still willfully ignores the track record of the ‘glib and shameless taxcheating on the board of liquidated Rangers’ person who you’re betting all your chips on. Even the quality of the new signings should be a pointer about where things are headed which is down a much more realistic route and talk about family trusts filled with millions is just silly.

Why We Need to Change
Football Fan

Sorry but at the moment the comparisons are scarily similar, right down to the gushing breathless MSM praise.

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Staying On The Problem
My brother (Watford fan) passed this on when he heard that Rangers were proposing to spend 1.5 million on Joe Garner (Kudos goes to the BHAPPY Watford fan blog and their 2012 end of season player review).
“25- Joe Garner
My Dad is convinced that Joe is about to embark on a goalscoring spree.  He’ll argue this until he’s blue in the face.  He’s been convinced of this all season.  It hasn’t happened yet.  Signed by Forest from Carlisle for a decent fee, Garner never quite established himself at the City Ground and it’s not difficult to see why;  he’s not quite anything really, he doesn’t perform any job well enough.  Clearly not a goalscorer, despite the feeling in Dad’s water, and despite his scoring record at Forest not being quite as non-existent as at Vicarage Road.  Kind of creative, occasionally has a game where he’ll look like a reasonable foil but isn’t clever enough and doesn’t do it often enough.  Has games where he runs himself into the ground but again, has games where he disappears so he’s not a workhorse.  Most of all he’s just not very likeable, and his willingness to take a tumble over tackles has become an in-joke.  Would be funnier, or easier to tolerate, if like previous Watford players with such a proclivity, there was a positive contribution to go with it.
Next Season: Garner has remained involved in matchday squads despite his inconsistent impact, but it’s inconceviable that he’ll remain as involved without contributing rather more.”
(Update: Garner was freed in January 2013 after 1 goal in 24 games)
He did re-establish himself at PNE over two seasons in division 1 but following Prestons promotion to the Championship he again showed that the better the opposition the worse he plays. In Div 1 he’s played 167 games and scored 69 goals (not bad) in the Championship it’s 131 games 22 goals (not good). Can’t see how they are going to get bang for their buck out of that deal.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
Roy Greenslade has replied to the twitter comments in an article in the Guardian online. Not sure how to Link properly:


For a great journalist, this is a terrible post he hasn’t checked any facts and is now replying to any twitter comments by just posting his own poor article!

John Clark Meets “The SFA”
“Strong domestic national leagues with qualification for European competition, even if that’s split into its own sections, with equal and fair access for all clubs and more equitable financial distribution that’s not rigged to enrich the already wealthy clubs. That’s what I’d like to see. Never. Going. To. Happen.  ”

Agreed particularly when you look at the last transfer window and the money being spent in China, a lot of the top European teams are going to be running scared of the money being spent there and looking for other ways to compete for players. Making sure you have access to the Champions League cash bonanza regardless of domestic league position will certainly help (Although EPL riches now seem to dwarf the CL), removing the diddy nation teams will also help. Giving the Europa league over to the smaller nations and allowing the winner (only) access to the Champions League the following year is definitely the way things are heading.
What that does to the domestic leagues is anyone’s guess. Jumpers for goalposts anyone?

LNS – A Summary
If they needed 2.5 Million to see out the season only a few weeks ago why are they suddenly “one of strongest clubs in world with regards to financial position”?
Hello Media?

SFM – The Next Steps

Ok lads who siphoned the fuel out of Dave’s Jet?

Come on own up…..

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