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Auldheid says: July 25, 2015 at 2:25 pm Watching the second half …

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Auldheid says:
July 25, 2015 at 2:25 pm

Watching the second half of Hibs v TRFC.

With no intention to offend Hibees it’s men v boys.

Three years later TRFC finally look like getting their football thinking straightened out.

Sorry Auldheid but I can’t agree. Rangers do not look like a good side, Hibs look strongly like relegation candidates unless they can get some new players signed. Namely a goalkeeper and a complete back four.

Rangers gave an impression of being a decent side by scoring six but when you look at the goals you have to say that against a half decent defence the only one that they would have scored was the free kick, the rest were down to a defence and goalkeeper that are completely out of their depth.

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Why We Need to Change
“The Scottish football league is not much different to other leagues which have one or two dominant teams.” The problem isn’t that Scotland has one dominant team. The problem is that the domination is so large. All other leagues that have dominant teams have at least one or two others that can at least get close to competing with the top side. Due to the financial disparity in Scottish football this is not possible here.

Celtic will get a large wad of cash (at least £12m) if they qualify for the champions league. This alone is more than their closest rivals (for the league) turnover. Add in the income that they have from Scottish games, tv etc and Celtic have more financial clout than the rest of Scottish football combined. (ignoring Rangers due to them being a complete basket case at present).

Why We Need to Change
I watched the Celtic game last night and, not for the first time, wonder if the pundits/commentators are being paid to hype up some of the Celtic players. Hartson and Mjalby stating that Van Dijk was worth £15m is one the funniest things I have ever heard. He is a decent player at SPL level but is not good enough on the European stage.

For all Celtics efforts I think that they will lose in Sweden and drop out of the champions league due to a lack of quality at this level. They only have three players who look like they could do a job for any team (outside of the top 10 teams in Europe) Malmo look a bit shaky in defence but Celtic lack a second good striker with only Griffiths having real quality up front (I have no idea why Celtic signed Ciftci – he brings nothing to this side).

The reasons for all this are easy to see. The best players want to face a challenge week in, week out. In Scotland this cannot happen due to the huge difference in spending power between Celtic and the rest of Scottish football put together. I have said it for a few years now and will say it again. If Celtic ever want to be a force in European football again they must find another league to play in where they will be up against teams that can match them in spending power £ for £, this would also be the best thing for Scottish football turning it from a 1 horse race into one of the most competitive leagues in the world at a stroke. (the same goes for Rangers, if they can ever fix their financial problems).

Will this happen ? No. Celtic and their fans are quite happy with their status as top dog’s in Scottish football and who can blame them. Better to be the big fish in a small pond than try to compete with giant sharks in an ocean.

Why We Need to Change
Looks like Stubbs will be the first manager to lose his job this season.

Having been a defender throughout his career, how on earth did he end up with such a poor back four and the worst goalkeeper that I have seen in a long time.

The worst part for Hibs fans is that Rangers look like a poor side. On this display Hibs should be very worried about relegation and totally forget any possibility of promotion.

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Another ‘Old Firm’ move to England article .What the clubs and probably the fans are desperate for.Dont think it will ever happen but you never know.I certainly have zero interest in Aberdeen playing in any league out with Scotland

It’ll never happen.  Shame really as it would be the best thing that could happen to Scottish football.

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One thing that Rodgers can take from tonights game is that he now knows what he needs to spend the champions league cash on.  A right back, 2 more good centre backs and a midfielder that can put his foot on the ball and slow things down.  

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To be honest, I don’t think Stubbs will be that big a loss to Hibs.  Yes he did very well in one off games and got Hibs playing some good football, but, for a former defender he never managed to get Hibs looking solid defensively.  That was their achilles heel when he started there and remains there problem area now.

The Offline Game
Looks like Stubbs is off to Rotherham.    

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