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I have just listened to SSB and witnessed Graham Speirs …

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I have just listened to SSB and witnessed Graham Speirs allowing a 2012 fc supporter to spout utter nonsense about ragers being blackmailed by the SFA into accepting a transfer ban .Now it is clear to me that Speirs is more than capable to have put the guy right regards this ,yet he chose not to and instead allowed himself to be embarrassed into agreeing with a caller who he must have known to be wrong .
Now the question is WHY? ,
Why did he allow himself to be so publicly embarrassed instead of putting the guy right .
IMO this is exactly why this blog is needed ,the MSM are still trying to ill inform to suit their own agenda
Utter disgrace

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About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Brenda says:
August 9, 2012 at 20:30
Brenda that is the worry ,IMO Speirs knew the truth and could have easily put the caller right ,instead he chose not to .
A more blatant an example of MSM agenda you will be hard pushed to find IMO .
Yet this goes on day after day ,it’s no wonder that 2012 fc fans constantly regurgitate the mantra of we have been punished enough ,The MSM are drumming it into them constantly ,then re affirming their paranoia on shows like this .

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Celtic made it through tonight ,Others may fall short but is this any different to other seasons ,probably not ,although it will be portrayed as such .
When it is the fans of Scottish football should be asking why ,not just being treated like sheep by the MSM .
I was heartened to hear of D Utd performance at the weekend and even more heartened by the performance of Motherwell /D Utd in there home game s in europe to superior opposition .
It sounded to me as if they gave as good as they got .

Let Scottish football breath ,you might like what you see and prove the MSM wrong

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
All the excitement in the media regards 2012 fc is to be expected as is all their doom and gloom stories of the SPL without them .
What may be surprising is that HMRC will do absolutely nothing whilst 2012 fc and the media are going about rangers with such abandon and gusto .
Why any company after this would have a second thought of ditching their taxes and carrying on as if nothing had happened is beyond me .IMO there could not be a more blatant example of a phoenix company ever .in fact it’s seems to be actively encouraged .

I posted a while ago that the zombie created from the old club would launch a share issue on the back of a “THEY TRIED TO DESTROY US ” ticket and that the fans would be expected to pick up the tab and that is how it’s looking .

The worrying thing for the real rangers football supporters is that ,the way things are looking a lot of the fans seem to have really fallen for all the ,we have been punished enough myth, that many of the more moderate fans of old will now be drawn to the radical side of the fan base that brought nothing positive to the old club .I can honestly see no positives in this scenario for 2012 fc .I do not know what songs were sung last night but the Brechin tie was nothing to be proud of and if the authorities and the supporters groups do nothing to deter and educate 2012 fc fans in this regard at the offset ,they will have failed both their club and Scottish football.

The fans were always going to be relied apon to pay for the take over but IMO they should make it a priority to find out where (to whom ) their money will be going .If they are happy with what they find out then they should back their club as much as the can .If they are not then they .at least have the information needed to make a measured judgement and not just follow blindly on the back of the bigotry card being played by CG

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The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Don’t know if you had your tongue firmly in your cheek there
I remember a rumour going round a wee while ago accusing peepil of having secretly bugged the boardroom at CP ,which resulted in wee Fergus and JB having important conversations whilst walking round the trackside .

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
If I remember correctly the Leccy bill story was from Phil
Why did CG walk away when it seems he still wields the power over Govan way ,are we still to believe he walked for an out of the blue comment about IA .I did not believe it then and certainly don’t believe it now .

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
So another one slinks away with a mere whimper .
Transparency ,don’t make me laugh
Paying the Leccy bill ,why would YOU have to do that personally Malcolm if all was well at the new club
We went down the floatation route for transparency ,so you were beating sugar daddies off with a big stick Malcolm .
Rich and illustrious history ,that is some feat for a club only 12 months old .
By all reports MM was in as a face to attract city investment ,well if that is true has he no feeling of responsibility if investors lose out just over 1 yr since making their investment .

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Agreed we should record all rule bending /breaking /amending regards this saga .
I am of the opinion that all money taken in since CG was put in place and including a sizable chunk (if not all of this seasons STs has been syphoned off to pay back the big losers who don’t do walking away from the old clubs creditor list .
Wattie and Teflon Murray are still there to start the rallying call when the gullible will be persuaded to dig deep once again to put Sevco in the hands of real (old ragers men ).

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
IMO the IPO prospectus is a bit like a political party modern manifesto .
Promise what your target audience want to hear then spend every day afterwards trying to find a way round what you have promised and if Bryson’s view on player registration was accepted then the Sevco prospectus should be breeze for the spivs .
Also don’t get all TDs crazy stating rules ,if there is one thing we have learned on here ,it is that rules do not apply to certain peepil

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