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Blindsummit says:
August 9, 2012 at 19:19
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Tic 6709 says:

August 9, 2012 at 14:41

I think focusing on geography is a nonsense,people from here there and everywhere should support the team nearest to you,bollocks. People have had to move location for many reasons,should they stop supporting the team they have followed their whole life just because there is another team closer to their new home?.I dont think so. I am all for going to a new ground when you cant get to your own,but never just because it’s the closest to you
My apologies Tic but I must respectfully disagree with your thesis.
Every week, busloads of fans leave towns like Elgin, Arbroath, Kirkcaldy etc to see Rangers and Celtic, in numbers that dwarf those who support the local teams in those towns. This is an almost uniquely Scottish phenomenon and has been going on for decades. I do not believe that all these people once lived in certain parts of Glasgow. I’m sure those of us who follow diddy teams can recount endless lists of people we were brought up amongst who made a deliberate decision to support Rangers or Celtic rather than their local team. Some due to unfortunately religious adherence, others as those teams always win, and it’s very self affirming to attach yourself to a winning team. This has accelerated since the mid-80s, killing attendances for all non Rangers and Celtic teams.
I do not believe that this is as nearly a widespread phenomenon in other countries, where people mostly support their local teams in whatever sport.
Rangers particularly, since the Murray days have gone all out to destroy the fan base of other teams as they saw that as their path to total victory.

Totally agree. I’m from the North East and growing up in the 60’s and 70’s I was one of about 5 or 6 in my class who supported the local team Aberdeen, the rest, which was the majority supported Celtic or Rangers. That is, of course until the Fergie revolution arrived in the 80’s, then it all changed and you couldn’t even get a ticket for any match at Pittodrie.

Things as you all know changed again in the late 80’s with Souness and money bags etc.

Recently, I went to the local sports shop in Elgin to try and buy an Aberdeen shirt for my nephew in Australia. They only sold Celtic, Rangers, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid, Barcelona, Man Utd and list goes on and on. Not one local football team shirt was for sale. No Aberdeen, No Inverness, not even Elgin City which is the local side who are in the SFL3.

It is all about marketing the Scottish game as well, yes I’m looking at you Doncaster and Regan to get off you backsides and start marketing and promoting this game in Scotland and beyond. To allow even investment and even distribution of the TV monies and assist with youth developement.

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About the The Scottish Football Monitor
john clarke says:
August 9, 2012 at 13:27
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So, basically, by their own inaction, procrastination, incompetence and rule bending/breaking they painted themselves in a corner and have no option but to expel or suspend the schizoid club. They will have in consequence, be made to come to the decision they should have made back in March/April.

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
I am just thinking out loud here about the mechanics of the EBT that Oldco MAY have employed. Please shoot me down in flames if I am off the planet here.

Would it be possible that the players were deducted tax from their EBT payments to show that things were all up front and legal, but that tax was not paid from the EBT but ploughed back into the slush fund, as Oldco thought that it was a tax free system? hence all the indignation from some of the players so far.

So not only were they deceiving the fans, the clubs, the SFA etc but also the players.

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
Gym Trainer says:
August 8, 2012 at 16:39
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>>Naturally, the clubs are free to sue, whereupon the 5 way agreement would have to become public. Would suing for payment be construed, in Murray’s tasteless phrase, as “bayoneting the wounded”?

Hmmmm, I wonder if Rapid Vienna might do it anyway… they were keen to get the balance of the dough for Jelavic.

Rapid Vienna were very vocal and aggresive about getting their money back. So I would not be surprised if they follow this up quite soon.

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Two wrongs and a right
I am trying to fathom why Celtic fans would behave in the manner that they did at Stair Park yesterday. I am beginning to think that they thought that they could act with impunity due to the complete inaction of the SFA after the full songbook was belted out at Ibrox the previous week. I also think that secretly the SFA, SPFL and the media will all be doing high fives after the Celtic fans display as it confirms that their old firm is alive and kicking. I also include Lawell and his board in this cabal.
If we had a fit for purpose SFA that acted decisively as it should instead of the usual dithering and procrastination then Scottish Football would probably never have been in the situations it continuously falls into. But the Celtic fans have given them exactly what they wanted, and we’re back into the good old duopoly again.
If there ever was confirmation that a certain section of Rangers & Celtic fans enjoy the conflict – then this was it.
The media, SFA & SPL will love them for it

LNS – A Summary
In reply to Corrupt Official about contacting our clubs. I have written and emailed Aberdeen FC five times since the Supreme Court decision. I have not received a reply nor even a  good mannered acknowledgement from them. I will wait until the appeal date has passed for me to pass judgement on my club. I am hopeful they will support the Celtic statement. I think I would have been happy if Aberdeen had only stated that at the time and no more.

LNS – A Summary
Allyjambo 17th November 2015 at 10:02 am #Throughout this whole Rangers Scandal I’ve been surprised by how often my hitherto ‘belief’ that the big two were somehow favoured by what many consider to be the ‘Glasgow Football Association’ has been vindicated. Indeed, I wrote here (or RTC) of the effect ‘Davisgate’ had on me having watched my club cheated out of a point by a Rangers supporting linesman. 
That effect came at a time of great optimism for Hearts supporters (though we know how it ended up) and to see that happen, and to also see how the media treated it as a Rangers/Celtic matter,  convinced me, there and then, that Scottish football was, indeed, just about the Old Firm and that everything would be done to ensure no other club would have a look in at winning the SPL title.
Alljambo’s little paragraph above jolted some memories. I was holding a football conversation with a family friend (long since passed) at a family party in 1990. The family friend was a fanatical Rangers fans, who was not only a Club member, but also worked within the SFA.
He confidently informed me way back then that no football club outside Rangers and Celtic would EVER be allowed to win the Scottish League again! 
At the time, I totally piffed this suggestion as Aberdeen were still a force in Scottish football with Alex Smith at the helm and thought he was talking pish. I held the belief (naively) that all was integrity and honesty.
Well lo and behold, after almost 29 years………………….shambles, deceit et al !! 

Why We Need to Change
John James says
“Mr Taylor will do no more. Mr Park is out and Mr Letham has, at best, circa £600,000 to his name. King is now on his own and as everyone now should know he’s a busted flush. I do not believe that King contributed £1.5m to the £4.5m crisis loans.

I expect the Level 5 spin will be other interests, with an off the record poor health narrative. Messrs Jack, Lindsay and Williams will have been briefed to promote Mr Park’s son’s credentials and how his board presence will be a boon. Phrases such as ‘cut from the same cloth’ will be the PR order of the day.

However, make no mistake this shyster board have now lost their banker of last resort. Everyone can clearly envisage how bad things are. King had hoped that the so-called 3 bears would pony up the £8-£10m deficit when push came to shove.

Promotion this year will be pushing against an open door. With HMFC in the Scottish Premiership and Hibs having done nothing to shore up the worst defence in our division, W&W will prevail.”

Ok JJ, with Park now out, Taylor will do no more,Letham worth £600k and King a busted flush…………how can they last till the end of the season to push open this open door to promotion??

It Takes Two to Tangle
I see that there a few comments that the initial fixtures for the Govan club have been manipulated. I consider that the first game of the season puts A McC and the Govan Club under a huge amount of pressure. They were pants in league one and only really survived due to professionals playing against part-timers who tired around the 70 minute mark.
Hearts have been making some great signings over the past few days which is strengthening an already young and capable team from last year, as the results of the final few weeks showed. I consider that the Govan club will be very nervous indeed about the prospect, and the possibility of getting hammered by Hearts on the opening day. That would not be good for ticket sales going forward.
BTW, the opening fixture of Aberdeen vs Dundee Utd is a cracker!!

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