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IniquitousIV at 16:59 I have always been in the glass half …

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IniquitousIV at 16:59

I have always been in the glass half full camp.

Throughout the world the Establishment, at various levels and in its many guises, is challenged on a daily basis. Fortunately the Forces for Good can and do triumph. We may be wearied but reinforcements are on the way. I believe that the HMRC appointed liquidators BDO and the FTTT will act without fear or favour. Once they report the game changes. Tax avoidance is a real political hot potato at the moment and that a football club should operate a scam at these levels is a public scandal. The story will then come off the sports pages and move into the mainstream. Traynor & Co will be redundant (literally). Murray and his adherents will be exposed, named and shamed on the front pages.

Until then enjoy the Sevco sideshow and keep on ‘bayoneting the wounded’.

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About the The Scottish Football Monitor
I detect a certain amount of restlessness in the air amongst some of us internet bampots regards ‘The Rangers FC’ being no more than a polished turd, still backed to the hilt by the massed ranks of deniers and deflectors various. Fear not.

Last October on a trip to the Highlands I was marooned with a Bluenose, a very amiable guy. News filtered through that Celtic were 3-0 down at Killie, my companion started waxing lyrical about the mighty Gers, happy as a sandboy. I was outwardly smiling but inwardly gutted, a dark moment indeed. Then lo and behold 3-1, 3-2, 3-3, Bouncy Bear’s mood blackened and I just happened to mention Neil Lennon in passing. Wow just wow, he went apoplectic. Pure, unadulterated hatred. What I would have given then for a Celtic winner! I told him there would be big trouble ahead for the then RFC, ‘no feckin way’ was his default retort.

10 months on we have heard ‘no feckin way’ or similar reeled out by apologists and ‘experts’ at every turn; administration, liquidation, out of Europe, out of the SPL, denied SFL 1. What’s not to like? Sevcongers are in SFL 3 and we still have the Big Tax ruling and dual contract investigation to come, Ticketus, BDO, Lord Hodge, Rapid Vienna, Craig Whyte, stadium ownership etc, etc. Like fine Claret this story will just get better and better with the passage of time.

Those who apologise, deny, deflect and conspire will soon be confronted by people/bodies who really don’t give a toss about RFC oldco or newco. Once the scale of what has gone is revealed there will be no hiding places. So be patient my amigos, the truth will out but it may take a while yet.

PS Can anyone get their mitts on Nimmo Smith report?

PPS Loved RTC’s Gavin Rae piece. More please, the crappier the player the better. Mindboggling sums of money.

Keep on keeping on!

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
‘The Rangers Supporters Assembly, the Rangers Supporters Trust and the Rangers Supporters Association…conflict of interest……justice and fairness for all.’

Wow, just wow!

About the The Scottish Football Monitor
TUPE or not TUPE, that is the question.

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Daft and Dafter
Markybhoy & Neepheid

Your posts echo many of my sentiments. I did not renew my season tickets last season. I had hoped to be able to renew this season but the unopposed re-election of Campbell Ogilvie really was the last (of many) straw(s). I nearly smashed the telly when I seen him giving out the gongs at the Scottish Cup Final, talk about a GIRFUY to Scottish football supporters. My son, who was originally gutted at my non-renewal couldn’t care less now; he has found better things to do. I have to say I am hanging on by a fingertip, if only because of a desire to see all the perpetrators of this scam exposed. I said months ago on here that every campaign needs a focal point. Ogilvie should be that focus, he is an easy target. He should be vociferously derided at every live Scottish game on Sky/BT in the forthcoming season. A concerted effort might even get noticed by Sky/BT commentators who may just ask a few questions. I live in England these days and sadly the average football fan is blissfully unaware about the many machinations of the Rangers scandal. Use the power of live TV to spread the story and start with the brazen Campbell. ‘We want Ogilvie OOT!

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Robert Coyle says:
Kenny Moyes, any relation to David?

I do believe it’s his brother

The SPFL— the case for revolution, evolution and a case of the Hamilton Whackies !
Just seen wee Malcolm Murray scuttling around Berkeley Square, Mayfair, a favourite haunt of hedgies and spivs. He was resplendent in his Rangers golf sweater, five stars and all. The best word I could use to describe his appearance is haunted!

The Existence of Laws
briggsbhoy says:
Friday, May 24, 2013 at 10:49

Apart from wondering who these guys were I was thinking mainly why would you have possession of someone’s passport photograph and why or who would have needed to have a possessed a copy for their records ?

Solicitors are required to obtain personal identification documents to verify client’s identities.
This requirement relates to any person/corporate body that own 25% or more of the shares in a company. Generally they want certified copies of passports or photocard driving licences, together with a certified copy of a recent (i.e. no more than 3 months’ old) utility bill or bank statement which confirms names and home addresses. Just handed mine over recently during company lease renewal.

Fair Play at FIFA?

‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive’. Read all about Coventry City (Various Entities) Ltd. Which company owns the ‘Golden Share’? Which company is the club? These guys along with the likes of Green, Whyte, Masterton, Murray etc are at it. Add to this the eye watering amounts of tax owed by various European household names and football is fast becoming a joke, except it’s not feckin funny.

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