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This forum was richer for the humour of Red Lichtie …

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This forum was richer for the humour of Red Lichtie and Scottish Football has never more needed a strong Arbroath.
Not just the Gayfielders though, we need a strong Brechin, Stranraer, Gala Fairydean Rovers, Morton, St Johnstone, Inverness, Fort William, Irvine, East Kilbride and even Meigle amateurs.
And I don’t just mean good for a season or two to play league yo-yo and grant bragging rights for a while.
When our game is strong at the grass roots Football in Scotland like any living structure we will be stronger at the top end.

But this takes vision and commitment.
Long term vision from the institutions running our game in association with other big stakeholders like the Scottish Government, and the clubs themselves. 

Right now the lack of real vision is the main issue.
In our game the fans might in reality be the stakeholders but you’d never know it in a business that only pays lip service to the customer because everything is about being “the winner”.
And there is always next season when things just might be better.
It is the universal language of “footballese” we all speak every day.
I’ve written about it here how the normal fan (which we all are on occasions) is only interested in “The ins and outs, ups and downs, comings and goings and toings and froings”.
Well “That’s aa Ballacks min”.

Arbroath FC got their nickname from the nearby light marking the entrance to Arbroath Harbour so returning fishing boats could navigate the naturally occurring day to day problems like winds, currents, and weather.
A beacon.
A strategy.
Two things missing in Scottish Football. 
Easy words to say and easy ideas to talk about.
But change is uncomfortable.

We are where we are .
Scottish Football in 2016 finds it self with one big super-club that wants to stay the biggest because it craves to re-become what it used to be (and why should it agree to any future scenario where it is less dominant)?
It feels frustrated and held back by the very vacuum it has helped create and constantly needs and wants more.
Scottish Football also has one “used to be big team” who are currently a little distracting and still in the depths of aftermath of a series of carpetbaggers. I think it will continue to exist but there will be colourful distractions ahead.

Scottish Football has no independent voices looking to find the right way forward.
In fact it’s a game of musical chairs with everyone refusing to stand up in case they lose their nice comfortable seat.
– Our two biggest fan based clubs will fight to keep what they fought for before.
– Our media seems to be totally fixated with recreating our erstwhile duopoly and maintaining the West of Scotland Power-base.
– Our two key Glasgow based and infused Football Management institutions, the SFA and SPFL are dominated by our current biggest club and their old establishment favourite.
– And finally our government is complicit with all that the key people in our game have done and are doing.
(Nicola is hyper wary of Scottish Football with its peculiar religio-political composition which makes any move or statement unpredictable, so better left unsaid in public)

So we have a failing national team and issues to discuss.
I’d say that is not where the discussions should be focussed.
– We need to think bigger.
– We are collectively in a mess because we don’t know where we are going 
– We have puppets at the top 
– We have no real strategy for the future (and I’m talking a long term view – not just the next Champions League, World Cup and Euros
– We have a fawning and failing media including one publicly funded institution which avoids asking tough questions because either it is already complicit or else it is scared it will be squeezed out of all the wee stories it needs to fill its empty canyon like pages and shows every day with irrelevant puffery.
– We are clueless commercial and don’t even get our share from the BBC, not when there is an ex Leicester, Everton and English Centre forward taking home more each year from the BBC personally than they pay for our sport in total.

I didn’t see the Scottish game last night because our commercial people couldn’t do the right deal with the BBC or iTV network and then decided that BT’s taudry money is better than letting all the kids in Arbroath and other vital football grass-rooteries see their team play.   
 Maybe that in hindsight was and is a good idea.

This is not just about last night’s miserable outcome.
Its about a game that could be a power for good across our country being mishandled.

And the thing all those in power have in common is they are currently deriving power and or making money and don’t give a toss about Arbroath the wee team or the Red Lichties and Finlochs of this world.

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Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
I used to be a card carrying Scottish fan.
I didn’t see the game last night and am not going to comment on the football apart from saying it was a very disappointing outcome.
I did see the English game on SCOTTISH TV.
It was free.

Its just plain wrong that the commercial powers that be at Hampden have decided it makes commercial sense to sell their games to the likes of BT meaning a substantial part of their potential audience (and their potential future audience who are young and don’t and won’t read newspapers any more) is disenfranchised.

Accountability, Transparency, & Brave Sir Robin
“95% of football fans do not think the SFA (the “clubs”) can be trusted to run Scottish football”.

A good insight BP for fans who care enough to read up on just what has gone on in our game.
Most fans sadly I’d argue have other things to do and just want it all to get better.
They just want to support their teams and talk about football the game not the business.

The paid-for servants and the clubs have been in it together right from the start and and will stick together right to the end.
Nothing will change if they can help it and they will finesse any niggles along the way and pivot to protect each other like Mcleish and Miller used to do.

The reality is Regan, Doncaster, Je Suis SFA, Bryson et al have never been off piste.

Complicity abounds between them and their controlling committee members and the most complicit are the key opinion-forming heads of our Premier clubs.
We know who they are.

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Fergus McCann v David Murray
easyJambo 17th August 2020 at 17:37

Interesting appointment as CEO at Hearts as Ann Budge takes a step back, although she remains as chairman.

Andrew McKinlay former Director of Governance and Football Regulation at the SFA


Very interesting indeed.

He will know stuff. 

Maybe a poacher turned gamekeeper gambit?


Fergus McCann v David Murray
Just heard on Radio Scotland that there has been an SFA independent investigation via an internal arbitration process.
Held in secret of course and proper legal too by one of the self declared SFA Laws that aren’t really legal but fair play to our administrators for taking the initiative and saving the season.

Fear not Scottish clubs One and all.

The conclusion on this occasion was that Sandy Bryson as first expert witness declared the Celtic player in question was simply  imperfectly quarantined and therefore innocent as per precedent.

Move along Scottish Government.
Nothing to see here.

We have our own laws and Sandy on standby.



Fergus McCann v David Murray
Aston Villa are surely pleased they don’t play in Scotland or they’d be in the championship and not as unfolded.

Our own blog from April 8th advised a fairer solution before any votes and any mayhem.

This is what is there in our archive, seems so long ago but we would have been in a better place.

Time for Cool Heads and Clear Thinking

The Scottish Football Supporters Association don’t profess to have all the answers and have no vested interests but here we have created a 3 point strategy that we feel will help guide Scottish Football to best ride this crisis and allow the real planning and budgeting at all clubs ahead of whatever is coming our way.

Parameter 1
This is Not a Time for Own Goals.
Covid 19 and the aftermath will cause enough financial hardship and stress to clubs and fans.
This is not a time to pitch clubs vs clubs or fans vs fans. And not a particularly good time to offer a possibility, of a possibility, of a possibility of reorganisation in time for Hearts and others not to get unfairly relegated.

Parameter 2
We Need an Interim Plan Where There Are no Losers

This could be a 1 year’s solution, possibly 2 at most, where every club (and fan) gets a positive post Covid 19 start allowing the best possible financial move into the new season 2020 – 2121 for all.

See our plan starter for ten below (insights and other plans welcome)

Parameter 3
Scottish Football Desperately Needs a Re-launch (But not in a manic rush)
How best should we set up our league structures to help our domestic and international game move into the future?

How do we look at an updated list of McLeish insights and incorporate them?

How do we involve the Scottish Government and the real stakeholders, the fans?

How do we capitalise on our football community for the greater good?

The recent surge of clubs coming into the fairly new pyramid system both in the Highland area but especially in the central and southwest regions is screaming out for a new and fairer framework.

Any long-term solution is likely to be evolutionary rather than revolutionary and grounded but it must be fit for purpose and fair for all from day 1 for all the members.
It has to work and be seen to work top down and bottom up.

Fergus McCann v David Murray
Thanks Wottpi.

Insightful accurate and depressing.

SFM and Scottish Football needs Wottpis, Red Lichties, Easyjambos, Auldheids, Allyjambos, John Clarks, Danish Pastries, Bogsdolloxes, Brenda’s Clocks, Jean Brodies and countless others who care deep down and have shown the desire and ability to elevate the debate above the partizan nonsense that can predominate.

The Last Thing Scottish Football Needs Right Now ..
Self interest to the point of self harm.


John Clark 15th July 2020 at 08:19

Especially, as I believe Lord Clark hinted, there is the suggestion that Article 99  might run counter to the public interest in  so far as to give a private company’s Board the right to deny to the company’s members access to the Courts without that Board’s permission and under threat of unconscionably draconian powers if they do so when the dispute in question might very well be about abuse of process rather than about ‘ a football’ dispute. 

The SFA move yesterday to adopt what can be seen as an unnecessary bullying tactic that may actually not be legal is interesting and will have long term implications.
This kind of “rule” is as incongruous as the existing “football debts first” internal rule.

Everything about the SFA and the SPFL  action though this has been found lacking.

If I was Brora or Kelty I’d be asking the SFA why they were not worthy of legal action against the SPFL.


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