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Sorry if I’m going over old ground, but I can’t …

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Sorry if I’m going over old ground, but I can’t find a definite answer to this.

When Rangers FC plc changed it’s name to RFC 2012, and Sevco Scotland Ltd changed it’s to The Rangers Football Club Ltd, did money change hands?

I’ve always assumed it did, as happened with the stadium and other assets.

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Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
If I remember correctly, Fergus McCann’s approach was to send the SFA a bill for income lost due to the exit from the Cup. Caused by Farry delaying Cadette’s transfer.
He only went to court when they laughed it off, with the media cheering them on.
He would probably do the  same again.

THAT Debate, and the Beauty of Hindsight
Saw a picture of the new stand at Hearts being started.
Does anyone know if they’re building it the same way as Liverpool did?

Small Price to Pay?
I think people are overestimating what having all of Rangers Retail’s money would bring.
It didn’t stop the last bankruptcy.

As to Ashley & Warburton- an asset stripper {NUFC} and an overrated manager.
No sympathy or respect from me. 

Small Price to Pay?
On the last day Hearts were broken by Albert Kidd.

Jist glad I left the Bob Inn and went into Love St.

Small Price to Pay?
Don’t Know if I’ve uploaded this correctly.
Saw it on Twitter.
Last season before financial doping ruined the, relatively, level playing field. 

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