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On The Rangers website for a recent charity fuction JT …

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On The Rangers website for a recent charity fuction JT is in attendance. The body language is not relaxed. From the photographs its when MW is speaking.
Not just policing the pressers??(the best i could do for killer clown hysteria emoji)

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Dave King did the same thing with the SA tax authorities, some sort of war of attrition where he seeks to muddy the water, seems he has spent a great part of his life embroiled in legal machinations. Why would you?
And a note to self this is not an appeal of the TAB, that process has been exhausted, it’s that I don’t want to comply with what I’m legally bound to, I could see TAB  take inspiration from the SC EBT decision and let it go to the SC and a legal precedent is set?

Small Price to Pay?
Has Pedro even signed, still not in Scotland, nothing concrete and so much hype (again) for a manager from the outer limits of soccer

Two wrongs and a right
what i am driving at is the separation of the  crime and those who have committed the crime? e.g. my car is stolen,  a person stands trial for the theft and found innocent, my car remains stolen. 
Could we say now that a crime had been committed but those charged are innocent until proven guilty?
or are the two mutually inclusive a guilty verdict mean a fraud had taken place?

Two wrongs and a right
Here is a poser for the legal bods, if those facing charges are found innocent then has no fraud taken place?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
End of the month is nigh, Are TRFC awash with cash, one would presume that come 2 pm on the second many player would need contracts renegotiated for a possible extra six games, and if they win promotion a half million premium due? Yet they are able to let the majority of fans in for nothing?

Can they meet this months payroll not just for the playing staff but for all the staff of “THE RANGERS”?

administration before playoffs and no free entry?

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