Commander Green, The FIFA man, and life after the Murray Empire


Commander Green, The FIFA man, and life after the Murray Empire

Good Morning,

A number of years ago I sat and watched while the late David Will, one time chairman of Brechin City, former President of the Scottish Football Association and Vice President of FIFA, peered over the upper rims of his glasses at the assembled board and management of St Johnstone Football Club and proceeded to brand them all as a “shower of thrawn buggers!”.

The reason for the tongue in cheek outburst from Scotland’s highest ranking official from the world of football was the organisation of the centenary dinner celebrating 100 years of the Perth Club— which the club saw fit to hold well outside the centenary year. Will had been invited to speak as a guest at the dinner ( yes Mr Cosgrove I was there ), along with then manager Alex Totten and Craigie Veitch the former sports editor of the Scotsman.

For those who are not familiar with old Scots words, Thrawn can have a couple of meanings which are very similar. If someone is being obstinate, stubborn, uncompromising, perverse or intractable then in auld Scots we say that he or she is being thrawn. Equally, the original meaning has been said to be crooked, twisted, misshapen or deformed. A tree could be thrawn, as could someone’s arm or other part of the body. To be thrawn-leggit was to have a crooked leg.

These meanings then sort of morphed into meanings like difficult or contrary, and so twisted and crooked in that sense, and when David Will called St Johnstone a shower of “thrawn Buggers” he meant that they were being awkward, contrary and perverse in holding a centenary dinner when it wasn’t actually the centenary. He was of course being lighthearted.

That episode came to mind this week when I read the latest statements from Alastair Johnston and Charles Green. Both set out an argument which suits their individual purposes and adopted perspectives, and both perhaps chose to ignore counter argument or salient facts which would obviously derail their logic and train of thought. With the greatest of respect to both men— what a pair of thrawn buggers!!!

In that vein let me recap as to where I think we stand on this September morn in relation to the EBT debate, the question of “Club” and the Independent enquiry into payment outwith contract.

Clearly, all of these issues are closely linked but each stands in its own wee pocket or chapter, and when taken together they serve to make  a whole book or paint an overall scene.

The EBT issue has been repeatedly explained on the RTC blog and elsewhere but at the risk of repeating what is already known the fundamentals are as follows:

Employee Benefits Trusts under certain circumstances are or were a perfectly legal business and accounting tool.

However, in order for the trusts to provide substantial tax advantages, any reward, remuneration or compensation they provide to a beneficiary must not form part of their contract of employment or work package. If this rule is not strictly adhered to, then tax is payable on the sums “given” to the employee, with the employer being liable for tax and national insurance contributions of any employee.

It is alleged by HMRC, that a number of persons who were at one time employed by Rangers PLC have received benefits by way of a specific EBT. Further, the benefits which these employees received were clearly related to their contracts of employment and so these payments are liable to tax, together with interest for late payment and penalties for non-declaration and so on.

This is denied by Rangers PLC and by Murray International Holdings, and MIH have instigated and conducted an appeal against the HMRC view, with that appeal being determined by an independent tax tribunal (The FTT). The basis of their argument appears to be that the benefits received by the beneficiaries were nothing to do with MIH or Rangers and that these payments were purely discretionary and at the instance of the trustees of the trusts concerned– none of whom have any connection with Rangers PLC or MIH. Therefore– there is no tax payable.

Against this there seems to be a plethora of evidence which contradicts this stance including a number of side letters or second contracts which show that any payments to these EBT’s were indeed contractual and part of an overall contract of employment “package”– and if that is deemed to be the case then tax, interest and penalties are indeed, and always were, due.

These contracts or side letters then seem to fly in the face of the documentation lodged with the SPL and later the SFA, as both bodies require sight of all contractual documentation relating to players remuneration and their terms and conditions of employment. Contracts have to be in standard form and lodged with the appropriate bodies to ensure that the player is in fact properly registered to play for the team.

Further, the rules of football prohibit any player being paid by a third party, and so payments made to a player by someone other than his employer is a breach of that rule.

It is this issue that the Nimmo Smith Tribunal is to investigate and rule upon.

For their part, Rangers PLC appear to argue that the existence of EBT’s were always declared in the notes of their accounts, and so the footballing authorities should have known that they were in use at the club. More recently, Alastair Johnston has stated that the club did receive a request for clarification from the SFA in 2011 to which the Rangers PLC board responded disclosing documents ( although he does not specify what documents ) over and above the normal documentation sent re player contracts. Johnston has gone on to state that there was no response or follow up whatsoever from the SFA, and the appropriate UEFA licence simply arrived in the post without further ado. He concludes that as a result of the documentation sent, the SFA must have known at that time that the EBT payments were being used for “player compensation” purposes.

Now, AJ argues that if any misdemeanour or breach of rules has occurred it does not merit the much discussed and publicised “stripping of titles” and that any failure on the part of the Rangers PLC board amounts to no more than an oversight or an administrative error which does not justify the ultimate penalty.

Let’s just pause there and remember who and what AJ actually is in life. Alastair Johnston holds the posts of vice-chairman and member of the board of directors of International Management Group, the leading international sports and entertainment group. Now everyone knows that IMG was formed by Mark McCormack and represents sports stars as their agent. However what is less well known is that the majority of IMG’s work comes from broadcasting – not necessarily mainstream broadcasting – but the broadcasting of certain events to mobile phones and so on and in this context the company works with the likes of Vodafone and other major service providers in the sector. Further the company has the rights to market and broadcast the sports activities of a huge number of schools and colleges in the US as well as music channels, entertainment and so on.

I raise this aspect for one very important reason.

That entire industry is based on one thing and one thing only and that is………… a Licensing system. Broadcasters of any sort obtain the rights to broadcast by way of a licence. They licence content, they licence by area and geographical location, they licence for set time periods,they share licences, sell licences, create licences and terminate licences. Without a licence, they can have all the technology in the world, all the necessary content and so on but they are not able to show it, sell it and profit from it. Proper licensing is vital!

Further, they are very precious about licences- and rightly so– because unless they have the licences tightly tied up, others in the same field can attempt to steal their content, their territory and their rights– all of which are valuable assets.

So go back again and look at all AJ’s comments about proper registration of contracts, about proper administration of documents and licence applications for players, UEFA competition and so against the background of him being a grand fromage in a major company whose absolute lifeblood depends upon proper licensing.

Do you remotely believe that the continual and prolonged inability to properly declare all relevent contracts and player documentation to a licensing body ( both SFA and SPL in this instance) can be merely an oversight or an administrative error?

Further, take a look at the accounts for Rangers PLC at least in the year ended 2005, where it is made very clear that the football management side of the business was working extremely closely with the board in all business and contract matters.

The SFA in particular fulfills a licencing function– a function which is so important that without passing the tests laid down, any club of no matter what size simply cannot play or participate in the sole sphere it is designed to participate and play in. There are strict rules about licences, and a duty on the SFA as well as Rangers PLC to make sure that all of the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to gain a licence have in fact been met. It is not a process that should be left to chance or a process that any major organisation would leave to a junior member of staff or without there being a company defined process and procedure to ensure that the applications and compliance issues are properly dealt with.

Further, if you think about how a footballer player signs for a club– the negotiations, the transfer fee, the personal terms, the contracts, the agents commission and so on, you will realise that a player signing and the terms of his contract – or contracts for that matter – cannot simply come about by accident and outwith the boards knowledge or consent.

In short, it is impossible. It is also impossible, in my respectful opinion, to proceed on a decade long process of administrative errors involving the repeated failure to disclose secondary contracts or side letters. As someone once said to me, there comes a point where a continued and continual series of repeated errors or omissions starts to look suspiciously like a plan!

However, if we were to take AJ’s comments at face value, and accept that there were repeated failures on the part of the Rangers Board by accident, then to be honest there would be every right for shareholders and investors to hold the Directors liable for such negligence. Directors regularly and properly insure themselves against such claims– so I wonder if AJ has paid his insurance premiums?

Further, if he as Chairman presided over such mismanagement, then no doubt his time at IMG is limited as I doubt such  an organisation could afford to have such a dunderheid permanently ensconced in a senior managerial position.

However, AJ appears to be a positively straightforward chap when compared to Mr Green.

He of course is on record as saying that if the proposed CVA were to be rejected and the club forced into liquidation then the club dies, the history dies, and so on and so forth– but of course that was yesterday or the week before or even the week or months before that. That was the message that Mr Green wanted to convey at that time in the hope that HMRC would buckle down and accept the proposals.

Now, Mr Green seeks to sing a different tune, and recently latched on to Lord Nimmo Smith’s comments about the “club” being a continuing entity and capable of transfer from one owner to the next. He muses that if that is the case then the “club” may well in fact still be a member of the SPL and the SFA  as no matter what happened to Rangers PLC, Rangers FC are ” a continuing entity” and therefore should not be forced to apply to rejoin any body which it was always a member of– such as the SPL and the SFA. Of course this then means that all the history and so on remains– despite what he himself said earlier!

Now of course, Charles makes for a good soundbite and is mad keen to ensure that as many Rangers fans as possible take up shares in “the club” when he offers them for sale.

Yet there is the problem,– shares in what are being offered for sale? According to Charles– and following his logic— he can offer as many shares in the Rangers Football Club Ltd for sale as he wants — but that company will not actually be Rangers FC– will it? If Rangers PLC was not actually Rangers FC– then what was it that David Murray was offering for sale all those years ago? Or could it be that Charles has just got it plain wrong?

You see for some reason he did not quote Lord Nimmo Smith in full– especially that part where the learned judge gave a brief description of his interpretation of the law of clubs.

For example Charles chooses not to comment on this sentence from the learned judge:

“This is not to say that a Club has legal personality, separate from and additional to the legal personality of its owner and operator.   We are satisfied that it does not, and Mr McKenzie did not seek to argue otherwise.   So a Club cannot, lacking legal personality, enter into a contract by itself.   But it can be affected by the contractual obligations of its owner and operator.”

Earlier, Nimmo Smith said this:

“While it no doubt depends on individual circumstances what exactly is comprised in the undertaking of any particular Club, it would at the least comprise its name, the contracts with its players, its manager and other staff, and its ground, even though these may change from time to time.”

So let’s pause there.

A club is an undertaking— in other words any type of loose arrangement involving a group of people with a common purpose. If a club is not an incorporated club ( a limited company ) then to be anything other than a loose idea of a few folk getting together for a common purpose such as a holiday or a meal or to read a book or anything else– then of course it should have a formal constitution and a set of rules for its members.

So– where is the constitution for Rangers Football Club? Where are its rules of admission which says who can join? Are there certain rules that preclude you from joining? Is there a set limit on how many members there can be at any one time? Who are the officers of this club?

At the current time, Mr Green seems to be very keen on everything British and everything of a loyal and royal nature. So here is a quote from the pages of the Royal Yachting Association of Great Britain on the legal status of unincorporated clubs and so on.

“Since an unincorporated club has no legal status, it is incapable itself of owning property or being party to a contract. It is therefore standard practice to appoint trustees, who are usually required in the rules to comply with committee instructions, to hold the property (whether freehold land and buildings, yachts or a long leasehold of a reservoir) on behalf of the club members.”

Eh going by that statement – Rangers FC never owned Ibrox or Murray Park– and indeed can never own Ibrox and Murray Park. Someone had to be the trustee.

Further, it can never have been granted a licence to play football— you can’t grant a right to a non legal entity or to a body which has no legal status. You cannot accept a licensing application from a body which has no legal status. You cannot be employed by a body with no legal status.

Rangers FC has no constitution, no legal persona, is not allowed to own property ( heritable, moveable or intellectual), can’t enter into contracts and so on.

In short, Rangers FC is a body with no legal status– it does not exist and has never existed— unless it is to be found within the confines of Rangers PLC which everyone now recognises is in Administration and will soon be liquidated.

Still don’t believe me?

Ok here is a recent release by the Scottish legal commission setting out changes that they want to make to the law so that “clubs” can gain some legal status:

“In Scotland, and indeed throughout the United Kingdom, unincorporated associations are not recognised as entities separate from their members. Consequently, such organisations cannot carry out acts such as entering into contracts, owning property or engaging employees. The lack of legal personality can also give rise to unfortunate, and perhaps unforeseen, repercussions for members. For example, it is possible that, under the current law, a member of an unincorporated association could, by virtue of that membership alone, find himself or herself personally liable in delict to a third party injured at an event organised by the association. Further difficulties relating to this area of the law are set out in our Discussion Paper on Unincorporated Associations (DP 140) which was published at the end of 2008.

Our Report recommends a simple regime, with the minimum of administrative burdens, to ensure that associations and clubs are recognised as legal entities. Separate legal personality will be accorded to associations which satisfy certain conditions. The main conditions are that the association has at least two members; that its objects do not include making a profit for its members; and that it has a constitution containing certain minimum specified provisions. These provisions are: the association’s name; its purpose; membership criteria; the procedure for the election or appointment of those managing it; the powers and duties of its office-bearers; the rules for distributing its assets if it is dissolved; and the procedure for amending its constitution. Many associations will already have constitutions which contain these provisions but, for those which do not, we anticipate that style constitutions will be made available, free of charge, on the websites of organisations such as the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations”

Maybe Charles should seek some advice from the Scottish Council on Voluntary organisations? And perhaps he should note that part about not making a profit for members too!

Then again, as Lord Nimmo Smith has said the actual status of a club and who or what a club is depends on individual circumstances. So with regard to Rangers, let’s look at who would know– for example, who did Charles get “Rangers” from? Duff and Phelps of course — so what do they say?

Well they have stuck to their guns because in each and every report that they have issued to the court, the shareholders and the creditors they have included the following definition:

Rangers / the Company / the Club The Rangers Football Club Plc (In Administration), Ibrox Stadium, Glasgow, G51 2XD (Company number SC004276);

Now that doesn’t really help Charles does it.

Ok so, lets ignore Craig Whyte because everyone knows that he was a diddy— let’s go to folk that are far more sensible– how about the Board of Rangers PLC before Craig Whyte– what did they have to say:

Well, here is a statement from May 2011 which seems to set out who and what the then Directors thought amounted to the club– and let’s face it– they should know!

“Further to today’s statement from Wavetower Limited (“the acquirer”), the Independent Board Committee of The Rangers Football Club plc (“the club”), comprising Alastair Johnston, Martin Bain, John Greig, John McClelland and Donald McIntyre, (”IBC”) would like to make the following statement:

“In recent weeks the IBC has been engaged with the acquirer and has secured an enhanced financial commitment from Wavetower for future investment into the club. The decision on the sale and purchase of the majority shareholding in the club firmly and ultimately rests between Murray MHL Limited (“MHL”) and Lloyds Banking Group (“LBG”).

“Although the IBC has no power to block the transaction, following its enquiries, the IBC and Wavetower have differing views on the future revenue generation and cash requirements of the club and the IBC is concerned about a lack of clarity on how future cash requirements would be met, particularly any liability arising from the outstanding HMRC case.

“Wavetower is purchasing MHL’s 85% shareholding in the club for £1 and the club’s indebtedness with LBG is to be assigned to Wavetower. This share transaction would ordinarily trigger a requirement on Wavetower under Rule Nine of The Takeover Code for a mandatory offer to be made to the other shareholders.

“Given this transaction structure and following discussions with the Takeover Panel, the IBC considers there to be no purpose in the acquirer making such an offer to acquire all other shareholdings at effectively nil value per share. Accordingly the IBC has agreed that the offer period for the club will now end.

“In agreeing that no offer should be made to all shareholders the IBC has insisted that the acquirer issues a document to all shareholders setting out the full terms of the transaction, comprehensive details on the acquirer and the sources of its funding and giving firm commitments to agreed future investment in the club.

“The IBC is committed to ensure that the transaction and future investment and funding proposals should be transparent to all the shareholders and supporters of the club”

Ah— that doesn’t really help Charles Green’s current argument either does it?

So here we are, on the cusp of the FTT ruling, with a share offering in the offing, and SPL enquiry scheduled for November and no doubt Mark Daly and the Panorama team beavering away in the background getting ready for another documentary.

The decision of the FTT may reveal yet more of what the bold AJ describes as “Administrative errors” by way of failing to administer EBT’s properly so resulting in  a massive tax bill, and the SPL enquiry may reveal further “Administrative errors” in failing to properly record player contracts for a decade, with the result that players were never properly registered in the first place and so were illegal players during championship winning games.

Yet all that is history and in the past.

Today’s Rangers has a new hero, a new commander– even though who he works for is a closely guarded secret and remains a mystery to most of us who may be interested to find out who Charles Green really is and who he represents. He seems to attack certain quarters then retreat, antagonise and appease, and has a habit of constantly contradicting himself when it suits.

In the interim he reminds me of the most famous creation of the American writer Timothy Zahn who brought about a revival in the fortunes of the Star Wars franchise, bringing it widespread attention for the first time in years. He did this by creating a new villain to follow in the footsteps of the administratively challenged and ultimately vanquished Darth Vader.

Zahn describes this new villain’s command style as considerably different from that of Darth Vader  and other typical Imperial commanders; instead of punishing failure and dissent, he promotes creativity among his crew and accepts ideas from subordinates. He is a tactical genius who has made extensive study of military intelligence and art, and is willing to retreat instead of making a stand in a losing battle.

His full name and his true origins are only known to a few select individuals of the Empire and the New Republic.

To quote Wikipedia:

“His name is ………… reminiscent of the old Scots word meaning Twisted ot Crooked.

The character’s name is……….. Thrawn.

I suspect that we are about to see some pretty Thrawn statements from a shower of Thrawn buggers as the late David Will would have said!

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AllyJamboPosted on7:31 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Posmil, that poem is, well, sheer poetry 😉 Hope there’s more to come as the weeks go by.

You might feel an ‘Address to the Jabba’ appropriate after his masterly critique on Your Call. Praise indeed!

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AgrajagPosted on7:36 pm - Oct 6, 2012

readcelt says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 18:44

The Rangers will still romp home in the 3rd division.

There was always going to be a banana skin or two along the way.


Played 7

Won 3
Drawn 3
Lost 1

12 points from a possible 21.

That would not be acceptable to Rangers (as was) in the SPL, so it’s some banana skin for the 4th division.

Add to that being knocked out of the Ramsden’s Cup and I cannot believe that Mr McCoist is still in his job.

Particularly after Malmo, Maribor and Falkirk last year, in addition to throwing away a 15 point lead.

Don’t get me wrong, the longer he stays the better, but surely Rangers’ fans can see he just isn’t a very good football manager. Maybe he needs a mentor. No one has ever suggested that for him. Neil Lennon on the other hand.

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john clarkePosted on7:53 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Observer says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 18:23
‘As far as I’m aware there is no mechanism for a football team which comes top of a division to refuse being then placed in a superior flight: the only way to stop that occurring is to ensure that yr team does not top any divisions..
Unfortunately, I think there IS provision for a 3rd Div team to decline promotion to “2nd Div, and 2nd to £rd.

Couldn’t find any rule allowing a 1st Div team to decline to be promoted to SPL, though.
So Charlie boy could encourage Sally to get promoted to 2nd Div without worrying about failing to stick to his pledge never to play in the SPL.

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dunnmanPosted on8:06 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Speaking of MSM, its interesting that t’rangers result isnt highlighted as such in the BBC website. Is this as a result of their being banned from ibrox, or the negative result for t’rangers or is natural reporting order being restored, ie no more 3rd div results elevated to the beeb main pages regardless of who or what?

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liveinhopPosted on8:07 pm - Oct 6, 2012

It was Albion’s managers wedding today, and in a way, #rangers are something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue.

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ObserverPosted on8:08 pm - Oct 6, 2012

john clarke says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 19:53

Unfortunately, I think there IS provision for a 3rd Div team to decline promotion to “2nd Div, and 2nd to £rd.

Couldn’t find any rule allowing a 1st Div team to decline to be promoted to SPL, though.
So Charlie boy could encourage Sally to get promoted to 2nd Div without worrying about failing to stick to his pledge never to play in the SPL

So we think they threw the game this afternoon for nothing?

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StevieBCPosted on8:45 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Have I guessed Charlie’s solution to his manager crisis?

Following Charlie’s superb dealings with Apple, Adidas, etc…

Tomorrow it is ‘leaked’ from Ibrox – or is it iBrox? – that Charlie is in negotiations with a top manager. Charlie and the Board give McCoist the dreaded vote of confidence.

But Jabba somehow gets an exclusive: ‘his source’ told him that Jose Mourinho has asked to lead the mighty Sevco to European glory – because Jose believes as he is The Special One it’s his duty now to save “the most successful club in the world”.

However, Jose is only able to move at the end of the season. Real and Jose refuse to comment, (according to the Scottish MSM who don’t ask any questions at all!)

So for now let’s support Super Ally 🙄 – and form an orderly queue to buy some shares!

Roll up, roll up for the greatest circus in Govan… 😉

(Is that a gloat too far?)

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john clarkePosted on8:59 pm - Oct 6, 2012

While listening to the Killie-Aberdeen game today, I was simultaneously trawling through the Uefa website.

I was looking in particular for some information about how the their Disciplinary procedures are invoked.

Essentially, the question is: how are complaints made to Uefa about the alleged wrongdoings of national associations? Who, for example, is competent to, for example, lodge a complaint against the SFA for breaching the rules on licensing, say, or on admission of a new club to membership?

Would such complaints have to be made by a member or members of the national association?

Or could supporters’ trusts/other fans’ organisations complain, with some expectation that they had a right to have their complaint heard and dealt with?

I don’t suppose any member club of the SFA has made, or will make, such a complaint about the admission of Sevco/The Rangers. So as far as Uefa are concerned, perhaps they have no grounds for getting involved.

couldn’t find anything useful on the subject, though.

Anyone got any ideas?

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posmillPosted on9:07 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Jeezo man. Don’t know what to say really. Thanks again to all who commented on the poem. The overall level of thinking and discourse on this site is exhilarating and I am honored and flattered that so many of you enjoyed the piece. Sincerest respect to you all.

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Danish PastryPosted on9:08 pm - Oct 6, 2012

alex (@thekublakhan) says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 11:03
35 15 Rate This
Danish Pastry says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 10:02

Can you enlarge on what rangers are to be punished for the sins of Whyte apart, which I believe rangers have been sanctioned for.
Can you say what other actions rangers have been found, and I use the word in its widest sense guilty of, or do you as many do propose execution and then verdict.


Why? I didn’t mention Whyte, Murray, or the upcoming judgements. I was referring to non-football stuff that was not financial. What kind of support and ethos has the old Rangers been symbiotically connected to for much of its history? In the linked article these words struck a chord with me:

“THE Scottish novelist Alan Bissett describes himself as not so much being an ardent Rangers fan, as “having a Rangers past”.

It’s a nice phrase which embraces many Rangers supporters, like me, who grew up supporting the club before becoming alienated by the overt and outdated Unionism, and embarrassed by some of the mindless sectarianism.”

Any football club, anywhere, that becomes a vehicle for intolerance and sectarianism, year on year, decade after decade, can be consigned to the dustbin of history as far as I’m concerned.

The financial wrongdoing which resulted in the destruction of old Rangers only added injury to insult as far as creditors were concerned. Any further verdicts or punishments may go one way or the other. I’ll wait and see like everyone else.

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Palacio67Posted on9:19 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Good evening all, Managed to catch a bit of Radio Clyde today around half three, a spokesman for Motherwell was on speaking about their postponement, then Mr Delahunt said we are now going to our highlighted match in Div 3. Didn’t catch the commentators name but after mentioning the score he spoke about how much T’rangers were on top, only a matter of time before they score blah blah. He then mentioned about the referee (Bobby Mann?) letting the home side away with some rough tackles and that was preventing T’rangers from playing their freeflowing football, they then went on to discuss this in the studio.
Radio was swiftly switched off.
Does the old chestnut (Usually from Dalziel) “Getting in amongst them”,”In their faces”, “Letting them know your there” etc, not apply when playing against the new club.
They are hurting badly that lot.

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jean7brodiePosted on9:31 pm - Oct 6, 2012

posmill says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 23:59

Feckin brilliant!!

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BrendaPosted on9:37 pm - Oct 6, 2012


🙂 amazing 🙂

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Lamp Post SanniesPosted on9:48 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Palacio67 says:

Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 21:19

With regards to the SSB phone in I happened to hear some of yesterday’s programme and i would like to give some credit to Jim Duffy who was on. For once there was a caller who didn’t fixate on Rangers or Celtic, who came on to slate Jim’s tactics as Clyde manager in their recent games. Jim, to his credit, didn’t get on the defensive and engaged with the caller, explaining why he made certain decisions and why certain players were played in certain positions despite what the caller’s opinion might have been.

In the games in question his tactics didn’t come off (and I see they got beat in the cup today) but at least Jim had the gumption to man up and stand by his decisions and explain them to the fan who, ultimately, is paying his wages. He didn’t patronize the caller or get aggresive because someone was questioning his ability, he calmly explained himself and asked for the guy’s understanding that sometimes things don’t work according to plan.

Jim also said that, thanks to the policies in place at the club, Clyde will now be debt free by this time next year and only after they are debt free can they then try and think about re-building a team and planning for a bigger and better future.

If only the rest of Scottish football could live by this attitude and engagement with the fans I think we would be in a far better place. Hats off to Jim and Clyde.

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chris shields (@chrisshields10)Posted on10:07 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Apologies if this has been already been posted in last few days. Interesting none the less.

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easyJamboPosted on10:24 pm - Oct 6, 2012

john clarke says: Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 19:53

Unfortunately, I think there IS provision for a 3rd Div team to decline promotion to “2nd Div, and 2nd to £rd.

Couldn’t find any rule allowing a 1st Div team to decline to be promoted to SPL, though.
So Charlie boy could encourage Sally to get promoted to 2nd Div without worrying about failing to stick to his pledge never to play in the SPL
I don’t know about any specific rule, but clubs do have to apply to join the SPL and have their applications approved.

You may recall that during the administration of RFC PLC Ross County, Dundee and Falkirk had all applied before the end of last season, in the event that any of them could have won Div 1.

I’m pretty sure that thay have to make an aplication in advance so that their Ground and Licensing critera can be confirmed. That would include the 6,000 of seats under cover, floodlight quality, pitch protection, audited accouts etc., all to be provided by 31st March in any given year.

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paulmac2Posted on10:49 pm - Oct 6, 2012

john clarke says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 20:59

You will find John…UEFA will only deal with national associations or clubs within that national association…otherwise you can imagine the chaos if they allowed supporters to dictate what was investigated…albeit some complaints maybe justified…

Although there maybe an exception dependant on how serious the issue was that was taking place…I would imagine direct communication to Michel Platini would be the best place to start….if the man at the top is not interested then no one will be!

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TSFMPosted on10:57 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Folks, I have had to delete more gloating posts. If I can’t trust people to act in the spirit we have all agreed this site should have, I will just remove posting privileges for repeat offenders.

I should be able to sort out a Saturday night on here in five minutes, but I’ve just sat through the most puerile, juvenile, pedantic nonsense that has absolutely nothing to do with this blog.

No more please.

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paulmac2Posted on10:58 pm - Oct 6, 2012

gie’s a gonk says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 21:48

I was lucky enough to be involved in a game where Jim Duffy was the manager of the Chelsea under 19’s…before during and after the game Jim was an absolute gentleman…we spoke at length about the game..the players involved in that game and about the game in general…

A lovely fella with a depth of football knowledge that outstripped alot of other guys I came across in my career in English football..

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neepheidPosted on11:04 pm - Oct 6, 2012

gie’s a gonk says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 21:48

If only the rest of Scottish football could live by this attitude and engagement with the fans I think we would be in a far better place. Hats off to Jim and Clyde.
Great post, Gonk (if I may call you that)

I have a lot of affection for Clyde, for several reasons.

The first game I ever saw was Clyde v Hearts. Must have been around 1955. My father was a big Hearts supporter, but I just remember those floodlights for the dogs that blocked your view, and running up and down the terrace with my wee brother. Don’t ask me the score!

In the 60’s (I was by then a confirmed Celtic supporter) I always went to Shawfield if Celtic were playing away (a short walk from Dalmarnock where I lived), and saw some great football there. What a side Clyde had around 64/65!

I’ve posted on this before (on RTC), but I’ll bore you all some more- my Physics teacher, John McHugh, played for that great Clyde team, and we all thought he was headed for Celtic. He wasn’t, stayed part-time, but would have walked into the current Scotland team (in my opinion!).

But finally, and actually on topic (well almost) my affection for Clyde was rekindled recently by the statements they put out during those dark days when it looked like Sevco would be shoehorned into SFL1, as a sort of consolation prize for not getting straight into the SPL.

It is easy to forget what some of these “wee” clubs did for Scottish football at that time. Only 3 months ago, but it seems another era. Here is a Clyde link, for those who don’t recall-

And let’s remember all the other SFL clubs who refused to be bullied, especially(but not just) Annan, Stranraer, and Raith, with a special mention to Turnbull Hutton. What these clubs, and the individuals behind them, did at that time took a lot of courage. A lot of pressure was being applied.

Those (like me) who sometimes despair of Scottish society and Scottish football need to remember that there were some prepared to stand up for right, and stand up to the obnoxious and frankly sinister elements who unfortunately infect our nation.

It took gonk’s post to remind me of the debt we owe to these clubs, to these people, of whom we should all be proud. There were people in Scotland who actually understood what rules mean,and how you ignore them at your peril. And stood for principle, not expediency. All honour to them, and hats off.

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Lamp Post SanniesPosted on11:07 pm - Oct 6, 2012

Paulmac2, I’m glad to hear that your experience of Jim Dutty is just as I imagined he would be in person. Jim came across very well on SSB (when they weren’t fixated on RFC). He’s spurred me into looking more into the Clyde fc model and I now intend to get involved in the CFC Ownership program

If my £30 can help a smaller local team get through their struggles and carry on in a safer future then it’s a price worth paying..

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Lamp Post SanniesPosted on11:22 pm - Oct 6, 2012

neepheid, one of my physics teachers, Mr McGill at St Gregory’s in Cranhill, also played football. I think it was Queen’s Park but can’t be sure. He had a bit of a mythical status in the school, and you did not want to be on the opposing team during 5 a sides at lunch time.

PS call me Gonk or anything you fancy, as an accountant I’ve been called a whole lot worse.

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posmillPosted on11:59 pm - Oct 6, 2012

[SFM Edit: Since Posmill’s piece was read out with some relish on Your Call tonight, I thought it would be appropriate to showcase the poem for the rest of the evening – well done to Posmill. Right under Traynor’s nose as well :mrgreen:]

[Originally posted at 16.36]
Heartfelt thanks for all many kind and generous comments. I did not post this in the blog last night originally as I wasn’t sure the format is appropriate. But TSFM has given me the okay (cheers TSFM, and great work with the blog!), so here’s my wee bit of sheep doggerel:


The Laird o’ Baw, tae grease his scam
Did jam the journos’ jowls wi’ lamb.
And as the saim slid doon their semmits
Thus decreed their scrawly limits:

“Bleat alood the things I say
But dinnae fash oan whit I dae
Unless the thing I’ve done, I’ve said
Then, honest scribblers, go ahead!

But mind yes dinnae dig tae deep
Or let a question fae yes peep
Just print my Word, no more, no less.
Awright, well, more’s okay I guess.

And those who might discern a void
Tween truth and Word, call “Paranoid!"
I will nae thole sic shrill, sham thoughts
Or be defied by dreich bampots.

Now, should the keich e’er skite the metal
Mynd well yer aye my sonsie hirsel!
I’ll tell yes what tae moot and print
As sure’s my name’s a kind of mint.

For if it comes oot whit I’m doin!
It’s no’ jist me – ye’ll aw be ruined!"
He mopped his brow then wi’ a rag
(I think it wis an Irish flag.)

“Good, friends,” he growled, “I’m awfy sorry
I dinnae mean tae make yes worry.”
“It’s just some banter, man to man
Where is that fuckin’ shredder van?”

“Eat, youse!” he barked, and eat they did.
And not a wan amang them chewed.
Then, in one voice, which he had boaght
They rammed his Words doon Scotland’s throat.

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youtawknabootPosted on12:03 am - Oct 7, 2012

gie’s a gonk says:
Saturday, October 6, 2012 at 23:22..

I am sure..(fading memory) we had the same guy/teacher at John Ogilvie back in the mid to late 70’s,may have been brothers..teachers .,McGill – football -Queen’s Park..mmm kinda rings a bell ?

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AlthetimPosted on12:44 am - Oct 7, 2012

‘bye guys, I enjoyed the ride. Hope the blog achieves it’s goals.

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youtawknabootPosted on12:48 am - Oct 7, 2012

…where you goin Al..anywhere nice…?

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midcalderanPosted on12:49 am - Oct 7, 2012

Althetim says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 00:44
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‘bye guys, I enjoyed the ride. Hope the blog achieves it’s goals.
Where you going and why?

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midcalderanPosted on12:55 am - Oct 7, 2012

midcalderan says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 00:49
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Althetim says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 00:44

‘bye guys, I enjoyed the ride. Hope the blog achieves it’s goals.
Where you going and why?
That was rude, none of my business.

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ordinaryfanPosted on1:04 am - Oct 7, 2012

This is from the Van Guard Bears statement yesterday:

Non-Exec Directors – TBC

Charlie must be eyeing up that vacancy as a pretty convenient place to put Mcoist. He gets rid of a terrible manager and he nudges Mcoist out of the fans way. Mcoist would lose influence with the support over time if he was in the background.

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BrendaPosted on1:25 am - Oct 7, 2012

I may have to bow out too guys 🙁 for a while at least, best of luck in all you do and take care Brenda xx

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ObserverPosted on1:38 am - Oct 7, 2012

I have been subjected to the same subtle pressure as Althetim and Brenda, and I will also have to sadly pull out of posting here.

Good luck with the blog’s aims.

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TSFMPosted on1:46 am - Oct 7, 2012

Observer says:

Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 01:38(Edit)

I have been subjected to the same subtle pressure as Althetim and Brenda, and I will also have to sadly pull out of posting here.

Good luck with the blog’s aims.

Thanks O

For clarity, could you let us know what pressure you have been subjected to?

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TSFMPosted on1:49 am - Oct 7, 2012

For information of all.

Davis58 has apologised to Jean Brodie for his behaviour today. I will forward the text of the message to Jean to see if she thinks the apology is adequate.

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KatiePosted on1:56 am - Oct 7, 2012

What is going on here people logging out for what please help me understand . thanks Katie

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BrendaPosted on1:59 am - Oct 7, 2012

Observer @ 1:38 bye for now pal 🙁 and to bangordub stopwatch is gubbed lol

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RayCharlezPosted on2:07 am - Oct 7, 2012

I’ll be sad to see you all go.

Benda, I remember when you first posted on RTC.

I’m sure you were the first to use a female name.

I’m also sure there was an initial kerfuffle as some “jocular” comments were made that could be construed as sexist.

I’m also sure the subject was then discussed and an amicable way forward was found and the whole thing was quickly forgotten.

I may be wrong and my memory skewed but even if it is I would ask you to tell us why you feel the need to leave.

Perhaps we can then discuss it and find an amicable way forward.

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murdzinhoPosted on2:07 am - Oct 7, 2012

Hey all,

I feel that transient football results don’t really mean much in the scope of this blog. In terms of Mr McCoist. I think he has had to burden a lot, think of trying to coral the wide spectrum of fans, never mind players, over the summer!

In practical terms I don’t think he is cut out to be a good manager. So only way out is to accept to be director of football or stand aside in some way but still not “walk away”.

I don’t know whether the new company/club is viable. Would be nice if the SFA/SFL/SPL all had explicitly stated financial requirements before any licence/membership renewal. This idea reminds us all why clubs shouldn’t be in charge like why the banks shouldn’t have been in charge!

On the broader point, I would like this blog to be inclusive (yes including rangers fans with opinions contrary to those stated, although preferably with reasoned factual [not daily record type] arguments) and focus on how we can produce our own iniesta, xavi, mata, cazorla, silva or aguero. Nevermind Ronaldo or Messi!! Coaching, attitude(including fans at all levels) is the key. Please encourage ball retention and ability over physical ability!!

I still refuse to accept our crouching can’t produce good defenders! For goodness sake you don’t need natural talent, just attitude!!

Rant over and out! Hope no one is being abused for taking part in an open forum.

Night all.

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youtawknabootPosted on2:14 am - Oct 7, 2012

..understand what Katie..? It’s just some people who were kind of regular type posters, & who feel that they now have to “announce” their departure…,nothing to worry about.They could quite simply have just reduced their postage & increased their lurkage,but obviously felt that an announcement was appropriate,for what reason..? I dunno…if it is of interest or concerns anyone that much, perhaps you should ask them directly.

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KatiePosted on2:16 am - Oct 7, 2012

Did I miss a fight whats going on Brenda ?

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BrendaPosted on2:21 am - Oct 7, 2012

raycharlez @ 02:07

Will still read faithfully and the initial jocular comments on RTC were taken as a joke and I was not offended many gents on there defended my honour ( along with Jean ) and we had a laugh 🙂 ………. Sadly today’s goings-on 🙁 🙁 …………. I have learned a lot and been glad to be a part of this wonderful thing but as I said ‘time to bow out’ for now anyway …. Nothing personal night night xx

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briggsbhoyPosted on2:28 am - Oct 7, 2012

Observer says:
Saturday, September 29, 2012 at 03:14

Exactly why the MSM will rest easy in their beds tonight: guys like you saying “cut ‘em some rabble rousing/sectarian slack”.

From down here in England, attitudes like yours seem like something out of a weird football-based Time Team.


Been meaning to pick you up since on the above comments you made regarding my off cuff remark to the accusations being made by you against Messieurs Guidi & Delahunt on previous header post. To be honest never even read your posts on the matter nor had I previously listened to the radio clip or heard the SSB show you referred to. My opinion from the early posts on the matter was that it was like listening to a record being played backwards so you could hear alleged satanic messages.

I’m not intending to come to the gentlemen’s defence but I would like to make the following observations and points. If you are going to quote me by making use of inverted commas make sure that it is verbatim, not difficult when you can cut and paste. There is not a single word in your quote that you apportion to me was in fact written by me. It’s your version of what I said and I’ll come back to this in relation to the radio clip you kindly provided and the issue you raised. As for me having an attitude! I had an opinion which you didn’t agree with. An attitude suggests that I have a fixed way of thinking when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. I have an opinion or a perspective on things and am open to debate.

Now as for that clip of the radio show and your correspondence with chap at Clyde I believe you misquoted Mr Guidi. No matter how many times I listen to that clip he never used the words, I hope it’ll kick off, he just said “it’ll kick off”. He may have been close to it but he didn’t say I hope. As for “civil war” not well chosen words I agree but I know what he means. To think that these two pundits comments (misquoted or not) are or could have been the catalyst for civil war as Rangers supporters take to the streets over the possibility of lost titles is in my opinion is stretching the imagination. I also thought at the time I have no idea what team Mr Guidi or Mr Delahunt support but if I was to have a stab at it I doubt it’s the Rangers.

To justify your argument I note that you have pieced together the undernoted sentence using some words used by both gentleman and added a London spin, but in my opinion you’re changing the facts to suit your argument, this is clearly not what they said, close but not what was said.

“if they find Spurs guilty of breaking rules North London will kick off and there will be civil war on the streets of Tottenham.

To conclude and highlight my overall point that quotations must not be take out of context as it can twist the truth I’m going to misquote you.

“I’m a bampot” “I’m a junkie”

Add the words internet of conspiracy into these sentences and it changes everything does it not?

BTW what was the “Time Team” anology where did you dig up that, I never got it and if you have to explain it’s gone.

We have a common cause on here and in my opinion your efforts with Clyde and Offcom are pointless in this matter, but it’s your time. If Offcom come back and agree with you then I shall eat humble pie.

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KatiePosted on2:37 am - Oct 7, 2012

youtawknaboot says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 02:14

I enjoyed Brendas posts and althetim and dont understand why they chose to bow out I understand it is up to them but they will be missed.

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youtawknabootPosted on2:37 am - Oct 7, 2012

Katie…Its kinda like being in a big pub..the person who came in & joined in the conversation was Brenda,but after a while…amongst & during all the chat & banter just drifted away,but made a point of saying “ehh..btw ..That’s me off now….” some glanced,some didn’t 1 or 2 looked..& said see you !!
others sitting elsewhere said..mmm was that Brendan i just seen leavin there.. 😉

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KatiePosted on2:42 am - Oct 7, 2012

youtawknaboot says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 02:37
Sorry Brenda was here from RTC she did not just join the conversation thats what makes it harder to understand

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stunneyPosted on2:44 am - Oct 7, 2012

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stunneyPosted on2:47 am - Oct 7, 2012

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KatiePosted on2:48 am - Oct 7, 2012

Brenda says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 02:39
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Thanks Katie don’t know if this will be posted my posts are either not getting posted or are getting deleted?? Don’t know why cheers.
Has TSFM explained why Brenda we need a bit of girl power.

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RayCharlezPosted on2:52 am - Oct 7, 2012

youtawknaboot says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 02:37

That’s actually very persuasive and humorous, to boot.

But I am more of a sentimentalist than a pragmatist.

I am also more of a communitarian than an individualist.

As such, I thought I was part of a community of internet bampotery.

I also thought this involved being a “broad church”.

When I heard of Corsica’s passing I was genuinely saddened.

When I hear of Brenda leaving I feel it is fitting to ask why?

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BrendaPosted on2:55 am - Oct 7, 2012

Katie…… Cheers for puttin ‘tawknaboot’ right I have contacted TSFM to explain my reasons I will pop on from time to time when there’s something interesting I have to say 🙂 just a little rattled by events today ……. You keep up the good work will speak again when the time’s right 🙂

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mdccclxxxviiiPosted on3:04 am - Oct 7, 2012

sorry stunney if you hadn’t finished delivering the papers….

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youtawknabootPosted on3:05 am - Oct 7, 2012

Katie..just relax don’t fret…remain calm..breathe in through the nose & out through the mouth…
,,.ahem ..Brenda(n)’s posts are now being deleted..? it’s probably for the best.There are 1 or 2 just now, but there will be a deluge shortly of peeps scouring the “older comments” & posts of the recently announced “walking away” posters..might just throw up some interesting statistics & theories…so sit back “Katie” & enjoy the fun :!

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KatiePosted on3:12 am - Oct 7, 2012

youtawknaboot says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 03:05
Oh silly me must have missedc the fun part xxx

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RayCharlezPosted on3:20 am - Oct 7, 2012

I think that was at 02:07 when I called her a Benda.

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RayCharlezPosted on3:21 am - Oct 7, 2012

Honestly, I did.

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youtawknabootPosted on3:25 am - Oct 7, 2012

Brenda says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 02:55

Katie…… Cheers for puttin ‘tawknaboot’ right I have contacted TSFM to explain my reasons I will pop on from time to time when there’s something interesting I have to say 🙂 just a little rattled by events today ……. You keep up the good work will speak again when the time’s right 🙂

” I have contacted TSFM to explain my reasons I will pop on from time to time when there’s something interesting I have to say 🙂 ”

Wow..!! just.. Wow !!

Quick question if you don’t mind…
Katie..(girl power) since 2011,, when was your 1st or last RTC/TSFM post 🙂

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stunneyPosted on3:35 am - Oct 7, 2012

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RayCharlezPosted on3:37 am - Oct 7, 2012

youtawknaboot says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 03:25

Have to admit Katie doesn’t ring a bell.

Wow! Just Wow! certainly does!

You are obviously “au fait” with the vernacular but your own user name is not one I am familiar with.

What exactly are you inferring with regards to Brenda and Kate?

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youtawknabootPosted on3:51 am - Oct 7, 2012

What exactly are you inferring with regards to Brenda and Kate ….?

I’m surprised neither Brenda(n) nor Kate have asked me “exactly” the same question 🙂

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RayCharlezPosted on3:56 am - Oct 7, 2012

I am though. Will you answer it?

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youtawknabootPosted on4:39 am - Oct 7, 2012

raycharlez says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 03:56

I am though. Will you answer it?
I “still” remain surprised neither Brenda(n) nor Kate have asked me “exactly” the same question.

I will leave it open & to allow either of the “girls”? to challenge….put your mind at rest Ray.
..but i do hope Katie has recovered from the trauma of Brenda’s hastie departure & her deleted posts by TSFM ,but I’m sure she is willing & able to keep up the good work as requested
(girl power) forensically counting the hours until the SFA non “statement” was to be released..

..they are hurting & huuurtin reeeallllll baaaaad..!!.

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Carfins Finest. (@edunne58)Posted on5:01 am - Oct 7, 2012

I think there was some confusion last night re posts not being posted or being deleted as I have seen a few of the long time posters allude to and they seem to have decided to say farewell to the blog. TSFM’s decision to showcase the fine poem that has been around for a few days meant that any posts made during this period, mine included were actually being posted ABOVE the poem. Maybe this is why there has been some confusion.

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Fozzy (@grantyfoster)Posted on5:41 am - Oct 7, 2012

The rangers 2010 accounts were signed off by grant Thornton – refer to audit report in the filed financial statements. There is no liability for big tax. Correctly so.

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ExiledCeltPosted on6:29 am - Oct 7, 2012

Feels like I have come in at the end of a party where a fight has occurred and I am trying to figure out what when on…………..

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doontheslopePosted on7:28 am - Oct 7, 2012


“Feels like I have come in at the end of a party where a fight has occurred and I am trying to figure out what went on…..”


I think TSFM was making the point – after Sevco’s defeat to bottom of division 3 team, Stirling Albion – that this blog is not to be a gloat-fest. The blog is going to be an important platform in the weeks and months which lie ahead, if corruption in Scottish football is going to be further exposed and challenged with any credibility.

Last night, I went for a cyber wander around various blogs, laughed my @rse off at some of the wickedly funny observations/comments, then returned to TSFM to find that it was, for the most part, devoid of excessive schadenfraude. There was no party.

While I’m sure a critical assessment of Sevco’s predicament in the light of yesterday’s defeat is welcome ie they cant win away from home, they cant sign new players and the players know this, McCoist’s innability to motivate his players in small stadia, Green cant ditch McCoist, how are the media portraying this result, etc…, I think that posts which are merely laughing at Sevco and contributing nothing else, dont further this blog’s aims, they detract from it.

I have a life-time of reasons to split my sides at what happened yesterday, to rub certain peoples’ noses right in it, but I also realise that this is not the site to indulge myself. A much bigger and more worthy victory lies ahead.

That’s my reading of the situation, for what its worth.

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readceltPosted on7:48 am - Oct 7, 2012

mdccclxxxviii says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 03:04
sorry stunney if you hadn’t finished delivering the papers….


Good article. I wonder why Goram popped up and was given any column inches with his background.

Through his words and actions Goram has displayed both sides of a mutually inclusive coin. Racism and bigotry.

The MSM just sweep that under the carpet so they can bang on with the narrative they desperately want to pursue.

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AllyJamboPosted on7:50 am - Oct 7, 2012

Brenda, althetim and Observer,

Sorry to see you go and hope you all change your mind. You’ve all contributed well to the blog and no one keeps time like Brenda 🙂 Could it be that Carfin’s Finest has got to the cause of the problem? Anyway, until you change your minds I’ll miss you all. Good luck and enjoy your football

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stunneyPosted on7:56 am - Oct 7, 2012

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AllyJamboPosted on8:20 am - Oct 7, 2012

readcelt says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 07:48
1 0 i
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mdccclxxxviii says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 03:04
sorry stunney if you hadn’t finished delivering the papers….


Good article. I wonder why Goram popped up and was given any column inches with his background.

Through his words and actions Goram has displayed both sides of a mutually inclusive coin. Racism and bigotry.

The MSM just sweep that under the carpet so they can bang on with the narrative they desperately want to pursue.


Pretty good article by Tom English and asks a question so many of us would like asked, but don’t expect an answer to. I always consider it a waste of time when players, and anyone else involved in the game, is asked about anything as controversial as the Rangers debacle, they are never going to say what they really think, if they have the capacity to think at all! And Goram showed many years ago that thinking is not his strong point. Regardless of his disgusting bogitry and racism he genuinely has nothing worthwhile to say, about anything, and I can only think he gets column inches because the sychphantic media feel sorry for a man they once worshiped. I’m pretty certain the majority of intelligent bears cringe whenever they read anything by, or about, Goram, if they lower themselves to read it that is. In truth, it speaks volumes about the paucity of the Scottish media that they are so short of decent sports writers that they should even entertain a quote from Goram let alone a whole article!

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Danish PastryPosted on8:20 am - Oct 7, 2012

doontheslope says:
Sunday, October 7, 2012 at 07:28
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“Feels like I have come in at the end of a party where a fight has occurred and I am trying to figure out what went on…..”


I think that posts which are merely laughing at Sevco and contributing nothing else, dont further this blog’s aims, they detract from it …

I have a life-time of reasons to split my sides at what happened yesterday, to rub certain peoples’ noses right in it, but I also realise that this is not the site to indulge myself. A much bigger and more worthy victory lies ahead.

Good point doontheslope. Pie&Bovril’s cup runneth over with this type of thing, and quite hilarious some of it is too. When it comes to RFC this blog should be concerned with the whys and wherefores of the deeper issues.

PS By the way, your doontheslope name always reminds me of playing on sloping pitches on Saturday mornings around Glasgow with the Lifeboys (from Meadowpark Street). One of the most extreme doon-the-slope’s was at Lenzie. Think it was there at least. Dearie me, it was weekly rugby scores against us followed by ice-cold showers. Ah, those were the days 🙂

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Lord WobblyPosted on8:29 am - Oct 7, 2012

“Martin O’Neill did that with us,” the Celtic manager says. “Each year at Leicester he gave me a pay rise because things were going so well and we were playing so well. He did that with other players too. I think it’s important to do that with the players you can hang your hat on. It’s not massive money but it makes things a little bit more comfortable.”

Let us (those of that are Celtic fans) just hope that Lenny has also learned another valuable lesson from MON. ie No Bobo Balde-type contracts if you please.

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ExiledCeltPosted on8:30 am - Oct 7, 2012

Doontheslope – thanks for that – my reference to the party was not a reference to the Binos win or celebrations – rather my coming on here and seeing posts for blog contributors saying they are going, apologies being requested and sought etc was akin to coming home and finding the aftermath of a party that had gone wrong with broken chairs, crying, folks not talking etc……….I think you know what I meant.

Like you, I have no real interest in the team in the lower division anymore – I was pulled up by davis since I had labelled the team in SPL3 as an irrelvance to me nowadays. Note that I was here in Thailand watching the EPL in my local and so never knew till this mornign they had got beat. I made the effort to find out the other SPL results – but never bothered to see other lower league results since theirs did not seem to matter enough for me to bother finding out – sorry!

It seems that their triumphant march that turned into a succesfull waltz will now be a stuttering 2 step – however, I still expect them to win promotion and win a lot more games due to being full timers – and when the winter comes and the part timers from other teams have no where to train, TRFC have all weather training facilities. So CG and his mob can look after their footballing affairs with no interest from me.

CG will fleece the bears – that is in no doubt and no one should be in any state of shock that he will leave them worse off than if they had decided to cut their cloth accordingly and worked to rebuild with a smaller fan base and youth players.

My only interest is now twofold –

(1) The aftermath of the summer of bending over that was done to accomodate the “fabric of Scottish society” and the extent of the SFA/SPL knowledge of the dual contracts
(2) The divisiveness of CG and his rabble rousing in order to line his own pockets, the effect on Scottish society of this return to the hard liners and the impact this will have on the implosion that will follow his exit, No doubt the phrases “social unrest” and “armageddon” may be used again.

I really want to know why the SFA allowed this unchecked cheating to go – were they so stupid or were they a part of it? As the main post says – we await the signatures and evidence to show to what extent we were paranoid or right to be concerned with folks like Peat, CO and Smith in the high offices.

Why are the MSM being so complicit in keeping CG’s message on track and unquestioned? What reason is there for this?

If it were a loophole in the rules, whay have they not been changed to ensure it cannot happen again?

Questions….no answers – so far!!!!

I too don’t want any witch hunts against posters – nor any rabble rousing or trolling – the site has been going great guns for a few weeks now. To have our Baird quoted on radio shows we are beign taken seriously and being read, so we’re not far off the mark – let’s continue the battle.

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Lord WobblyPosted on8:34 am - Oct 7, 2012

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secularfootballfanPosted on9:19 am - Oct 7, 2012

I’m a long time lurker on this blog.

I have to agree with actions taken to remove the gloating. For me, this blog has been about reasoned discussion and sensible critique. There are many other forums I can go to view or participate in ‘rib-poking’ exercises but it only detracts from what makes this blog decent. Keep the cheap jibes away.

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Long Time LurkerPosted on9:51 am - Oct 7, 2012

Interesting result for Sevco watchers yesterday. Apart from the entertainment value, the pressure on AM to step down as manager appears to be growing (if you assume that the views being expressed on internet forums are representative of the wider fan base).

If AM stays as manager and the (away) results continue to be poor (from the Sevco fans point of view) does this signal that CG values the manager as a talisman, helping to pull in money to support the share issue? Or as Mr Traynor suggested yesterday on Your call, AM can’t go as he has invested in the club.

Why would AM invest in the club? CG and his consortia purchased club assets from the administrators, players left, wage bill and some operating costs have fallen. No scope to buy new players until the transfer ban run it course.

Unless CG is desperate for cash – why would AM part with his hard earned cash for it to sit in the (piggy) bank [do Sevco have banking facilities?].

Jim Traynor often drops in the line on Your call, Sportsound that [The] Rangers are a cash rich club – what relevance does this have? Listen out for it! Why does he drop in that phrase most weeks? Is this part of the propaganda war? Is Mr Traynor trying to raise confidence in the finances of the club? If so, Why?

Many have suggested that Sevco are facing financial difficulties, and may not last the full season. If AM stays and the results do not come, then I would be inclined to think that CG needs AM for more pressing problems that keeping the fans on side for a possible share issue. If AM walks away or gets fired, will attendances at home games (a) go up (b) go down (c) stay the same?

Here are some questions for the MSM to put to the SFA.

1. What elements made up the outline business plan for Sevco?
2. Are all of the key elements of that business plan still in place?
3. If there have been any material changes to the business plan – are alternative strategies in place to secure the necessary resources for the club?
4. From a licence monitoring perspective are the SFA happy that Sevco can trade and support the club throughout the football season 2012/13?
5. What key performance indicators (if any) do the SFA review to assess the financial fitness of clubs and whether they are likely to encounter financial difficulties?

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TSFMPosted on10:16 am - Oct 7, 2012

To clear things up from last night, at least I hope I can clear things up;
Brenda, Observer and Althetim decided to inform us that they would not be posting any longer (temporarily or otherwise).

I had assumed that this was due to some of the foul abuse of JeanBrodie by davis58. Subsequently, Brenda did post again, but she could not see the comments she made. I have spoken to her via email and she is aware that she is not banned, and that her comments were posted.

Meanwhile, I was on moderation duty last night working to reduce the nonsense that was appearing courtesy of our friend davis58 whose posting privileges have been suspended, pending Jean’s reaction to his apology.
I was also watching the blog to reduce the gloating that went on after the Rangers result, and unfortunately, yet another poster refused to go along with my requests, and was subsequently suspended.

I would like to apologise to Jean for the slow reaction to the abusive excesses of davis58’s posts. Unfortunately, I was out at the time the worst of it happened. We have tried to give davis a bit of slack, and maybe he took advantage of that.

Hopefully we can get back to normal today – whatever normal is 🙂

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