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Some questions from a piece on the Rangers website; What was …

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Some questions from a piece on the Rangers website;

What was the real reason that the SPL clubs en masse said no to newco?

Why did the SPL not hand over the prize money Rangers won last season?

Why did the SPL and SFA demand that newco pay oldco’s debts?

And why did they threaten Rangers with the prospect of not playing football at all unless they agreed to an unlawful transfer embargo and a carve-up of TV rights among other sanctions to gain SFA membership?

Jawdropping once again! May as well ask;

Why did every club not have a whip round to pay our debts?

Why did the SPL not redirect all sponsorship funds to help RFC in their hour of need?

Why did the SPL and SFA crown RFC champions anyway, cos they’re pure more magicer than ever?

Why did they insist on a punishment when all RFC did was break a few rules?

The sense of entitlement just reaks!

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Spot the difference?
The Harm Principle
“The only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will, is to prevent harm to others.” JS Mill, On Liberty 1859

I have watched with interest the discussion of the sectarian singing emanating from fans of the Govan club and am often dismayed by some of our posters deploying a quite vulgar interpretation of ‘Freedom of Speech’. ( Sorry to pick on you James, but whilst I value your contribution to the debates on these pages, I feel you are a mile out on this.
The first thing I notice is that ‘freedom of speech’, as far as I can see, is only ever wheeled out to lazily defend something utterly abhorrent. It’s the BNP……. or the KKK…… or the Orange Order whose hateful gathering and utterances are somehow elevated to a ‘right’…the right to be racist, the right to occupy the public sphere with menace and threat……a ‘right’ we must all defend? Such a position functions to throw red meat to bigots everywhere. Not for me. We live in a liberal democracy where all opinions are imbued with a degree of validity….unless it violates the great liberal notion of the Harm Principle. IMO sash-bashery of any sort provides the potential to violate this principle. 15,000 people invading public space and aggressively and triumphantly celebrating the spilling of blood, of a particular ethnic-minority is a clear infringement of other people’s right to go about their business in and around Glasgow (or anywhere else) without feeling intimidated, insulted or worse.
Not with standings Zilch’s interesting discussion of the semantics of the ‘sectarian’ problem in Scotland, it could be said without fear of contradiction the Scotland has had and continues to have issues of a sectarian nature, particularly with regard to football. ( As others have pointed out, this problem is nowhere near as bad as it has been in previous decades. The crafts, guilds and unions which shaped the social contours of industrial Scotland seemed to lend themselves to widespread discriminatory practice leading to some ugly outcomes for Catholics of Irish decent. The extent to which Irish Catholics face discrimination in post-industrial Scotland is very much up for debate, but let’s accept Tom Devine’s assertion that anti Irish sentiment retains a residual presence in pockets of Scottish society………unquestionably in and around the Govan team. In the past 3 years we have seen threats and intimidation dished out to; journalists, judiciary, directors, chairmen, editors, bookshops, stadium announcers, managers, many of these threats requiring the intervention of police and special branch….I would defy anyone to tell me that this behaviour does not violate the harm principle?
For the SFA, or the MSM to simply ignore behaviour that picks and claws at a serious social problem is simply unacceptable……….their position requires a response. Half a dozen Chelsea fans on the tube is universally condemned and the story becomes one of international interest …….10’s of thousands of TRFC fans engage in similar offences and we have the great and the good of the game shrugging their shoulders in pathetic acceptance and the others appearing to defend this disgrace as ‘their right’? If football wants to be taken seriously at any level it must take action to stamp out racism, sexism, homophobia and if you want a Scottish category all of its own Sectarianism. It really is not that difficult, fine of points, closed doors, official removing players from the field of play, and that is off the top of my head! ‘Freedom’ only extends to the next persons freedom, if it violates the next persons freedom it becomes something else………..

Spot the difference?
“It is not the Rangers way to threaten individuals on a personal basis and there should be zero tolerance for this.”

…it does however appear to be the ‘Sevco way’……. 😉

Add the latest threats and intimidation to this lot….

Spot the difference?
rabtdog says:
February 2, 2015 at 8:21 pm



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Stunning. Sat: Dundee Utd qualify for the League Cup final. Sun: Celtic qualify for the League Cup final. Mon: Celtic’s money deprives Utd of two key
players. That sucks.

It sucks alright Rab, but I can live with this it has never been different. Speaking of things not changing, what I find a little more disturbing is the fact that our key player, Nadir Ciftci will sit out the final for two fairly innocuous incidents over 2 different ties, yet a key player for Celtic, Scott Brown can leave the boot in all over the park for 90 mins and will still lead out his team in the cup final. But thats ok cos Elbows did worser? No Old Firm advantage…..aye right, in any other game red cards would be shown, but the bully boys in the stands must not be left suffering a sense of injustice…social disorder and all that…pathetic wee country sometimes it really is!

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?

A Sanity Clause for Xmas?

The board really should act with dignity and transparency at this difficult time………..will the authorities? I won’t hold my breath!

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