Gilt-Edged Justice


Celtic need to ban questions about TRFC from all interviews …

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Celtic need to ban questions about TRFC from all interviews with their staff. Not hard to do. Talk about Celtic. Nothing else. Statements like the one from Mulgrew are golden nuggets to these obviousley biased reporters. Wonder if they asked any TRFC players their views on Celtic at their press briefing.

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Gilt-Edged Justice
He said: “The Puma deal is a very good one. Typically, a manufacturer pays upfront and will claw that back at the end through the shirt prices.

“With Puma, I negotiated that we get a very high royalty rate on everything, even what we sell in the shop here at Ibrox.”

Puma Says ‘ We’ll suply you with our bog standard blue shirts free of charge. You can get ‘Iron On’ logos for your shirt sponsor.We will pay you 5p in the £ for sales of tops from your own shop’


My thoughts only.

Gilt-Edged Justice
As a Celtic fan for more years than I care to remember It was always suspected that the corruption that manifests itself in Scottish Football was an always present. We always believed that the dice were loaded but never really knew to what extent. The sight of governance in Scotland whether it be Sporting, Legal or Political falling over themselves to ensure any decisions reached re TRFC over the last 14 months are favourable has left me and thousands like me totally dumfounded. Who can we now trust to run our Country never mind a Sporting Body when institutional bias is now so openly accepted. No need to hide the evidence when everybody knows eh!.

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Did Celtic pay too much for Lennoxtown ….

The Existence of Laws
No restriction on players over the age of 21 if reconstruction goes ahead. Did someone down Ibrox way get the heads up on this before anyone else. Their recent actions in the transfer market would seem to suggest this to be the case.

The Existence of Laws
The sabre rattling,siege mentality rhetoric of TRFC’s new CEO and the predictable annual begging letter from the Manager to the masses are published and reported on with great glee by the SMSM.

Questions: Where has all the staunch dignity gone? Where has the Pride gone? Where have the Struthian values gone?

It would seem that the desperation for cash has robbed them of any self esteem that may have existed. A management team plumbing new depths of debauchery.

How can REAL TRFC fans have any respect for these people?

I would be totaly embarrased if the people charged with running my team were to act with such a lack aplomb of

The Existence of Laws
So TRFC running at a loss of 1 Million pounds per month for 8-9 months. This money must have come from RIFC. Soon as the Season Ticket money lands then RIFC bill TRFC for the lot and then sell or lease the assets of TRFC. Nice one.

The Existence of Laws
So. As I understand it TRFC cannot go into administration as they would cannot in fact owe money to anyone other than RIFC. So if RIFC (Green, Ahmed and Stockbridge) decided to stop financing the loss making offspring then it’s Sell the assets.What a precarious position to be in eh?..

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