Gilt-Edged Justice


DJ was with real radio’s phone -in for a while …

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DJ was with real radio’s phone -in for a while till it was bagged?? Came back to SSB where most of the ‘pundits’ and I use that term very loosely indeed have deidco connections 🙂

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Gilt-Edged Justice
Danish Pastry

I listen to SSB now simply for the entertainment value 🙂 especially if DJ and HK are in attendance, Gordon Dalziel and Roger Hannah are pretty funny too it’s like a trfc appreciation society. But the brilliant thing is that everything they say about trfc/mccoist/green/newco/oldco etc is sugar-coated tosh and the minute a caller challenges them the caller gets cut off or they go for a news break, an ad break, a travel report or they have ‘technical problems’ 🙂 the ‘show’ is sh!t but I love laughing at ‘buster blood-vessel DJ’ and HK who should really do himself a favour and do one 🙂

Gilt-Edged Justice
Whullie @ 01:46

My apologies should have made it clear DJ ( I think it was him or one of his fellow ‘pundits’) said this on Clyde SSB during the sevco v Annan game. 😉

Gilt-Edged Justice
It was commented on as a matter of fact that the games at ibrox always kick off a few minutes later than every other game?…… Think it was DJ that stated this but then he would know the reason why……… Answers on a postcard please 🙂

It must be the ‘massive’ ‘record-breaking’ ‘debt-busting’ crowds 🙂

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