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Danish : As Charles Green says, this is the worst, and …

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Danish :
As Charles Green says, this is the worst, and also the best and only Sevco / The rangers team ever seen.


defending this fallacy to the nth degree, must be qualified:

Thus far and no more.

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Gilt-Edged Justice
On the subject of monitoring Scottish Football :

I’ve just been reading the thoughts of John Fleming, the referee supervisor, on the Hibs goal not given. He reckons goal-line technology would be too expensive:

” Would Scottish clubs invest in this technology to the detriment of youth
develpment ? I don’t think so “.

Why are those the options ? Would they invest to the detriment of the bloated layers of bureaucracy and administration ? A corpulent system where the head honcho collects his wages while admitting he is unable to do the job.

” Fleming pointed out Hibs had benefited from a similar blunder against
Motherwell this season “. ( Hibs won 4-0 ).

Is that the defence ? ” My refs were abysmal in that game as well so, swings and roundabouts, eh ? End of the day, you know “.

John Fleming also advocates the use of Europa League-style goal-line officials.

” Don’t waste your money on new fangled technology. I know we said four officials would be enough, but if you upgrade to the 6.0 system you get true peace of mind* “.
( * T&C’s apply )

I’m sorry for being flippant, but to me this epitomises the arrogant, parasitical, maggot-infested coterie who purport to run and legislate our game.
And at times I despair…

(Help us, Obi-Wan-Auldheid, you may be our only hope).

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And to think I used to admire such admonishment. Its no fun.
I’ll go and stand in the corner.

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I haven’t been able to post a comment on the main thread since the Armed Forces debate of Sep 30th but this is a fine debating forum so I’ll try again ( and don’t mention the war ).
Although I spout a load of nonsense mostly so maybe, I’ll stick to lurking.

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Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
Torquemada @ 10:31.

Succinctly put. The suspicion that Ibrox has been used as a money-laundering operation for years has been hinted at for ages. Perhaps it should be just openly alleged.

Scottish Football Administration in the 21st Century
At the ’88 Cup Final, the covered end was exclusively designated to Dundee Utd fans. I, and thousands of other Celtic fans, had tickets for that terracing. We turned up with no colours, just scarves stuffed down the jeans. No fuss, no hassle, no fighting. Just common sense.

P.S. Has anyone ever failed the ‘ fit and proper person ‘ test ?
Or as BRTH suggests, does such a test exist ?

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