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Danish Pastry says “PS The main thing is to Toupee the …

Comment on Hello by Althetim.

Danish Pastry says

“PS The main thing is to Toupee the brains from RTC onto the baldy heid of the newco”

What about us eejits? Can we come too?

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.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
July 16, 2016 at 04:48

I’ll take your bet.
As a CFC SB holder, I can confidently say that you have your figures arse end up. The cheating club as you describe them, died and the O** F*** died with them.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers

It concerned the original Rangers, not “new” Rangers.

Schoolboy error from Roy.

.. and they wonder why nobody buys papers
The usually reliable Roy Greenslade lets himself down with this nonsense:

“The nub of the shareholders’ allegation is that rules were broken by the Scottish Football Association (SFA) in order to allow the “new” Rangers to obtain a Uefa licence to play in European Champions League.”

His “understanding” of the Guardians’ refusal to run the ad leaves a lot to be desired too.
Full article can be read here:


The Offline Game
I hope the author of this excellent piece is fully TOGged out in PPE


“Rangers” and “the club” are mentioned several times but there are no references whatsoever to “operating / holding company”

The SMSM influence has limits after all.

The Offline Game
Big PinkMay 10, 2016 at 13:29  

I am as pissed off with the corruption and cover ups at the SFA and the now defunct SPL as everyone else, but I don’t think boycotting our clubs is the best way to combat it. The truth will out eventually and the guilty will be called to account whether we buy season tickets or not. There is too much information in the public domain for it to be otherwise. It cannot be ignored indefinitely.

 If a boycott is not the best plan, what is?

How about protests inside and outside Stadia? Maybe some banners carrying the message inside grounds at televised matches. Perhaps everyone could take their seats late or leave early. Constantly bombard your club with questions and demand answers. Boycott merchandise if you must but keep supporting your team.

With respect, hoping for the best has got us nowhere for the past four years. The only event that changed things for the better was the last threat to withhold ST cash.

In 2012 there was only one issue – the attempt to shoehorn the latest Ibrox entity into the top or at worst second tier. It was easy for all fans to unite behind that cause. The clubs had total control over that situation. This time round matters are far more complex. The clubs don’t have complete control over Res 12, EBT’s etc. At least not yet. That may change soon. Remember that EBT’s are still subject to appeal and as things stand, the LNS enquiry declared no sporting advantage. Therefore, officially, no cheating (I know, I know…). Rangers accepted liability for the DOS dues and if they had coughed up, that slate would be clean. Seriously, it would. The fact that they didn’t pay resulted in Res 12.
I see no benefit in weakening our clubs and handing an advantage to The Rangers. Their fans will buy 45,000 ST’s without so much as a thought to the circumstances which brought them to their current position. Big Pink maybe doesn’t care if they win the next 100 titles but I bloody well do! I renewed my Celtic ST this morning.

That (TRFC’s 45,000 STs) is almost EXACTLY what a Celtic official told me – and a rep from Res12 committee. I don’t care who wins a bent competition, nor would I be especially aggrieved if TRFC won it repeatedly. Why would you?

Ask anyone with even the slightest knowledge of Scottish football attendances what they would expect by way of a season ticket uptake at Ibrox next season and they’d say mid 40K. Three guys make a similar guestimate – so what? As for bent competitions – are you suggesting that the cheating is still going on? I thought it ended along with Rangers FC in 2012.

Our clubs have weakened themselves – when they did nothing about LNS, Byson, Res 12 and the New Metaphysics. If it is not important enough for them to get a little self respect, it is not important enough for me to care.

There are limits to what can be done and more importantly, what can be said in public. I am satisfied that Celtic have done and are continuing to do everything possible on Res 12. Celtic made a public statement following the LNS verdict in which they stated surprise at the conclusion that there was no sporting advantage. What they were really saying is “are you having a feckin laugh?” You write quite passionately for a guy who doesn’t care, by the way.

You are entitled to buy your ST as you wish (as soon as my club calls for an inquiry into all of the TOG accusations, I will too), and I have no quarrel with anyone who does so, especially if you do so in the knowledge that the whole thing is rigged and have little expectation that true competition is taking place.

When did you first not renew your ST? Again, do you believe that the competition is STILL rigged?

My expectations are different, and I guess that the expectations of our group as a whole are higher than that
Perhaps you are not convinced that the clubs (not exclusively but certainly including Celtic) have been part of the cover-up. Perhaps the thrill of seeing your team each week trumps the lack of sporting integrity. I just can’t square that circle.

The “thrill” of seeing my team each week? You CLEARLY haven’t been to many matches this season! They’d make your eyes bleed, but that’s another conversation. If it is ever proven that Celtic have colluded in a cover up of these scandals – for there are several – I will join your boycott without reservation. That day may or may not come. I hope it doesn’t.
We may be unhappy at the apparent lack of progress or official club comment on Res 12, EBT’s/DOS, LNS, conflicted SFA officers etc but remember this. It was not YOUR club that cheated and created this awful stink around Scottish football.

No but they all helped to maintain it – and are doing their damndest to make sure it never leaves us.

You don’t know that for sure.

EDIT: Just read this back and it seems a bit combative. I assure you that is not how I mean it to sound. We are clearly just worlds apart on our diagnosis of the problem, but your point of view deserves respect and I hope my reply reflected that.

Healthy exchange of opinion, no problem with that.

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