Reforming Scottish football – some initial questions


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August 24, 2012 at 23:14
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Theres quite a lot of shares unnaccounted for joe .

BTW has anyone had a read at duff and phelps latest admin status report ?

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Reforming Scottish football – some initial questions
easyJambo says:
August 24, 2012 at 18:57
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Another CMcL exclusive?

Chris McLaughlin‏@BBCchrismclaug
The largest single shareholder of #Rangers revealed… #BBCSport soon.

I hope he checks his sources this time and not rely on RM

Reforming Scottish football – some initial questions
Not sure how much credence to give this tweet but I must say I am sceptical.

Anyone eles hear this??? Sevco big fine coming their way I can reveal that the SPL endgame is very simple and one we’ve all come accustomed to, blackmail and extortion. The SPL investigation into Rangers is a foregone conclusion that will ultimately lead to the club being fined upwards of £10 million.

My source from Harper MacLeod had this to say on the matter:

“…the investigation into Rangers is has already been decided but due process has to be seen to have taken place. In the position of the SPL you certainly don’t involve a heavyweight such as Lord Nimmo without being sure things are going your way…

…the SPL aren’t at all interested in Rangers titles, what they are interested in however is the potential to recoup 10 years worth of prize money…

…the SPL care of Lord Nimmo will announce Rangers guilt and a fine totaling between £10-20 million pounds will issued. The initial fine will be overinflated as Rangers will inevitably appeal.

This will cause a Mexican standoff between Rangers, the SPL, the SFA and FIFA. If Rangers take their case to CAS then there’s a strong chance of the fine just being reduced. If they take their appeal outside of football as they did with the transfer ban then they will incur the wrath of FIFA who have little enough patience as it is on this matter. If Rangers refuse to pay citing that the newco aren’t liable for the damages then the SPL will threaten to refuse entry on the grounds that Rangers newco agree’d to pay the debt of the oldco…

…one things for sure though this saga isn’t finished just yet…

Bullying, Blackmailing, and Extortion.

There you have it, the end game of the SPL revealed. To continue their existence they must plug a 10 million pound black hole. The Rangers EBT case that I maintain is at best a clerical error is a convenient excuse to extort yet more money from Rangers to fill the SPL coffers.

No doubt there will be many skeptics calling this fantasy but this is what I have found. Believe it or do not believe it. · Reply
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Reforming Scottish football – some initial questions
Just a thought:

Doncaster has in the past stated that a league larger than 10 teams is not a viabIile option as it would lessen the number of games shown by TV companies. Now if we think of that, then one may come to the conclusion that any change to the league structure would require the SKY deal to be renegotiated. After all it would be for a format that Doncaster stated would be less attractive to them.
It would also be for a different structure to the one they signed up too. Unless of course, a reconstructed league next year, was part of the negotiations for the new deal.

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John Clark 21st September 2015 at 6:56 pm

A Scottish judge in a Scottish Court, finding against a Scottish institution. Not going to happen.

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Anyone in London tomorrow?

HereWeGoFor5InARow ‏@BhoyEddie2 48m48 minutes ago
“@pnot888: Very interesting at Chancery Court,London tomorrow Sports Direct v RIFC

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May 19, 2015 at 10:06 pm
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May 19, 2015 at 4:44 pm
Scottish FA statement / Mr Dave King
Tuesday, 19 May

“In considering the request, the Board of the Scottish FA has sought and received specialist independent legal advice, both in Scotland and South Africa”

Was it LNS they asked for legal advice?

Did Stewart Regan Ken Then Wit We Ken Noo?
Just noticed this on
Do not know how true it is or posters reliability.

Self certified yet in contradiction to Article 10.2 (j) of the SFA articles? We have a meeting on Friday to confirm that we are one of 3 clubs who will submit a complaint to the SFA. The grounds of the complaint are based upon his directorship of the BoD of RFC from 2007 onwards when that Club used tax evasion measures which brought Scottish football into serious disrepute and ultimately led to the liquidiation of a very prominent member of the SFA. As a Director, he would be party to and complicit in the tax evasion. He did not take any actions to stop or inform authorities of the act.

Raith and Alloa will make the complaint formally next week. Our biggies tell us that more will be co-signatories. It was funny……a rabid Rangers bigot predicted it would be Celtic, Dundee united & Hibs the three instigators! More his sad way of thinking than reality!!!

Spot the difference?
just seen this on twitter. If true does that mean they still have to pay the two hotels some money?

Andy Newport @AndyNewportPA · 20h 20 hours ago
Understand that the custom and practice of City law means that meetings at Millennium Gloucester and Grange Tower Bridge hotels will…

.still have to be called. They will immediately by adjourned. The custom of it means there has to be time to physically travel from…

…one venue to the other before the next meeting can be opened, which is why the MG meeting was 10am and GTB was at noon. Also why…
..March 4 might be viewed as too soon for the Ibrox date

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