Still a Battle for Survival

Apologies for the lack of activity this past few days. I had been expecting a guest blog, but it has failed to materialise thus far. I will endeavour to get that together over the next few days. In the meantine, the moderators would like to thank everyone for their cooperation in keeping some sanity in the face of the recent trolling activity. The self-policing aspect has been admirable over the last few days – as has the level of scrutiny applied to the information which has been coming in.

There have been, understandably, some comments on the blog and elsewhere about a perceived obsesssion here with Rangers and their offspring. Whilst I agree that the focus of this community should have a wider perspective, I don’t think it is obsessional to engage with the big story of the day – in fact it is neccessary that we do so.

Ultimately though TSFM’s longevity will depend on our ability to look at the wider issues, and that is at the top of our minds. We have recently been approached by some people about the possibility of our creating and publicising our own Scottish Football Financial Secrecy League in line with that created a while back for Christian Aid. That may give us some credibility as a watchdog, and utilise the expertise that many contributors have offered so freely in the past.

Right now though the new Rangers show is still headlining, and it is of interest, in the light of the impending share issue, whether the economics of running the new Rangers is really as precariously balanced as has been claimed by some of our number.

If our supsicions of Charles Green’s motives are correct, then we are bound to demonstrate why we think the share issue could be a device to either pay off Ticketus, or Green’s investors to the detriment of the fans.

If the new club’s finances are as precarious as has been stated, then it would point to the share issue being used as a cut and run exercise; but I am not at all convinced of that precariousness.

For example, I don’t accept that The Rangers are paying players an average weekly wage of even as much as £2500. I suspect that the actual figure is considerably less than that, and I hear that basic salaries for the higher quality new players is nearer the £1500 a week mark, with considerably less being offered to the younger guys. Of course performance bonuses would be added to that, but if my figure is correct, Green has a considerable amount of headroom to pay those bonuses.

On the other hand, Green will not have the sponsorship bucks, the media cash, or the prize money that old Rangers would have taken for granted, so there is a defecit there. It may also be of interest to see whether the reported figures for ST sales can be verified. I don’t think it would be churlish for Rangers fans to demand proof of that success before stumping up for a share or two, but one would have to say that reported high figures may well influence an investment decision – and in spite of those impressive numbers (35,000 STs sold) private investors still remain in hiding. It is at times like these that Adam would be an invaluable asset, bringing as he did an alternative and forensic accounting perspective to the somewhat wishful thinking of our non-Rangers tendency 🙂

If the success of Charles Green’s project is determined solely by how much money he makes, then it is in the interest of Rangers fans that any plans to line his own pockets via a share issue (if that is really his intention) are exposed. If Green’s accusers are correct (and let’s not forget that Rangers diehards like John Brown are among their number), then we would have to assume that his biggest success yet has been to get the bears onside, buying imprssively high numbers of STs, after the initial hostility he faced.

Rangers fans who have involved themsleves in critical thinking over the matter will know that some serious damage to the new club will be the result if Green is allowed to pull off any such scam, but they will also know that if he is genuinely invested in the well-being of the club, he is probably their best hope.

That is the dilemma they face.

All talk of stripping titles and history is a red-herring. The real problem for new Rangers is not lost titles or trophy notches on an Ibrox crossbar. It is, as it has been all summer long for old Rangers, survival.

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455 thoughts on “Still a Battle for Survival

  1. Got my Koala back, I see. He thanks Essex beancounter, but tells me the guy actually counted out the eight beans he gave him, and him starving! 🙂

  2. Tour of TRanger’s trophy room:

    Guide: “These are the trophies Mr Green’s company purchased”

    Tourist: “Where are the trophies you won?”

    Guide: “We’ve not won anything yet”

    Tourist: “Can I get my money back. I feel I’ve been mislead?”

  3. “Our primary role as Administrators was to rescue the business which has been achieved by Charles Green and his consortium…”

    That is a lie.

    When the CVA failed their primary role was to achieve the best result for the creditors.

    The reality is they were never concerned about the creditors and it was always about the business. That is why they made the acceptance of the CVA offer and the sale of the assets effectively the same deal. They sold the assets to the Green consortium before the CVA was even voted on.

    A conflict of interests from the outset. Right back to the Craig Whyte emails which Mark Daly showed on the BBC.

  4. ‘Regarding this quote from Charles Green’s statement:
    “The decision we have taken has not been taken lightly. There are powerful representatives from Clubs within the SPL – not all of them by any means – who appear hell bent on inflicting as much damage on Rangers as possible’

    Mr Green has, by his recklessness, placed all representatives of clubs in the SPL in a very serious and dangerous position. Surely, if for no other reason they will react to safeguard themselves and their clubs – or have we lost all sense of reality.

  5. Playing devils advocate here so bare with me.
    Lets say CG did in fact buy the trophys Of old rangers and it was all above board, surley all that means is he has bought rights to display a trophy museum of the old gers. Any league or cup wins by The Rangers can’t be merged with it and would be thier first ever trophy, right?

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