The Causes of Crime


Reading about the status of the ownership of the ‘basket …

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Reading about the status of the ownership of the ‘basket of assets ‘ I had a wee jog of my 67 year old memory.  There is a memory  false or otherwise whereby Craig White had moved Ibrox and MP to a second subsidiary of Wavetower who’s sole director  was Tom White. I understood that these assets were therefore not contained in the ‘basket’. Any of you clever guys remember this or has my old memory let me down again?

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The Causes of Crime
Jingo.Jimsie ???????? Isn’t Craig’s papa called Tom or should I get myself along to that well known Glasgow Memory clinic? ?
BTW I lol at your choice of music.

The Causes of Crime
Thanks Scott.  Don’t understand the jargon nor why these assets form part of what Sevco Scotland bought.

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Small Price to Pay?
Guys and girls, we can stop getting our panties in a twist. I have just been informed by an informed sevco supporting friend of mine that Graham Souness has been spotted on a white charger heading toward Govan accompanied by a posse of oil rich Egyptians.
Panic over.

End of the Road for King?
GUNNERB, it’s not just Coral who are at risk. Every football club who have advertised a match against TRFC Ltd as if it was versus RFC 2012 (il) could find themselves being caught up in the ‘tangled web’. I would include the SFA,SFL and SPFL in this as the relevant governing bodies who failed to correct the false impression that  TRFC was the same club as the the original club to play out of Ibrox. 
That’s a lot of potential fraud cases when taken over four and a bit years.

End of the Road for King?
AJ this could bring the whole shooting match down. Starting with Brechin City who advertised a game against Sevco Scotland Ltd as v Rangers. What about SFA SPL SFL and SPFL selling matches to Sky, BT and BBC on the Myth that TRFC was the same as Rangers FC incorporated in 1899. Interesting times ahead, maybe.

History, Neighbours and Made Up News
Great article Finloch .I agree with your analysis in respect to Celtic involvement and as a Celtic supporter I’m truly gutted. I can see Lawwell’s point about what is best for the PLC but it’s certainly not the best for football and the people who pay for it, both financially and emotionally.  My big fear is that the followers of the new Ibrox club will really kick off if things don’t go their way. What will the SFA and Spfl do then, poor things?

The Offline Game
WOTTPI,I don’t need anybody to warm to me, thank you. Just saying that next season is going to be very trying with the WATP all wound up and pointed at everyone else in the league. Mayhem is assured IMHO.

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