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I took my lead in using the word ‘blocked’ from …

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I took my lead in using the word ‘blocked’ from this: “I have had all my posts blocked since using the term “couch potato”, and subsequent argument as to why it was appropriate”  Reiver 5 Oct. moderation thread.

For clarity, Reiver said his posts were blocked. The mods recollection of events is rather different. The blocking was 100% of Reiver’s own design.

In fact he went as far as asking for his details to be removed from the site (a request with which we complied) although he asked that his posts be left since people would find them useful.

Sorry if I have misunderstood, I thought it was more that just a self inflicted exile.  You seemed to be unhappy with his ‘valedictory invective’.

Not at all unhappy Jimbo. Why do you say that?

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The Causes of Crime
Someone mentioned yesterday about Reiver being blocked on jj site.  it might be worthwhile pointing out that he was also blocked on here and some of his posts sent to the moderation thread – 5 October.

Er, not true Jimbo. Reiver resigned from SFM. He blocked himself.

I always feel a bit sad about Reiver.  When he came on to this blog he was a joy, full of enthusiasm and ideas.  Could be humorous too.  I supported him on several occasions.

But he took the stated aims of TSFM very seriously.  He wanted action by all of us.  He was very DRIVEN.  As time went on it was obvious he was getting more and more frustrated and eventually angry at the inaction.  ‘Couch potatoes’ springs to mind.  He was the same on jj site.  After a few spats jj had enough, same as on here.

I tried to point out to him the similarities with politics, there are very few activists.  Most people just read about things and vote in an election.

There are very few JCs, EJs, Res 12 guys and Reivers.  Taking their lead I sent an Email to ‘Private Eye’ about the Tax Justice Network article.  The did a column on it a few weeks later (not saying it was because of me).

Maybe we all have different expectations from a blog site.  My primary purpose in reading sites like this is to be informed.  It’s my new ‘newspaper’.  Much that I read is speculation and opinions, not always provable hard facts.  I’m prepared for that and feel I have enough intelligence to distinguish the difference.  These new media sites in that respect are no different to the old media.  Except I think the new media blogs have raised the bar much, much higher in terms of integrity, truthfulness and the quality of questions they ask.

The Causes of Crime
James Forrest now running with the water story.  Meter installers been working around Ibrox the past few weeks.

Regarding jjs post this evening it was obviously written in rage.  The difference is Homonculus was proactive in his character assassination jj was reactive.

The Causes of Crime
Totally agree Killie1962,  Homonculus was out of order earlier, made it very personal.  Other posters who disagreed with jj did it politely and concentrated on the argument.   I tried earlier on to reign things in in a muted way by pointing out that there was another site saying there was a story there.  And that we don’t know what the £2m figure consists of.

It is ironic that the very attitude that Homonculus paints jj with is the very attitude he displays himself. 

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It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Radio Clyde has broken down

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Dom16,  Was thinking about Christmas decorations today.  I took mine down.  Most neighbours have done the same.  Nowadays with the huge build up to Christmas from November we are ready to put it behind earlier than in the past.  It used to be customary to keep decorations up until 5 Jan. ‘Epiphany Eve’ or ‘twelfth night’.  It’s good to see them go up but good to see them put away for another year!
(Merry Christmas).

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Historical / hysterical January transfers:
Jean-Alain Boumsong (Rangers to Newcastle £8m, 2005)
This was a strange signing on many levels, with Newcastle paying Rangers £8m for Boumsong’s services just a few months after he’d been available on a free.

The Newcastle manager?  G. Souness! 21

(Think he received an EBT after it)

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
Just dawned on me it might be easier to just disable the thumb down button rather than introducing a LIKE button. 

It Is Better To Offer No Excuse Than A Bad One
The thumbs down misuse mystifies me.  It happens often.  I wish we had a simple LIKE button with no dislike option.  You either vote for a post in a positive way or scroll past.  I know it would sacrifice the option of registering a strong disagreement in points of principle, but worth it I think. 

It would take away the perverse satisfaction of these trolls.  Besides, our great posters are very able to counter any dubious posts with logical counter arguments. (Which can then be LIKED)

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