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Not sure how Scottish water bill customers, but down south …

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Not sure how Scottish water bill customers, but down south part of any water bill includes a charge for the disposal of surface water. This means that customers pay a charge for the removal of rainwater from their premises via the authorities sewers to a local watercourse or sewage treatment works.
The cost of this charge can be anywhere between 50p or £1 per square metre of impermeable area per annum. I have no idea of how much impermeable area the club control but the car park or roofs are not small I would imagine.
However what is interesting is that charities including churches do not pay this charge and are exempt.
i just wonder when the new company applied for the water charges to be put in the name of the new company that someone just carelessly ticked the wrong box on the application form saying that the water bill would be paid by a charity.

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Who Is Conning Whom?
When a football team is reformed after going bust in England, The FA insist that the new club has a slightly different name than the original.
eg Halifax Town became F.C. Halifax Town
Hereford United became Hereford FC
Aldershot became Aldershot Town
Chester City became Chester FC
Now if Rangers had changed their name slightly on the insistence of the Scottish FA then I think we would never be having this debate.
Not sure of the SFA’s reason of not following the English FA’s common sense rules perhaps it was the thought of losing the blue pound if CG wouldn’t sign the 5WA unless he could keep the exact same name.
My view is that the SFA/SFL blinked first and didn’t realise they had the upper hand in the negotiations because Rangers wouldn’t have any where to play if the SFA/SFL had said no to the same name condition.

Launch of SFSA Fans’ Survey
How did DCK get away with being a director of this new enterprise when you read this

Time for Scots Government to Take Bull by the Horns
I think someone needs to talk with Bert Kassiesa who is the unofficial UEFA coefficient expert.

There is a new ten year coefficient table that has been draw up and he seems to be saying that the new rangers have claimed the old rangers coefficient points.
Now, I am not sure if he has info from official UEFA sources and is just mistaken.
i just think someone needs to contact him.

The Lost Voice of the Armageddon Virus
I noticed that it was tweeted yesterday that Findlay said that Whyte had paid £1.7m for H&S work, whereas in the week I thought it had been tweeted that the H&S work had not been done.
who do we believe?

The Lost Voice of the Armageddon Virus
Not sure if it has been mentioned on here, but now that Manchester Utd have won the Europa League means that Aberdeen now have a bye in the first qualifying round of this year’s Europa League competition.
St Johnstone and Rangers are seeded in first qualifying round

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