Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?

Saying the last couple of weeks has been colourful for Scottish Football would be an understatement.

We are now in a position where we have a Taskforce co-chaired by the heads of two clubs to look at what needs to be done in the Covid 19 landscape right now and into whatever future unfolds.

Representatives of the clubs first convened last Monday and Graham Tatters, Elgin City chairman told BBC Saturday Sportsound that the 2nd division has already agreed unanimously to back 3 leagues of 14 as their preferred option.

On the same show Iain McMenemy, Chairman of Stenhousemuir effectively told us among other things that nothing in Scottish Football is ever easy, and mentioned that he believed the fans should be involved in any process.

Around the same time a very welcome conversation was underway between Les Gray, Taskforce co-chair and Paul Goodwin of the SFSA with Les asking for and welcoming fan input.

Dave Allen Called Our Future Years Ago

His oft quoted “I wouldn’t be starting from here joke” is a remarkable insight into where we find ourselves.
Our game is on the cusp of internecine war following the confusing combination of events we’ve all see playing out.

The hastily convened Taskforce has co-chairs who have also been quoted in the MSM as having different agendas, one for an immediate solution and one for a long-term plan.
Nothing wrong with that, in fact brilliant, we need both because they are interrelated.
Collectively we have to ask not just how do we minimise the economic and social impacts of the pandemic but also how do we start to shape our game for a better future?

Both these needs are right nows and both are the remit of the current Taskforce.

Now is the Time to Circle Our Wagons

This unique, open-ended, revenue-winter hit our clubs unexpectedly and overnight.
It is already brutal and will get worse with no current exit plan and no future certainties.
We know Dave Cormack’s Aberdeen is currently burning £1M per month.
No club has Covid immunity and a world of salary reductions, deferrals furloughed staff, little in the coffers and no exit strategy or road map out is a stark reality.
It’s hard to imagine that footballers have become liabilities rather than assets in a blink of an eye.
But it’s not hard to foresee that the financial stress on our clubs will see casualties.
Never before have we needed inter and intra-club teamwork for the common good.
But not in Scottish Football where an internecine spat is about to flare big time.

Civil War Breaking Out?

The record will show the recent SPFL Good Friday vote got an 80% plus backing vote from the clubs but in reality became a farce as Dundee eventually changed their “casting” vote.
This was paralleled by the “whistleblower” outburst by Rangers interim chairman Douglas Park demanding immediate suspension of Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie and an independent inquiry that sort of happened but not to the satisfaction of some.
One week later it rages on in the media with words today like “damning evidence, serious concerns, lack of fair play, coercing and bullying” being the vocabulary fed to the MSM to share with their audiences.

It seems some clubs have become unhappy with how our game is run and want to do something about it, so welcome to our world guys, – us fans have been saying that for a long time.
Our game needs big change but it won’t happen overnight and a pandemic crisis is maybe not the best timing for internecine strife.

Closing Down 2019 – 2020

This season is already ended for all Scottish clubs outside the Premiership.
UEFA didn’t do much to help and could have been more proactive in stopping inter club squabbling but plus ca change.
Most football people I have spoken to (with their self-interest hats off) were not totally happy with the implications of closing the season early and pro rata-ing points to decide champions but pragmatically accept it is the best answer or the least worst solution.
Asked about teams being relegated while having a bona-fide chance of fighting back there is less support and indeed genuine heartfelt pushback.

Some more enlightened leagues like the Lowland League who took the decision to avoid further damage on some of their members at this time through a no relegation policy and a wait and see what’s best are seen as wiser.

What Needs To Be Done Today?

We all know that out of the Budge/Gray Taskforce there will be a few options put on the table.
There is always the status quo of 4 leagues 12, 10, 10, 10.
A 14, 14, 14, setup was discussed and voted on by the current second division clubs last Friday.
Our own similar suggestion published on your SFM was 14, 14 and a bottom league of 16 to keep the integrity of the pyramid.

Two weeks on, a more pragmatic option and one to be considered by all might be to agree no relegation for now and to wait until more is known over the next crucial weeks.
We have time on our hands and no need to rush.
Why not take our lead from the sages at the Lowland League?

As a fan what do you think?

Should we plan for an interim period?
Should it be status quo?
Do we apply parameters (like no relegation) but accept that any other plan has to be kept flexible till more is known and agreed?

Your insights and views are welcome by Ms. Budge, Mr. Gray and their team either on this forum where I’ll read and collate them or if you prefer sent to me at

What Needs To Be Done for Our Tomorrows?

We live in the real world and that means money is and always will be the prime driver and starting point.
Money is entwined with self-interest, status, power, politics and sometimes greed.

A given is every club will always want more and that is the easiest of several elephants in any room when looking at change to impact positively on the future of our game as a whole.

But maybe, just maybe now is different.
Post Covid many clubs will be on their knees financially and it will be a different world.

Les Gray’s Million Pounds Question For all Fans

No surprise it’s not an easy one
If you were charged with helping to create a sustainable and healthy future for Scottish Football is what would you do?

How would you advise Les, Ann and their Taskforce team about the right moves to make?

Once again insights welcome on SFM or to

As a starter for 10 some stuff that has come up in previous SFSA fan surveys about our game (in alphabetical order) includes –
Better Communication, Bigger Leagues, Community Involvement, Council Telly live games, Gate Sharing, Grass Roots Investment, Fairness, Family Friendly, Fewer clubs, Integrity, Kids Free, Leadership, Less leagues, No Bigotry, Openness, Outside expertise, Same rules for all, Schools Football, Simplicity, Standing Sections, Summer Football, TV Kick-off times, Regional Lower Leagues, Reserve League, Strict Liability, Transparency, Wholesome Sponsors etc.

The list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to add any others.
Some will be contradictory, some nice to haves but the crucial thing to do is to find the smartest moves and build on them.

We’re responding to Les and Ann in good faith

Never before have we the fans been asked in such an open way.

Collectively we have a short-term end of season issue and a need to set up our game for what comes next which might include an interim period.

The background to any responses you offer is uncertainty exacerbated by growing internecine chaos and increasing vitriol.

I’ll end with some wise and hopeful words by a Taskforce Co- chair

Without openness, transparency and pragmatism we will simply keep making the same mistakes.

Ann Budge

708 thoughts on “Les Says It is Time to Ask The Audience?

  1. easyJambo 7th May 2020 at 20:22

    How are the SPFL board appointed, they must have an employer, or be voted on by the members. They cannot select / employ themselves and have a job for life with no-one to answer to.

    Long story short, if there is so much evidence of incompetence why not just sack them.

  2. easyJambo 7th May 2020 at 20:22


    I beg to differ re:the disrepute charge EJ. Unanswered questions/allegations are just that. As I understand it the disrepute charge is levied as an exemplar not to cow dissent but to encourage a reasoned and responsible approach to accountability. Throwing mud here there and everywhere in the hope that some of it might stick doesn't stand as responsible approach.TRFC have questioned the probity and indeed honesty of ND in particular  If I was to be vilified and traduced in such a public manner then I would certainly be seeking redress.Disrepute charges be hanged..it's a far worse personal calumny that TRFC have to answer for.In spite of the foregoing I carry no torch for ND but at the very least produce something tangible to attack him with eg 5 way agreement. .As you say "I can't find any evidence of illegality" ,in this regard the Dossier is not damp,it's wringing wet.

  3. Homunculus 7th May 2020 at 20:48

    easyJambo 7th May 2020 at 20:22

    How are the SPFL board appointed, they must have an employer, or be voted on by the members. They cannot select / employ themselves and have a job for life with no-one to answer to.

    Long story short, if there is so much evidence of incompetence why not just sack them.


    The “club” directors (3 x Prem, 2 x Champ and 1 x L1 or L2) are elected by the member clubs. They also have to be re-elected at every AGM should they wish to stand again.

    I don’t know how many of the current club directors will be putting themselves forward for re-election at the next AGM (in June?).


  4. easyJambo 7th May 2020 at 21:02

    I was more thinking of the people like Neil Doncaster, how does he get his position and who does he answer to.


  5. Homunculus 7th May 2020 at 21:07

    easyJambo 7th May 2020 at 21:02

    I was more thinking of the people like Neil Doncaster, how does he get his position and who does he answer to.


    The Chief Exec, Chairman and the non-Exec Directors are all appointed (and can be removed) by the Board.

    An Appointments Committee will undertake the recruitment process and make a recommendation to the Board.

    It's fairly standard stuff.

  6. Homunculus 7th May 2020 at 21:07

     ‘Neil Doncaster, how does he get his position and who does he answer to’


    Doncaster’s appointment was announced 7 July 2009


    “…….(Lex) Gold, Hibernian chairman Rod Petrie and Rangers chief executive Martin Bain formed the SPL sub-committee that carried out the recruitment process over the past six months.

    The SPL chairman said: “We have been engaged in a detailed recruitment process for some time now. The role attracted international interest.

    “Neil was the unanimous choice of those involved in the process. He has had excellent experience in club football with Norwich City and with his involvement with the FA and the Football League.

    “That experience will hold him in good stead to lead the SPL team and deal with the challenges that lie ahead.”

    And as sitting CEO Doncaster remained in post when the SFL was absorbed to create the SPFL.



  7. easyJambo 7th May 2020 at 21:31


    Thanks ej.

    So presumably if the board of the SPFL decided that if he was incompetent, corrupt or any of the things he seems to have been accused of they could also terminate his appointment.

    It will be interesting to see if, as a matter separate from the resolution (which is the primary purpose of the dossier) being voted on by the members, the SPFL board also consider his position.

    Surely they must do that, as the material has now been put to them by a member. Albeit for a different purpose. 

    This may not be over for Mr Doncaster, even if the resolution fails.

  8. My reading of the Rangers* dossier is that they have pulled as much mud together as they could and thrown it at the SPFL wall to see how much will stick.

    The SPFL as we all know is a flawed organisation with people I wouldn’t trust to run a bath. The membership appears to be riven with vested interests.

    I have some Board-level experience of parties making accusations against senior company personnel, use of internal auditors for an ‘independent’ investigation and then having to commission a completely independent investigation.

    None of the complainer’s claims were found to hold water except for one small administrative issue but I believe that still did not satisfy the person concerned.
    Sound familiar?

    There was considerable cost incurred and high levels of stress for everyone involved. Nobody would ever want to go through that again.

    In today’s circumstances and bearing in mind the lack of any ‘smoking gun’ I agree with EJ that this is probably not going to end up as a vote in favour of the Rangers* motion for an independent investigation.

    I think too that the SPFL will not have any appetite for the armageddon that would occur should they seek to sanction Rangers* in any way for their behaviour and claims. 

    If I actually understood what Rangers* wanted to get out of this situation I’d be better able to suggest how it may turn out. Alas, rationality and perspective seem to be in short supply down Ibrokes way.

    Scottish Football needs a strong Arbroath.


  9. TRFC are going down. It's only a matter of time. Mibees they need someone at the SPFL a bit more malleable than Doncaster for an after the event reincarnation.

  10. easyJambo 7th May 2020 at 20:22
    Having read through the “dossier” at a bit more length, I don’t believe that TRFC will face a disrepute charge.
    EX-SPL chief Roger Mitchell says Rangers should be deducted points next season if they don’t apologise.

    And he insisted he would demand £250,000 in recompense if he was in charge of the SPFL.
    The Celtic-daft businessman was asked what he would do if he was in Neil Doncaster’s shoes.

    He answered: “Let me answer as a pro rather than a fan.

    “If/when this doesn’t land a blow on me I start talking about monetary recompense.

    “The cost of Deloitte, lawyers, time and resources. All billed to Rangers.

    “Plus the damages for disrepute to the SPFL and Neil and [Murdoch MacLennan]. £250k.

    “Then I go to Rangers and tell them they are formal probation.

    “If they don’t behave now it’s a point deduction next season.

    “’Behave’ means a full apology and public agreement on ending the season. Praise for the SPFL.

    “If not, points off. They are lucky Neil is nicer than me.”
    I don’t think he agrees with you ej

  11. I have not read the dossier yet but heard Stewart Robertson on Clyde say it was about achieving better governance of the game in Scotland.

    Join the bloody queue mate, join the queue, but lets not base it on questions.

    Lets base it on knowns as set out in https://www.res12.uk or the stalled SFA JPDT into the UEFA licence process in 2011  or the Terms of Reference for the LNS Commission ironically skewed by the same action TRFC accuse SPFL of i.e withholding key information.

    A wee reminder here of that. https://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/was-lord-nimmo-smith-duped/ 

    Finally SFM covered the glaring governance deficiency that does need address at 

    https://www.sfm.scot/jpp-perverting-justice/ and it is independent oversight of those deciding which direction they want any enquiry to go. How is it done? Who decides? is it minuted and published?

    If Robertson is to be believed that its about improving governance he should have no objection to using actual evidence that supports TRFC's case for it.


  12. bullish Stewart Robertson insists Rangers DIDN’T accuse SPFL staff of ‘bullying and coercion’
    The guy must not read his clubs own web page.
    STEWART ROBERTSON has hit back at the SPFL and insisted Rangers NEVER accused league chiefs of bullying and corruption.

    Ibrox bosses finally put their long-awaited dossier to the other 41 clubs this morning – with SunSport first to reveal the key details.
    But their document has been angrily dismissed by league bosses, who claim that it “failed to identify a single shred of evidence” of coercion and bullying mentioned by Gers previously.

    In an April 10 statement, Rangers said: “Over the last 36 hours, we have received numerous reports from fellow Scottish clubs relating to attempts to coerce and bully them into voting for the SPFL’s own resolution.

    “We are proud that many fellow clubs will stand strong and not be swayed.”

    However, managing director Robertson was keen to set the record straight by saying the Light Blues did NOT accuse SPFL staff of bullying.
    “At no point did we talk about corruption as mentioned in their statement or bullying and coercion by SPFL staff.
    I don’t know were the corruption part came into things but the rangers own statements even today state we will not be Bullied.
    And their own statement from April 11 said Rangers will not be bullied into silence.

  13. Stewart Robertson a whistle blower you say … 


    Rangers MD Stewart Robertson ducks out of SPFL meeting as whistle-blower faces axe over classified leak

    Robertson staggered his colleagues on the league’s board by going public with an avalanche of commercially sensitive information.

    Rangers managing director Stewart Robertson has claimed the SPFL’s governance was the worst he’s ever known as his position on the league board hung in the balance.

    The Ibrox MD turned whistle-blower to leak classified material straight from the Hampden boardroom into the club’s 200-page dossier that accuses the SPFL of a string of damaging wrong-doings.

    Robertson ducked out of a league board meeting scheduled for Thursday afternoon, hours after Rangers’ long-awaited report landed.

    One league source claimed last night: “The feeling is Stewart has effectively resigned himself from the board. It could be argued that the information he has handed over is a breach of company law. What is absolutely clear, however, is that his place on the board is untenable.”

    Robertson later conducted a series of interviews slamming the league’s corporate governance.

    The 200-page document was finally handed over to the other 41 clubs in Scotland yesterday morning ahead of next week’s extraordinary general meeting, when Rangers will hope to force through a wide ranging, QC led probe into the conduct of chief executive Neil Doncaster and legal adviser Rod McKenzie.

    And Robertson has staggered his colleagues on the league’s board by going public with an avalanche of commercially sensitive information.

    But before he took part in interviews, his club made a litany of allegations. Rangers claim:

    * SPFL bosses failed to reveal a £10 million liability to Sky Sports and BT Sports for calling the season early.

    * Doncaster had spoken of handing league sponsorship rights to Sky, worth £1.5 million a year, to offset the liability – without informing SPFL clubs.

    * The SPFL and SFA wrote to UEFA on April 4 claiming the ‘vast majority’ of SPFL clubs wanted to end the season – six days before the resolution vote was even held and without consultation with clubs.

    * Doncaster failed to report allegations of bullying made to him by Inverness and Dundee against Dunfermline and Alloa to the SPFL board.

    * The SPFL know reconstruction talks are a sham as they require contract renegotiations with broadcasters – but didn’t tell the clubs.

    Robertson is particularly scathing about the SPFL’s corporate governance and revealed 15 sets of board minutes went unapproved as recently as April 26.

    Robertson said: “There’s no point moaning about things behind the scenes if you’ve got the opportunity to do something about it and that’s where we are now.

    “Personally, I’ve had five stints, going back to 2003, on the board of the SPL and SPFL and I’ve never known the governance to be as bad as it is now.

    “If clubs really want to make a change then they need to stand up and be counted to do this. If they don’t then they are going to be stuck with what they have got.”

    The Rangers dossier, supported by Hearts and Stranraer, will prompt an independent investigation if 75 per cent of member clubs decide the SPFL have a case to answer at an egm on Tuesday.

    That’s unlikely to happen, but Robertson revealed fellow SPFL clubs have been in contact to offer support.

    He added: “There have been a few. All the calls I’ve had have been positive. I expect over the next two to three days we’ll get a better feel for how that is sitting.”

    Rangers have called for the suspension of Doncaster and lawyer Rod McKenzie.

    Robertson said: “I had some real challenges with the way some really material information was omitted from the briefing paper which clubs were given. Incidentally, it wasn’t approved by the board before it was sent out.

    “There could be potential liabilities of up to £10m in relation to sponsorship and broadcasting contracts. That’s a real threat to some clubs.”

    Robertson’s place on the board will be examined by the SPFL after next week’s EGM.

    A source said last night: “Various board members planned to grill Stewart about his position at yesterday’s board meeting but, at the last minute, he decided not to take part in the conference call. Perhaps it was a wise move.”

    With the EGM vote scheduled for Tuesday it’s unlikely any move will be made in the interim to force Robertson off the board.

    Our source added: “The priority now will be to see how the clubs vote at the EGM. But, after that, it’s impossible to see how Stewart can possibly remain as part of a board which he believes, at the very best, to be guilty of incompetence.”

    Shortly after Rangers had released their dossier, the SPFL issued a stern rebuttal of the allegations.

    A spokesperson said: “It is now a month since Rangers accused the SPFL of bullying and corruption relating to the Dundee FC return.

    “At last, Rangers have issued their ‘dossier’ and we will now take time to review it, before responding to all 42 clubs.

    “Since Rangers publicly demanded the suspension of the SPFL’s chief executive and legal counsel, everyone in Scottish football has waited patiently for them to present their case.

    “However, an initial examination of their ‘dossier’ has failed to identify a single shred of evidence to support Rangers’ vociferous claims of corruption, bullying and coercion by SPFL staff.

    “If Rangers have any good reason for Neil Doncaster and Rod McKenzie to be suspended, we have yet to see it.”

  14. Looks like Robertson should 'hurry up' and do the decent thing – and resign from the SPFL Board…

    before he gets punted!

  15. StevieBC 8th May 2020 at 00:22

    '.Looks like Robertson should 'hurry up' and do the decent thing –'


    RFC of 1872 under SDM had absolutely no understanding of what 'decency' means

    TRFC have shared that lack of understanding since its creation in 2012. 

    SDM's 'Rangers' lied prodigiously for years and got away, unpunished, with their lies.

    The new 'Rangers' are in themselves a living lie, claiming to be what they are not.

    From SDM right through to Robertson we have had nothing but lies and deceit, with their lies and deceit handily supported by our football authorities and the running dog jackals of the SMSM.

    Honest to God! 

    Let's hope the internecine fighting kills off all the baddies.



  16. Auldheid 7th May 2020 at 22:40


    I asked yesterday if the only difference this very day was that Rangers were 13 points clear would they have still felt motivated to issue a dossier? I think we all know the answer. Also, the question will forever remain why some members of the media are getting so animated about this when they have ignored far greater scandals supported by facts. Facts that have been made available to them which they chose to either ignore or ridicule. 

    It's not about governance at all in my view, it's about Rangers trying to manipulate future governance of the game to suit them. It's about Rangers casting enough smears and doubt without proof to try and force that change anyway. 

    We can't have an 'Independent' Inquiry in Scotland. It's simply not possible. In fact, history shows you that the UK as a whole have so called Independent Inquiries that are proven thirty years later to be a gerrymandered sham. Scottish Football has had a gerrymandered sham of its own in the past decade. The SFA appear to be sitting on another because they are backed into a corner. Both of those Inquiries were into events that hugely benefited 'Rangers'. I don't think I need to say any more. 

  17. upthehoops 8th May 2020 at 07:12

    It's not about governance at all in my view, it's about Rangers trying to manipulate future governance of the game to suit them. It's about Rangers casting enough smears and doubt without proof to try and force that change anyway.


    You could very well be spot on there, uth.

    This could explain TRFC's seemingly irrational behaviour – and MD Robertson's continued, fast talking gibberish.

    Mibbees it is as simple as: Doncaster – and McKenzie / McLellan ? – are not being malleable enough for TRFC's purposes…

    and which could cause problems for the Blue Room if there was an insolvency event at Ibrox?

    The never-ending rage spewing from Ibrox across the Scottish game is way beyond tedious now. 

    If the SPFL was ever going to surprise the paying punters with a positive, meaningful action – for the benefit of the game – now would be a good time.

    (I know.  smiley )

  18. StevieBC 8th May 2020 at 08:28


    My view is they will not get the required votes they want. My view is also that 'Operation Asterisk' will then come into play. They already have their media placemen on the case. As I said, if they were 13 clear would there be a dossier? If not, why not? A genuine concern about governance should be followed through no matter what.  

    In my view they are simply using these unforseen and tragic events to try and force through a decision which is borne out of pure spite. 

  19. Quite simply "the rangers" dont give a flying f**k about any other club or Sccottish football . They aint the big fish anymore and they cant handle it . They know they are going back to square one as Mk II Rangers are about to go down the same route as the original Rangers  . Like a big bully always does if they cant have their own way , they will try and cause as much damage on their way down.

  20. If Rangers were 13 points clear my view is we would still have some kind of dossier but it would come from Celtic. It is also my view that social media would be overwhelmed to breaking point with opinions that the authorities were manipulating the current uncertainty in trying to stop the league and hand it to Rangers.

    However, hypothetical situations are pointless and prove absolutely nothing. Rangers have made a fool of themselves and hopefully a sustained period of silence will emerge from Ibrox but I hae ma doots about that.

  21. incredibleadamspark 8th May 2020 at 10:38

    While Celtic may well have done their level best to ensure TRFC were not handed the league title I very much doubt they'd have come up with the amateurish 'dossier' type 'evidence' that TRFC have produced. For one thing, they wouldn't have had to try too hard to come up with some sort of leverage, such as Resolution12, or even threaten, privately, to raise the good old secret 5 Way Agreement. 

    I'm pretty certain that Celtic could, if they so wished, end the Great Lie and finish off, not only TRFC, but also all those who aided and abetted them while involved in the game's governance in 2012 and for some time before and after. They could also just threaten to raise Financial Fair Play with UEFA showing how TRFC signed players they couldn't afford (even after they'd posted such disastrous, touch and go UEFA compliant, Accounts) that enabled them to go so far in the UEFA Cup.

    It certainly appears that Celtic have little to fear from TRFC's vindictiveness in terms of honesty and rule breaking, while the opposite is true the other way round, which is why they, TRFC, have had to go after their erstwhile friends at Hampden.

  22. Allyjambo, all that’s a possible for sure but I just feel that for some fans it doesn’t matter if you wear the green and grey hoops or an orange away top you will fit your views around certain events in Scottish football to suit predetermined opinions/conspiracies.

    Scottish football is facing an uncertain future, as is our society, and the way Rangers have went about things has been an absolute embarrassment. I just can not see what they are hoping to achieve. Stay safe.

  23. Whilst it's true that CFC have their 'ace in the hole' with  regard to (especially historical) malfeasance by Oldco, Sevco and SPFL/SFA, I feel it is more important than ever that they 'keep their powder dry' (which, to me, they have done admirably to date), and let this unsavoury dispute continue.

    There will be plenty of opportunity for input as the warring factions continue this pitched battle which could irrevocably damage our game (our world wide reputation will be in tatters) as they tear themselves apart.

    Slightly off topic, what I also see 'coming down the tracks' is another statement from the current Govan incarnation about the validity of my club's inevitable (and in any sensible person's eye – deserved?)  title triumph. These days especially,  is a lot of 'bad blood' and ill will emanating from them – as they desperately seek to sell season books and survive (I think their demise is inevitable though – proven, to me, by increasingly desperate, deflective utterances. They also seem determined to take others down with them).

    A final thought – would Sevco accept an advance if Celtic were to defer payment due from SPFL in order to bail them out? ( Ever so slightly tongue in cheek!).



  24. I think it's fairly obvious what they are hoping to achieve. If a 3rd version is on the cards then this is all leverage in a " you owe us " for what you brought about and if there is no future club* then it's just deflecting the blame for their imminent demise. The tantrums and finger pointing seemed to increase around the time they "should have " submitted the interims for scrutiny to secure a euro licence. Without the prospect of income from either the CL or Europa then there is no way to paint any hope for them . Doncaster and Co may have been willing to bend the rules to favour them in the past but they are not prepared to sacrifice themselves for their cause when the odds of success are so slim. Both King and Traynor were smart enough to depart before the inevitable hit the fan , their silence at the moment speaks volumes.

  25. incredibleadamspark


    It was my post you were replying to so I will give you the courtesy of a response. Whether or not Celtic would have had a 'dossier' we will never know. If they did, I would hope it would be stronger than the shambolic offering from Ibrox yesterday. Celtic have enough in their possession to bring several people down, in particular over the 2011 Euro licence. Why they don't is beyond me and others. As some have speculated, they might not want the fans to know just how much they knew at the time. However, that should not have stopped the media going after it. Yet people like Tom English who chose to mock it have tied their flag firmly to the mast of innuendo and smears coming from Ibrox. It is truly bizarre. 


  26. incredibleadamspark 8th May 2020 at 11:49 Allyjambo, all that’s a possible for sure but I just feel that for some fans it doesn’t matter if you wear the green and grey hoops or an orange away top you will fit your views around certain events in Scottish football to suit predetermined opinions/conspiracies. Scottish football is facing an uncertain future, as is our society, and the way Rangers have went about things has been an absolute embarrassment. I just can not see what they are hoping to achieve. Stay safe.


    I agree that many/most supporters of all clubs (even ones who conflate grey with white) form their opinions around whatever suits their argument, it is more or less the same in every aspect of life, but as you say, TRFC's vindictive attempt at achieving goodness knows what is an absolute embarrassment, especially to thinking bears; and Celtic, whether through integrity or just having smarter people at the top, are extremely unlikely to ever make such a pig's ear of trying to 'encourage' others to facilitate their required outcome.

    Hope you stay safe, too.

  27. eJ, I thought that first page from the SPFL was going to end with something like;

    “…and so Stewart Robertson is immediately suspended from the SPFL Board, pending an investigation into his conduct around this dispute…”

    There can’t be any trust whatsoever between Robertson and other Board members and clubs.

    And that first page was, IMO, very deliberately personalised against Robertson.

    The SPFL – and Doncaster himself – could have earned some brownie points with the supporters if they had taken action.

    Opportunity missed, again?

  28. Suddenly Mr Robertson seems to have ever more to say about TRFC's dissatisfaction with the world and its aunt. Amongst his words there are, I believe, some indicators as to what it has always been about. They need money from wherever they can get it but certainly will not be able to pay any of it back, if broadcaster clawbacks had to ensue, due to the current situation in the country.

    It seems to me to always have been about the Ibrox club's desperate need of any kind of cash recently and, so desperate are they, that they do not wish any income source threatened by decisions which did not suit its current agenda/needs. Follow, follow the lack of money spawning outrage.

    The Ibrox entity has absolutely no altruism within its being and its posturing as the guardian angel of the game in Scotland is laughable. TRFC is not, any longer (if it ever were) the most important club in the country. It needs to remember what favours it has received from the same folk now being sorely criticised for not bending the knee in homage to a shower of deluded charlatans. The rest of football has more important things to be doing at this time, other than pandering to TRFC panic and paranoia.

    I do hope the required number of clubs will rally to point Indiana's pistol at the Ibrox sword, as so wittily highlighted by an earlier post.

    Condolences to all who have lost relatives recently.

    (Don't post very much these days, as mainly based in Bad Ischl, Austria via my second EU passport. Just couldn't take much more of the people running the UK and Brexit Britain, particularly in England, after the last General Election.)

    Best wishes to all. Stay safe and well.

  29. StevieBC 8th May 2020 at 12:54

    I think your point was addressed in page 2 of the SPFL letter, Stevie, (sorry, can't copy and paste it) in the paragraph that begins, 'Several of us have also been asked…' where it ends by saying that they can't comment until after the EGM, which I think would naturally be the case.

    Can I say that the SPFL board do not seem to have missed TRFC, and in particular Stewart Robertson, and hit the wall. It is also clear from the paragraph I refer to that some of the clubs, at least, share our view that TRFC's actions are/were 'bringing the game into disrepute'. There appears to be genuine anger within the ranks of the SPFL, though it looks like Robertson has been set up to be the sacrificial lamb (or lump under the carpet) and may be used to deflect the full repercussions from the club he was acting on behalf of. 

  30. AJ, thanks I missed that;

    “…but we will return to this important issue in due course…”

    Still think there are more than sufficient grounds for his immediate suspension though.

    However, the SPFL certainly doesn’t seem to be rolling over this time for Ibrox – which is refreshing. broken heart


  31. I have always found Stewart Robertson's position a mystery.

    As others have said he seems to be viewed as a safe pair of hands and measured in his actions. Yet we now have the impression of a screaming banshee on the loose.

    I have often said as soon as you get to the top of the marble stair case you get injected with some WATP juice that takes over all sensible thinking.

    The fact remains, however, that I am guessing many of us have sat in boardrooms and meetings year on year (filled with folks who would describe themselves as 'professional people' with 'experience') being somewhat amazed at the goings on, decision making and incompetence but kept our mouths shut anyway for various reasons.

    At some point, some people do break and say enough is enough.

    Folk like Budge have come into the game with some having the hope of maybe seeing a change but perhaps the whole running of the SFA and SPFL is so set in stone its hard for anyone to make an impact in terms of real change.

    Why Robertson, why this argument and why now? Who knows, but we can all have a guess.

    Either way he is probably looking at an exit door somewhere and my guess is he will probably be glad of it closing behind him.

  32.    If Third Rangers is the game, weakening the competition to which they would "return", makes perfect sense…..From a morally corrupt despicable point of view. ……..All for the good of the game old chap. 

  33. Maybe some folk think the new club has/should have the same clout as the old club , and are upset that it doesn't . And Mr Robertson seems angered that the rules didn't allow TRFC/RIFC's preferred outcome . There's still nobody with the cojones to tell Mr Park that he is nothing to do with the football club , he is merely the chairman of the holding company .

  34. StevieBC 8th May 2020 at 13:38

    AJ, thanks I missed that;

    “…but we will return to this important issue in due course…”

    Still think there are more than sufficient grounds for his immediate suspension though.

    However, the SPFL certainly doesn’t seem to be rolling over this time for Ibrox – which is refreshing. 

    They don’t need to roll over because they know TRFC will be gone soon. This time there is no obvious route back for them given the level of “football debts” they have accumulated in winning the Petrofac Cup. But fair play to the SPFL for standing up to them and shame on Hearts and Stranraer for hitching their relegation wagons to this toxicity.

    TRFC have obviously had a conversation with Doncaster/MacKenzie about their predicament and impending insolvency event and they have been less than helpful because they have seen this self induced demise before.

    Mibbes during discussions the 5 Way agreement has come back to haunt them with a 25 point deduction for insolvency because of the continuation charade. If that happened they would drop to 5th place and receive significantly less prize money as well as no Euro footie or money next season (if there is one).

    Even if they could negotiate Admin and exit by CVA (which I believe they won’t) they would have to have trimmed their cloth and would be a shadow of the Institution they imagined they were but they would still owe football debts of £28m.

    Even a Sevco2 would have to carry that debt and after assessing their destructive behaviour would the other 41 clubs want them back?

    Scottish football is in crisis and will undergo substantial restructuring and because of Covid-19 everything is up for grabs (including governance reforms, effective FFP etc). But its clear there is no value to be derived from the cheating angry blue pound.

  35. wottpi 8th May 2020 at 13:48

    I have to say I am starting to see Stewart Robertson in a different light. I genuinely thought he came across as a reasonable person. Things like everyone anyone, whilst unlikely to succeed with a lot of the support, was at least going in the right direction, or so it seemed.

    His latest performance has been enlightening and if he has indeed breached the confidentiality of company on whose board he sat then I hope it is reported to the relevant authorities. At the very least it calls into question whether his is fit and proper to hold the position of director of a limited company.

    Maybe the SFA should consider his position within Scottish football.

    However I doubt if any action will be taken against him, TRFC, Park or RIFC. No matter how the vote goes.

  36. The letter to UEFA is strange and poorly explained by the SPFL response today. Vast majority want to call it early? Rubbish. I would be astounded if any premiership club and all fans didn’t want to finish on the park. Even now, never mind on April the 4th. As a Celtic supporter I will be gutted if we don’t get the chance to win 9 in a row and a 4th treble in a row on the pitch. We’re in football dreamland at the moment and our players absolutely deserve to finish things off.

  37. Homunculus 8th May 2020 at 16:47
    However I doubt if any action will be taken against him, TRFC, Park or RIFC. No matter how the vote goes.
    Some action will have to be taken, otherwise it opens a door for anyone to start a bit of mud slinging.
    Like the last time an ibrox club had action taken against them the punishment will not fit the crime, when rules were in place to kick them out the game a small fine was imposed. A look down a list of punishments now, the one at the very bottom will be it. That is if they are around long enough to recieve it.

  38. Homunculus, you are not the first person to express that initial opinion of Stewart Robertson.  I think he may be the best of a bad lot if I’m being kind.  He did sit on the same board with a known criminal at the helm.  Not sure I’d be too comfortable with that!  And to tolerate the likes of Traynor being the ‘mouthpiece’ for the club, Really?  Now a member of the DUP as a spokesman, why on earth?  Imagine if Celtic brought over a member of Sinn Fein!  Yet Robertson was party to that controversial decision.  

    The club have never been close to break even during his tenure.

    Not his fault?  Doing as he was told?  That would be a puppet.

    No. Not for me.

  39. I need to edit my own post. Apologies.

    TRFC and its fans will very much want to stop now. The noise from them to finish the season on the pitch is bluster. They will love it if we don’t play another game.


  40. Shock horror gasp  ……… I didn’t see that coming. Aye right! angel

    One chairman outwith the top flight fuming at a call he’s just had; sounds like today’s Premiership meeting has ruled out 14-14-16, 14-14-14 or any kind of any league reconstruction. Looks like next season, whenever it starts, will be 12-10-10-10 as per with @JamTarts relegated

    Breaking : @spfl league reconstruction scrapped. Highland league confirms the “dissolution of league reconstruction working group”, calling that news “disappointing and frustrating in equal measure “

    from @AberdeenFC chair @CormackDavie on @spfl league reconstruction talks collapsing: “whilst the (Premiership) sympathises with the..situation relegated teams are faced with, it concluded this isn’t the right time to consider immediate reconstruction in the midst of a crisis”

  41. David Low tweeted "Happy to confirm the Rangers led EGM resolution has already failed. Stewart Robertson’s inept and disingenuous performance yesterday formally sealed its fate. No one has any respect for this type of behaviour from a member club. No respect."

    I assume David has been able to establish already the number of clubs who will vote against the Resolution. 

    However, in my view it has far from failed in the only way it was ever intended to actually succeed. Smears and innuendo have cast doubt on the integrity of at least three men with no proof given. The Head of the SPFL allegedly 'can't stand' Rangers, and the national broadcaster seems happy to constantly throw licence fee payers money towards backing their case.  These continued smears are going to make it difficult for Doncaster and MacLennan to continue in post in my view. 

  42. upthehoops 8th May 2020 at 18:47

    It will have achieved what it sought to achieve when season ticket numbers are at a reasonable level.

  43. As much as I dislike Doncaster, it would actually be good form, IMO, if other clubs now step forward to make supportive noises in the SMSM for him, McLennan and McKenzie.

    (At the inevitable risk of being portrayed as 'Lawwell supporters: so what?)

    And oh, to be a fly on the wall in the Blue Room right now?!

    I have visions of an Ibrox version of that 'Hitler in the bunker' video – except everyone in the room is throwing a fit!

    Has TRFC scored the most spectacular own goal in Scottish football history?

    Has the club blown all its potential, Hampden life lines in one go – with this stoopid, showboating, 'Secret Dossier' move?

    It's all getting a bit tasty…  broken heart

  44. Homunculus 8th May 2020 at 19:04

    It will have achieved what it sought to achieve when season ticket numbers are at a reasonable level.


    That will be a big part of the plan for sure. 


  45. upthehoops 8th May 2020 at 18:47 

          David Low tweeted "Happy to confirm the Rangers led EGM resolution has already failed.


       Confirm is a strong word UTH, but coming from DL I'm happy to accept that as quality inside info. I was listening to Alex EBT Rae on the tranny there, and he reckons even if voted down, Sevco will take the SPFL to court……I think he might be half right, but has confused who will be taking who to court. 

        Serious unsubstantiated allegations have been made, of which a dossier of evidence was to provide support. It hasn't. 


  46. Corrupt official 8th May 2020 at 20:19


    Neil Doncaster is a lawyer, as of course is Rod McKenzie. They have had their characters smeared with no evidence provided to back it up. Who knows where this will end up. 

  47. Corrupt official

    Peter Martin (on PLZ Soccer  Football Show last evening) was convinced that Sevco would take this to court if their Resolution fails – totally ignoring Hugh McDonald's point about the potential cost to them by going down this avenue.

    Then I thought of the shafted face painter, together with the fact that in Govania, they don't seem to bother with fines, court costs etc.

    The SPFL, on the other hand, would have their fees paid for them by clubs (including, ironically, SEVCO?)

    As I've commented  previously, I believe the SPFL now has the upper hand here – reminding me of the old saying from Murphy's Laws…

    "Never play leapfrog with a unicorn"

  48. The Lowland League has it's say about the collapse of the Reconstruction talks

    Official Statement: SPFL Reconstruction

    08/05/2020 By Media Team

    We were today notified by the heads of the SPFL reconstruction group that talks regarding this were at an end.

    This followed a meeting of SPFL Premiership clubs, where it became clear that there was “no appetite for a restructuring of the pyramid at this time”.

    The SLFL are disappointed in the extreme that Scottish football has failed to grasp a golden opportunity to enhance and develop the Pyramid system. We view this as extremely damaging to the integrity of the competition and that football supporters across the country have been hugely let down.

    We understand that these are uncertain times for everyone, however it would seem that the overall welfare of the game has been cast aside in favour of short term gain.

    The league are particularly disappointed that our champion club, Kelty Hearts, have been denied an opportunity to progress from the Lowland League.

    We will continue to do what is right for our clubs, and explore all available avenues to protect the interests of our members.


    A succinct comment from Brora Rangers chairman William Powrie:

    'I would have thought league reconstruction would be part of the solution and not part of the problem.'


  49. upthehoops 8th May 2020 at 20:23

    Corrupt official 8th May 2020 at 20:19


    Neil Doncaster is a lawyer, as of course is Rod McKenzie. They have had their characters smeared with no evidence provided to back it up. Who knows where this will end up. 


    I know it’s not possible at this stage, but what a laugh it would be if those two made moves to ring fence funds at Rangers* in anticipation of damages! 🙂

    Scottish Football needs a strong Arbroath.

  50. UTH, Bec, Red, 

       As you say UTH, A lawyer. Possibly in the habit of recording his calls.  I don't think the SPFL are in the mood for egg-shell walking with Sevco anymore…

        If Sevco know they are for the broth pot I don't suppose they have anything more to lose…..But if the SPFL also know they are for the broth-pot….Neither have they.!

          Suddenly every other club takes on more importance. (I don't mean that disparagingly). 

        The maths are completely different from 2012. Club numbers are significantly more important than fan numbers this time… 


  51. If T'Rangers suffer the same fate as the previous version then who will be Club 12. Perhaps that's what will save Hearts and no reconstruction is therefore necessary.

  52. EJ. 

        Dont be disheartened about reconstruction. I've been saying since day dot recon talks are futile without knowing how many building blocks will be available. 

        There may be a Club 13, 14, and 15 to add to Club 12 in the provisional fixture lists. If and when a re-start nears. 

        I was listening to David Low on a pod last night, and he painted a worst case picture of a top league of 5 or 6, with the numbers made up by invitation. 

        The talks may be abandoned, but I have always thought reconstruction WILL be necessary. It will just have to wait until nearer a start date, and be cobbled together from the basket of assets the SPFL are left with. ….In that respect Hearts are in the same boat as every other club. Just hang in there buddy. I don't think there is anybody out there who doesn't want the Jambos involved. Relegation may well be a non-issue. 

  53. Corrupt official 8th May 2020 at 21:59


        Dont be disheartened about reconstruction. I’ve been saying since day dot recon talks are futile without knowing how many building blocks will be available. 


    I’m not disheartened by it, as it was an inevitable decision, particularly when you look at the self interest of a number of Premiership clubs.

    See Falkirk’s statement, which refers to six clubs not willing to consider ANY reconstruction at this time.


    “At this time” is a convenient excuse for those clubs, e.g. Dave Cormack who said today that he was sympathetic to those clubs being relegated. If he was so sympathetic, then why did he vote for the SPFL resolution in the first place. 

    It’s the “wrongs” of the original SPFL resolution that I’m more angry about, with Hearts, Partick, Stranraer and a few promotion hopefuls, including tier 5 clubs all determined to be little more than collateral damage.

    If the current existential crisis is severe enough to stop consideration of the promised meaningful consideration of reconstruction, they why the hell did the SPFL Board seek to implement such a wide ranging resolution that was always create division and self interest, in the same exceptional circumstances.  



  54. CO

    Was just about to say the same thing.

    Just can’t shake the feeling that the recent troubles are the precursor to an announcement by TRFC that it will not take part in season 20/21.

    Think it is likely that a number of clubs will run the numbers and decide that they couldn’t make it through the season.

    Would TRFC supporters see taking a year out as a principled decision to destroy the SKY deal – or would they recognise the economic realities for their own club?

  55. I should have added that I'm probably a bit old fashioned in terms of my views on football.  It is a game primarily about players and fans,  Since the money men have got involved, the interests of the fans has diminished. Decision making is now more about financial considerations rather than footballing ones.

    When football does resume, you can be assured that I will take more interest in non-SPFL and youth football, rather than the products of the trade association that purportedly represents the collective interests of 42 clubs, but in actuality only seeks to implement the agendas of a handful of those clubs.  

  56. The season is not over for the SPFL Premiership.

    There is still the possibility of clubs going into administration and because the division is still going being penalised this season. 

    St Johnston, 7th in the division are on 36 points.

    Hearts, 12th in the divisions are on 23 points.

    The current penalty of administration is 15 points. 

    In fact, as the split has not taken pace it is worth remembering that Hibs are on 37, so a 15 point deduction would put them on 22.

    Realistically it is in the best interest of everyone other than Hearts and Rangers to finish the division as far as I can see. Hearts because there is still the possibility of staying up and Rangers because there is still the possibility of Champions League football. 

    Even if games are not played administration for another club could see them meet that goal. For Rangers that would have to be Celtic. 

  57. JIM SPENCE: It’s time for Scottish football to hammer Rangers for bringing the game into disrepute


    I never like to return to a subject two weeks in a row, but it’s time for Scottish football to hammer Rangers for bringing the game into disrepute.

    Any other club would have been fined heavily by now for the scurrilous and scandalous allegations they’ve thrown around, like the pennies which used to be flung at an old wedding scramble.

    The unhinged behaviour from those at Ibrox is a deadly threat to the cohesion and fabric of our game at a time when it’s facing a challenge to its very existence.

    I’m not a fan of the way television football broadcasters call the shots in our game but with a new TV deal starting in August, which could be a financial lifesaver for many clubs in the current crisis, the Ibrox club seem unconcerned about starting a conflagration which could burn the whole football house down.

    The SPFL board, though, look like they’ve had enough of this stooshie, in which Rangers have alleged coercion and bullying along with their demands for an enquiry into the running of the SPFL, and the suspension of the chief executive and its legal counsel.

    With a new £160 million TV contract on the table which may be the difference between life and death for our game, those charged with running our football would be right to be nervous about the reaction of paymaster, Sky television.

    I’ve written recently that we should try to wean ourselves off TV money but that would be a long and tough process.

    Frankly, it’s as likely as Mike Tyson’s proposed comeback, at the age of 53, ending in anything other than disaster.

    With the new TV agreement kicking in this August, our clubs and the SPFL board face potential Armageddon if it is threatened in any way.

    Rangers may think that the rest of Scottish football are engaged in a plot to hand Celtic a ninth title in a row, which they are almost certain to win anyway, but that’s frankly bonkers.

    The ‘smoking gun’ evidence in their 200-page dossier presented on Thursday – which they hoped would blow the lid off an SPFL board they think is out to get them – turned out to be the equivalent of alcohol-free beer.

    The SPFL board are engaged in a battle to protect the safety and income of the game.

    That income will be the difference between keeping the Sheriff officers from the door of clubs all over the country when the bills can’t be paid and watching the managers desk and tactics board disappear into a removal van.

    Rangers might be happy to see Scottish football crash and burn round their ears.

    But I’d say to them, it’s now up to you to decide whether you want to pursue a scorched-earth policy for which Scottish football will never forgive you or come to the table like mature adults and call a halt to this civil war.

    As a well-known former journalist who the Ibrox club employed might say: “It’s your call.”

  58. Homunculus 8th May 2020 at 22:51

    The season is not over for the SPFL Premiership.

    There is still the possibility of clubs going into administration and because the division is still going being penalised this season. 


    I have no desire to inflict insolvency on any club, whether it benefits Hearts or not.

    Any points penalty would be appealed in any event, as being the result of force majeure. The SFA/SPFL could hardly reject such an appeal given their acceptance of the SPFL's QC's opinion about force majeure in respect of the Sky and BT contracts.

  59. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/thousands-raised-scots-football-club-21857364 

    EJ, Talking about juniors, Bellshill Athletic’s ground got attacked by vandals about a month ago.  They burned down the building which contained the turnstiles, changing rooms, stores and catering kiosk.  

    I’d never heard of them but felt this was shocking for a junior club.  I sent a small donation to their Go Fund Me appeal.  So far they have raised £6595.  

    They were aiming for £8k I think.  hope they make it.





  60. jimbo 8th May 2020 at 23:19

    EJ, Talking about juniors, Bellshill Athletic’s ground got attacked by vandals about a month ago.  They burned down the building which contained the turnstiles, changing rooms, stores and catering kiosk.  

    I’d never heard of them but felt this was shocking for a junior club.  I sent a small donation to their Go Fund Me appeal.  So far they have raised £6595.  

    They were aiming for £8k I think.  hope they make it.


    I was aware of it on the day of the fire. It's just mindless vandalism. A few other semi professional outfits have similarly suffered incidents of arson or burglary over the last few months. That I'm afraid is nature of the society that we live in. 

    I'm sure that Bellshill will be OK given the support they have received to date.

    I'm looking forward to the 67 WOSFL clubs joining the pyramid next season. It will add a new dimension to the Lowland League the following season, and hopefully help inject some new life into the lower reaches of the SPFL beyond that.

    All 63 West Juniors have been accepted into the new league along with, Bonnyton from the SOSFL although they come from Kilmarnock, Glasgow University who play at Airdrie's Excelsior stadium, an amateur side in Drumchapel Utd who play at the Donald Dewar Centre and ex-juvenile side St Cadocs, which is based in Newton Mearns but will start off ground sharing with St Anthony's. 

  61. Homunculus 8th May 2020 at 22:59

    From your post of Spence's press piece:

    '…..The unhinged behaviour from those at Ibrox..'


    And 'unhinged' it seems to be. 

    As unhinged and viciously lunatic as Adolf and his Reich were, even when that evil and cowardly bast.rd  of a madman had already killed himself, and his 1000 year Reich failed after less than two decades.

    Mad dog lunacy – except that the lunatics are besuited 'respected'  businessmen of some social status and standing 

    As, of course,  was Dr Mengele.

    Here's to VE day!broken heart


  62. John Clark 9th May 2020 at 00:06

    I'm not really sure what you are trying to say with that, however I find the comparison abhorrent. 

  63. HirsutePursuit 8th May 2020 at 22:35

            I think that clubs who make it to the starting blocks (whenever) with suitable cloth-cutting, and perhaps a few struggles, will see out the season with a splash of camaraderie and understanding. The fact is that whatever they got by/needed, in the past will have to go further as fan expenditure will be reduced. That will be right through the card at every level. Put simply there will be less money throughout the game. I expect broadcasters money, including solidarity payments will also be reduced. 

        It's if and when variable, but odds on, some won't make the starting blocks. 

    WRT Sevco, their unfathomable erratic behaviour is still subject to the same issue they have always had. When they stop pulling money from a hat they are gone. I don't see a year out as an option for them. Neither did Chuckles in 2012.  I don't see another Charlie coming along in 2021 hoping to fill his big hands from a threadbare game, while eating huge start-up costs. ….At least with smaller clubs mothball costs are minimal.

        Celtic will also need to downsize to an extent unknown, but have an absorbtion capability. As long as there is a league to play in I'm not too concerned about that, as I see it being echoed pro-rata internationally. 

        Clubs who have margins and contingencies are best placed. Sevco have neither. 

       They are acting like a club with no future, other than to amass a p in the £ payout pot for at least some sort of return….With none of the tried and tested feel-good factors, being fitba's "Mons Meg" is all they have.  Firing blanks, but noisy as hell.

         I doubt the relaxation of insolvent trading laws will prove a good thing for Sevvie ST buyers.  Close Finance and Tesco may be negotiating as we speak…..I imagine they too will have contingency plans, as will those awaiting court judgements. 

        They will be making ring-fencing moves the minute they smell something to ring-fence. 

    Its a bit like reading a book with pages missing, but knowing the characters involved, and trying to fill the gaps……I think the last page is in tact though. yes 


  64. Corrupt official 9th May 2020 at 00:34

    Why do you assume Broadcasters will be less able to support the game.

    They are coining it in. It might not be the same ones who buy the game after reconstruction..



  65. easyJambo 8th May 2020 at 23:49

    '…..I'm looking forward to the 67 WOSFL clubs joining the pyramid next season. ……'


    eJ, I cannot be alone in admiring and being affected by your knowledge of and enthusiasm for the very essence of football as a sport. 

    I think it was Auldheid who described his ( imaginary?broken heart) goal on Glasgow Green, a description that maybe for most of us stirred up memories of great moments in our own football playing days. 

    My last game of eleven-a-side football was in 1969, on a pitch on Glasgow Green, playing for the office team. 

    I did not cover myself in glory, coming off early with severe cramp in both legs while pretending that a hamstring had gone. ( Was I utterly unfit? Certainly)

    But the sheer enjoyment of playing football was the thing, the thing I had enjoyed as a wee boy playing in Cuthelton Street Glasgow in 1951 or so.




  66. Celtic will also need to downsize to an extent unknown, but have an absorbtion capability.


    With their cost base and no income they are most at risk.

  67. Homunculus 9th May 2020 at 00:16

    '..I'm not really sure what you are trying to say with that, however I find the comparison abhorrent.'


    Well, basically, no more than that bad b.stards are bad b.stards!





  68. John Clark 9th May 2020 at 01:00

    Then you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Comparing any of this to what happened with Hitler, the holocaust and in particular what Mengele did is appalling.

    I really thought you were better than that.

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